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Iscariot :iconnorrolith:Norrolith 1 0
Mature content
Machette Snippet :iconnorrolith:Norrolith 0 1
This Heat
This heat is not a temperature
It is a weight, a drag on ones bones.
It settles around ones shoulders, limply hanging.
It is a slope towards shadows and places of rest,
A climb up level open cliffs called parking lots.
One steps inside, and over the course of long minutes
It uncoils and falls away in thick salty layers.
To go back and take them up again is herculean.
:iconnorrolith:Norrolith 2 7
The Widow May
The merchant Banmot surveyed the wreckage in the streets, and the woman who had created it. Three men had leapt from the crowd, knives drawn. Banmot had thought he was going to see the Triple Gate before the woman-thing had intervened. She hadn't moved, one moment she was respectfully behind him, the next she was amongst the assasins, knocking one into the next. She crouched for a moment in the dust of the street, her bald head corpse pale under the dessert sun.
The assasins recovered, and began to circle her. She watched them circle and retreated, herding Banmot towards a wall. He wanted to run, but there might be more in the corwds, and so he kept behind the thing he employed as a body guard. She spoke to the men, her eyes flickering from one to the next “I hope this message finds you in good health, I have taken a position in Rak'ent, and will send more when I have time to compose a proper message.”
The assasins knew that Banmot bodygaurd was an abomination, but they did
:iconnorrolith:Norrolith 2 5
Vox Taster 2
I am the knives’ edge, the division of space. The vanes and thrusters that are my arms claw for acceleration, my engineheart pounding. The space between my target and I narrows, the corvette not able to match my speed. It turn then, fire rippling down its flank as it fires off a broadside. The shells have barely cleared their muzzles by the time I have found my way through them. I skip, my analogies breaking down as I dart forward. Interfaces and intuition serve to describe this moment, but only to a limited extent. I abandon all pretenses at being humanoid, forget hands and feet, forgo eyes in favor of vector fields and projected intercepts.
I am the knives edge for just a moment, then all is fire. A detonation and a shockwave pushing me out of true, and into the fusillade. My arm is ripped away and my engineheart chokes. I spin, trying to catch myself but the damage is done. The corvette slides away and I am left drifting until the rescue teams arrive. They put out my enginehea
:iconnorrolith:Norrolith 2 0
'The Dragon Slayer'
There is a dragon, canny and crafty. An old wyrm grown complacent with the centuries. Through inattention and trickery the unthinkable happened. Cast out from his home, at an age too venerable to carve himself a new legend, the dragon felt despair close around his heart. he flew, from the usurper and the old enemies he never thought himself to come amongst again, he fled. He found a river, and a kingdom there. It stank of sheep and cattle, was backwards in every regard. But it had that shimmering whiff of prosperity, and that was all the dragon sought.
He wasted no time in striking, butchering the wooden wagons for their golden hearts. Emboldened he sought greater prey, the art and subtler wealth of the nobility. Nothing it found compared to the meagerest masterwork from his previous hoard, but it was riches, it was that heady plunder he remembered from his youth. Those gilded memories were rebuffed, when an desperate stable boy's pitchfork raised a gash. Twas a minor wound, but one th
:iconnorrolith:Norrolith 0 3
The Dragon Slayer
There is a city, on the banks of wide, slow river, in a green valley. The winters were harsh, but the summers long and mild, and the fields always verdant. The area was known for its wool and cheese, and many, many brokers converged on its walls in shearing season. It did have walls, and a respectable army, but mostly it got by being useful to all it’s neighbors, a position where no one wanted to go to all the bother of conquering and keeping it against the others.
Eventually though, a dragon arrived. its kind are generally known for their lack of diplomacy and this one wasted no time in establishing itself the uncrowned ruler of the region. It roasted the caravans of merchants, and tore apart the country homes of the nobility. Those who had anything the dragon valued at all fled to the walls, which remained unbreached by dragon's ire.
The king himself gathered what he could call an army, the sellswords stranded with the merchants, the seasoned but antique men-at-arms, and the da
:iconnorrolith:Norrolith 1 1
Mature content
Fencesitting :iconnorrolith:Norrolith 0 0
30-In conclusion
I offer nothing in my defense,
Within my wirligig words,
are battered, tumbled concepts.
There is a limit to how well
I will bring each one to earth
but these have been random.
Lighting strikes jotted down
in the evenings. It's not monitor glow
but forced inspiration keeping me up.
So, from fevered moments
or long dull minutes
I have conjured them.
I hope they serve their purpose
whether it's the one I intended
or happy happenstance.
No regrets, no warranty
express or implied.
:iconnorrolith:Norrolith 0 1
29-Loaded Question
Locked up, I can't confess
That I really want to change.
The situations bad, sure,
but I could just ride it out.
That would be easier,
but going in circles goes nowhere.
So I guess I need to stop,
keeping conversation with myself
and answer the question.
“No, I'm not doing anything tonight.”
but I'm moving.
:iconnorrolith:Norrolith 0 0
28-Urban Heart
The urban heart
was abandoned,
bound in dampened
It beats slower every day
Going into gridlock.
It was always concrete gray
but now it's setting.
Severed from the limbic system
of neighbors and parks
and kept twitching
with corporate impulses.
Now I'm leaving,
just like the others.
There many hearts,
many still unbroken.
But this one
I have to…
I have let go.
:iconnorrolith:Norrolith 0 0
I'm sorry, your princess is in another castle.
I'm not going to say which one.
Cause I'm not all that sorry.
Do you know how many times I've said that?
How many times someone like you
comes up and hammers on my door?
It's inconsiderate and not even legal.
Have you informed the police, or
are you going vigilante?
Are you sure she even wants to be found?
If you're that rude to her
I know I wouldn't stay.
Oh, you're going away now?
I hope I made my point,
if you were even listening.
:iconnorrolith:Norrolith 2 0
Of all my luck, it had to be you.
A bad penny, coming down grin up.
Every damned time...
I thought it was fascination,
schadenfreude or curiosity,
how do you stay up?
Oh sure you'd fall, but
always make it work.
Till I caught you.
Now I'm tangled up, can't
find a way to get up
without you.
Damn you, I was happy before
Or at least I was laughing.
Now I don't…
Forget it,  you'd take it personally.
And really I don't want you
tangled up with me.
:iconnorrolith:Norrolith 0 0
25-Endangered Species
And our firefly cities,
blinking lovesongs,
at the satellites.
will one day fall dark.
It could be sudden
like a firefly squashed.
A phosphor smear
soon exhausted.
It could take longer
The ones safe inshore
blinking SOSs for
those already sinking.
But when entropy
hang up it's cloak.
When we are just
a layer in the strata.
Will we decide
to change?
Or have we
already fossilized?
:iconnorrolith:Norrolith 0 0
24-Best option
If I don't tell you
If it's my secret alone…
then you won't worry.
:iconnorrolith:Norrolith 0 0
23-Rags to riches
So, tell me your majesty,
Now you've come back
and shed your rags.
Where does that leave us?
You were golden, something special.
Somehow you made the gutter
your own throne.
you'd have made-you are
a great con man.
You were our street king.
We thought you were mad.
We all had a good laugh
but I think we wanted it to be true.
But now, I must ask quickly.
Must only your twin
be elevated from our gutter?
You promised fair laws,
and that's a start
but will you keep that oath?
The gutter bruised you
Hard enough make you run
Are you going to face it now?
:iconnorrolith:Norrolith 1 0




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