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Who are you people?

A.k.a The Three Brons.

This is a belated birthday present for :iconisriana: , featuring three depictions of her Skyrim thief character, Bron Martes. The middle Bron is my feeble attempt to copy :iconisriana: 's style (boy it was hard!). The Bron on the left (our left) is drawn in the old style I used to make chibi comics in when I just came to DA, discovered :iconisriana: 's amazing artwork, and learned what chibis were. The Bron on the right is drawn in my current style.
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Awww, this is so lovely! :tighthug: :heart: Thank you so much once again! (I still think thatpoor Skyrim might not survive the crime wave that three Brons would cause... :XD:)
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You are very, very welcome! :D

(At least the three Brons look different enough to be unable to provide each other with alibis :XD: ).
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:D This is fantastic! You did a really awesome job imitating Isriana's chibi style - I could easily mistake it for her own work. And seeing the comparison between your early art and the art you produce now brings a huge smile to my face; you've improved so much! :clap: 
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Awww, thank you! And boy, do I have loads of respect for her! A single figure of Bron in this style took me half an evening to draw; I can only imagine how time-consuming a whopping comic must be!
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adorable character all around.
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We have :iconisriana: to thank for that! :D
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