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So Shiny

Since I have no time to draw anything of substance, I am uploading the chibis that have come to inhabit the depths of my computer.

These here are Zaraste and Lavinia, :iconisriana: 's and mine ESO characters who are both Altmer Templars who somehow manage to keep their perfectly white garments clean even in the middle of battle.
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Wearing bright white garments have 5% chance of applying the "My Eyes! I Can't See!" debuff on enemies that stuns them for 6 seconds. Very useful. ;)
Again, thank you so much for including my fancy elf! I love this :love:
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Awww, your kind comment made my day! :D
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Never mind magic, these badass babes will defeat the hordes of evil by blinding 'em with their fabulous shiny white robes. :D They look fantastic - and I do love that awesome swirly red background, complete with plenty of magic sparkles. Great work! :D
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Awww, many thanks! I loved adding all the sparkles! :squee:
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It's that aedric aura, it bleaches. S'why templars wear white ;)
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Haha must be it. :XD:
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