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An Elder Scrolls Online fan fiction centered around my Orc character, Durgakh the Elf-Like, and Angof the Grave-Singer, whom I love very, very much

(you can see just as much here

Angof's StoryThere is a pattern to his life - or unlife, he supposes. A recurring variation of the same motif.
And that motif is a climb.
His very first climb, he braves when he is still a boy, small and narrow-chested, his stick-like legs bare below the knee, flashing through the grass, white save for the occasional pink blotches of nettle stings. Which he does not mind, not one bit - who do you think he is, a crybaby? Let these pesky plants burn at his skin; let the shrub branches slap and scratch at him; let the burrs latch on to the hem of his dear pelt vest, a bit too loose for his scrawny shoulders. All that he does is to keep ploughing his way up, drawing a deep gulley in his wake - like a scar carved into the green flesh of the hillside. Except that it heals a brief while later, when the grass he has trampled straightens up.
On and on he climbs, with his wispy eyebrows knotted in concentration and casting a little shadow over his eager blue eyes, which are focused, almost without blinki

and whom Durgakh and I have decided to give a bit of a redemption arc.

As always with my holiday-themed stories, this fic features cameo appearances by my friends' characters, as a sign of my admiration, good will, and warm wishes for the winter season and the year to come!

These characters are, in order of appearance:

Tabesion, who belongs to :iconselaadin:
Khashani and her parents, who belong to :iconskyflower51:
Cyndril and Slopsy the pig, who belong to :iconslayersyrena:
Poe Zep, who belongs to :iconcsphire:
Lydus Maro, who belongs to :iconmutantenfisch:
Valandorion, who belongs to :iconpunkranger:
Jendar, who belongs to :icongangyzgirl:
Finds-And-Shouts, who belongs to :iconshoutfinder:
Kehlsan the Stag Prince, who belongs to :iconchefugluk:
Telaeys Elprin, who belongs to :iconempressofice12:
Noelie, who belongs to :iconisriana:
Basks-In-Love, who belongs to :iconhellomynameised: and :iconimacrazytrekkie:
Brinsingr, who belongs to :iconhellomynameised:
Teleri Maryon, who belongs to :iconimacrazytrekkie:
Tarveth Dren, who belongs to :iconshoutfinder:
Willow, who belongs to :iconweepingwillow1988:
Marie, who belongs to :iconwhisper292:
Teclis Blood-Cursed, who is based on a Warhammer character but in this incarnation belongs to :iconblueoakrogue:

Thanks everyone for making my ESO experience such an unforgettable wild ride! I am very grateful to Zenimax for lifting the subscription (which I would not have been able to afford), so that I can have these fantastical imaginary adventures and contribute to the game's fan community!
© 2017 - 2024 NorroenDyrd
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I'm sooo late here as well. Haha ... Anyways, it's a wonder Slopsy has survived this long with all the trouble he and Cyn get into. Many an adventurer (ie: other players in ESO) has threatened to make him into bacon. xD

Cute story and thanks for the cameo! I wish I had a string of lights for Cyn to wear in-game like he does here. That'd be fun.