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By NorroenDyrd

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An Elder Scrolls Online fan fiction centered around my Orc character, Durgakh the Elf-Like, and Angof the Grave-Singer, whom I love very, very much

(you can see just as much here

Angof's StoryThere is a pattern to his life - or unlife, he supposes. A recurring variation of the same motif.
And that motif is a climb.
His very first climb, he braves when he is still a boy, small and narrow-chested, his stick-like legs bare below the knee, flashing through the grass, white save for the occasional pink blotches of nettle stings. Which he does not mind, not one bit - who do you think he is, a crybaby? Let these pesky plants burn at his skin; let the shrub branches slap and scratch at him; let the burrs latch on to the hem of his dear pelt vest, a bit too loose for his scrawny shoulders. All that he does is to keep ploughing his way up, drawing a deep gulley in his wake - like a scar carved into the green flesh of the hillside. Except that it heals a brief while later, when the grass he has trampled straightens up.
On and on he climbs, with his wispy eyebrows knotted in concentration and casting a little shadow over his eager blue eyes, which are focused, almost without blinki

and whom Durgakh and I have decided to give a bit of a redemption arc.

As always with my holiday-themed stories, this fic features cameo appearances by my friends' characters, as a sign of my admiration, good will, and warm wishes for the winter season and the year to come!

These characters are, in order of appearance:

Tabesion, who belongs to :iconselaadin:
Khashani and her parents, who belong to :iconskyflower51:
Cyndril and Slopsy the pig, who belong to :iconslayersyrena:
Poe Zep, who belongs to :iconcsphire:
Lydus Maro, who belongs to :iconmutantenfisch:
Valandorion, who belongs to :iconpunkranger:
Jendar, who belongs to :icongangyzgirl:
Finds-And-Shouts, who belongs to :iconshoutfinder:
Kehlsan the Stag Prince, who belongs to :iconchefugluk:
Telaeys Elprin, who belongs to :iconempressofice12:
Noelie, who belongs to :iconisriana:
Basks-In-Love, who belongs to :iconhellomynameised: and :iconimacrazytrekkie:
Brinsingr, who belongs to :iconhellomynameised:
Teleri Maryon, who belongs to :iconimacrazytrekkie:
Tarveth Dren, who belongs to :iconshoutfinder:
Willow, who belongs to :iconweepingwillow1988:
Marie, who belongs to :iconwhisper292:
Teclis Blood-Cursed, who is based on a Warhammer character but in this incarnation belongs to :iconblueoakrogue:

Thanks everyone for making my ESO experience such an unforgettable wild ride! I am very grateful to Zenimax for lifting the subscription (which I would not have been able to afford), so that I can have these fantastical imaginary adventures and contribute to the game's fan community!
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© 2017 - 2021 NorroenDyrd
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SlayerSyrena's avatar
I'm sooo late here as well. Haha ... Anyways, it's a wonder Slopsy has survived this long with all the trouble he and Cyn get into. Many an adventurer (ie: other players in ESO) has threatened to make him into bacon. xD

Cute story and thanks for the cameo! I wish I had a string of lights for Cyn to wear in-game like he does here. That'd be fun.
NorroenDyrd's avatar
Oh noes, poor Slopsy! Keep him away from lava! :O

And thank you for reading! :D
CSphire's avatar
Sorry I did not see this sooner. Been so very busy these last few months. ^_^ 

Thank you for including Poe. He normally doesn't plow over people with his spider. Poor lil mer can't see much beyond his fingertips without his goggles. Hopefully he took some time to wipe them clear after that near hit.
NorroenDyrd's avatar
No problem! And I am glad you liked Poe's cameo! :w00t:
PunkRanger's avatar
Sorry for commenting so late! I read this a while ago but it was late and I was feeling kinda down/stressed and I couldn't come up with anything enthusiastic at the time, although I was a bit more cheered up after reading this!
Anyway, I really loved this, it was super cute; from the interactions between everyone's characters (and Val's valiant rescue :o!) to Durgakh and Angof's rather awkward interactions (you definitely manage to convey a deeper understanding between them, however, with the way they deal with Angof's aversion to being touched!) 
I'd love to make something for you in return (not just for this, but also for just being around this year and doing your thing ^^), I was planning on doing something for new years but I've been stumped on ideas, so if you want to request anything just send me an ask on tumblr! I mean it really, I will definitely do it if you ask so if you come up with something don't hesitate :)
Happy Holidays and I hope you're doing well~
NorroenDyrd's avatar
Awww, thank you very much! I do hope you are feeling better now! ^^ I am very touched by your thinking of me, but I don't have any ideas for a request at the moment either. But I will keep you in mind; I love your art style! :D
Isriana's avatar
Aww, these stories are always so sweet! :hug: Thanks again for including one of my kiddos - love those little cameos. I hope Noelie finds Pebbles before it finds too much trouble - most people might not think of a gift delivery service when they run into a wayward storm atronach :giggle:
Also, I know it's a bit late, but happy holidays and wonderful new year to you regardless! :holly:
NorroenDyrd's avatar
Thank you for your lovely comment and the kind wishes! Keep rocking in 2018! :D
HelloMyNameIsEd's avatar
Ahhh, I love this so much! Aww, you write Durgakh and Angof's relationship so sweetly, I just love the sense of acceptance she has for him and his attempt to redeem himself. And I'm very happy to see Brin and his happy little family as well! Of course he would have remembered lovely little Durgakh, and of course he'd be the one to goad everyone into stripping and jumping into the freezing rivers. :D

I just love what you've made here, and I am very glad I spent the time to read this. This was a completely unexpected but appreciated honor you have done for me by including my beloved Nord. Happy New Life to you, Norroen! :aww:
NorroenDyrd's avatar
Thank you for your comment! Brin's family was too adorable not to include! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas celebration!
ShoutFinder's avatar
D'awwwww, this was totes adorrrrbs :D Loved how my darlings got their cameos! Good old Finds snatched up another tasty drink (hope that sailor won't miss it, it'll be gone by the time he gets back!). Though I wouldn't describe her as inky-black, she's actually mottled blue and white. ;) Poor Angof must regain his confidence in touch one day. Bit by bit I'm sure Durgakh will get him there. I'm glad that Durgakh and Angof got to spend a bit of New Life cheer with the folks, even if that cheer involved stripping down to their underpants and jumping into a frigid Skyrim river at the behest of a very massive hug-prone Nord with the most amazing beard ever. :D Couldn't stop grinning through reading this piece, your writing is delightful and passionate as ever. Have a very happy New Life to you too! Hug 
NorroenDyrd's avatar
Aaaah, thank you for reading and enjoying! And sorry for that little blunder; for some reason I pictured Shouts as black-scaled in my head. Maybe it's one of the skins you've got?
ShoutFinder's avatar
You're very welcome, it was a treat!! And aah, that skin must've been it, I do have one that pretty much turns her fully black and I must've put it on to show you one day :XD: 
ChefUgluk's avatar
Hehehe  "drowning in his own luxuriant beard" I love it!! :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin)  
Thank you for this cute little story! :) (Smile) 
Merry new life festival to you!! :happybounce: 
NorroenDyrd's avatar
It was a pleasure to write - and thank you for reading and commenting, and making all the awesome furniture!
ChefUgluk's avatar
Thanks again and Merry Christmas!! :happybounce: 
Skyflower51's avatar
This was such a wonderful read! Angof and Durgakh's story is so sweet and moving; her constant supportiveness of him throughout this put a huge smile on my face, as did the moments when he was revelling in having an uncursed body again. There were also a handful of poignantly sad moments, like when he seemed scared that he'd somehow infect Durgakh by touching her, or when he thought he'd never get away from his past... but the ending, where he found his new beginning, was just wonderful. :love:
And I loved all the cameos! It really conjured up the feel of a place crowded with people, all of whom are colourful individuals with their own stories. I was of courses especially happy to see my Khashani - and I got a chuckle out of seeing her be a babysitter to her parents. :XD: This is a beautiful and thoughtful festive story, I love it! :D
NorroenDyrd's avatar
Aaaah, thank you! I am quite satisfied with how their story is shaping out, and it was a delight to feature so many different characters!
TinyInquisitor's avatar
Have not played this yet, because playing online makes me nervous, but this was still a lovely story.
NorroenDyrd's avatar
Oh, I hear you! I tend to avoid other players if I can (and I still don't get the random dungeon finder system: you just... offer complete strangers to join you on a quest??? How???), but the ones I actually know from elsewhere are really nice and helpful! And thank you so much for reading!
imacrazytrekkie's avatar
This is absolutely adorable!  The little cameos were delightful, and you write Durgakh and Angof so sweetly.  Guh! <3  What a lovely fic!
NorroenDyrd's avatar
Awww, thank you! I have a soft spot for these two together, and I am glad I could make the cameos fun!
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