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Guar Little

The other day I tried to play some ESO, but the game kept logging me out. When I finally managed to log in, the world was empty save for a lone bantam guar that was running around at lightning speed, while overhead, a message was flashing that the server was about to go offline for maintenance. So I imagined that guar panicking like Chicken Little from the popular folk story.
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OMG Poor little thing!! It's so cute!!!! XD The comic is adorable, and the story behind it....XD Gosh, you have the funniest things happen to you in games. (I mean, it sounds frustrating too, but the end result makes it hilarious!) This little thing just made my morning! :3
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Aaaah, thank you so much for the lovely comment! I couldn't play ESO at all that day due to server issues, but at least I got a funny story out of it. :XD:
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Aww, poor little guar!
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It was quite fun to watch. :XD:
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Aww, that is the cutest little guar I've ever seen. :XD: Love the animation in the last panel!
(And I feel your pain, server maintenance can be a trial, that's for sure...)
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Yesss, bantam guars are the cutest creatures ever! You can get one as a pet in ESO, for 400 Crowns I believe (Crowns are special currency that is used to buy premium content; you are given 500 at the start of the game, and can purchase more for real-life money).

Thank you so much for commenting! :la:
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awww, too funny!
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Thanks so much! ^^
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Ahahaa this happens every time the server goes down in EU, great job :) 
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Thank you very much! :D
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Yeah! There has been some trouble lately, I've noticed. And this comic is a hilarious interpretation of what is my lifestory with that game... (It is a good one when it lets me in and works for a while...)
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Thank you for the appreciation! ESO can definitely be more than a little taxing sometimes!
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