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Behold a bunch of OCs from TES V: Skyrim as Greek gods! :la:
First comes :iconheiwako:'s Hecate as Artemis, goddess of the hunt and the moon (both of which are pretty dear to this Imperial Listener).
Then, we have :iconariakitty:'s Lumen as Dionysus - I thought it would be nice to depict her this way, given her drinking habits and the darker side of the Dionysus cult, which often turns into something similar to the Bosmeri Wild Hunt (besides, Dionysus is among the more effeminate gods, so it is not too much of a lore-break to picture him in a female body).
Next comes :icontheshieldofoak:'s Eol as Zeus. Because big, strong, and with a soft spot for the ladies. ;)
The fellow hovering over him, about to pilfer his lightning bolts, is :iconisriana:'s Bron Martes. I have been wanting to make a tribute to :iconisriana: for a long time, since it was her art (along with :iconslayersyrena:'s ) that greatly inspired me to play Skyrim and make my own comics based on the in-game quirks. And Bron is just the perfect candidate for the role of Hermes, messenger of the gods and the patron of merchants, travellers, and thieves!
And finally, there is my own OC, Kiara, as a happy lil Persephone ('cause Ondolemar is her one and only Hades!), playing with a cute puppy called Cerberus.
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Cerberus is so cute

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Heeeeeerrrgggg!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 THis is SO adorable!!!!!
I, first off, can't get over how brilliant the red-figure-art style is here! I mean, when I first saw the thumbnail, I was like: Oh, Norr's doing some Greek art! But, no! Greek CHIBIZ! The contrast between the serious, ancient look of the design and the scratches in the black....and then them Chibis. 
*takes a deeep breath...must stop giggling.*

Ohhh <3 Eol's expression is hilarious! And not to mention those sexy chibified manly muscles...and that solid bum he's being sure we get a glimpse of!! xD I re-burst out laughing every time I see his daintily pointed toe. x)
I love how you drew Lumen! She's quite scrumptious! (Eol told me so.) And Hecate's expression is so cute! And good ole Bron must be looovin' those flying shoes- easy get away!! xD But he'd better be careful...tis best to be grounded while playing with electrical things! ;D
Awww, and of course lil Kiara! That puppy is adorable! =D

Thanks so much for having Zeuseol again!! Heaven knows how much he enjoyed it the last couple times. xD Your ideas are simply the best. :) *MASSIVE CHIBI HUG* =D
NorroenDyrd's avatar
Thank you kindly! I am really happy that I made you laugh - and that the little trick with the style worked! :la:
Like I said, I had a blast drawing Eol! And that toe is one of the things I myself believe turned out decent in this drawing! :squee: (After all, I still have the most glowing memories of the lovely Turala!)
Thank you for your kind words about the rest of the gang, too! Now I am picturing the entire Thieves' Guild zooming about in winged sandals. :rofl: And now that you've mentioned Lumen's scrumptiousness, it made me remember this story by Aria:…
It's short, but really well-written and humorous - with the kind of naughtiness Eol would appreciate. You might check it out if you have a moment. ;)
Eee! *hugs back* Now I am even more eager to go on with the Olympian theme! :dance:
Isriana's avatar
Oh, wow! This is really great! :D You've done nice job picking a Greek god that fits each character's personality. Hermes is just perfect for Bron! Thank you so much for including my thief in this lovely drawing! I really appreciate it. :tighthug:
NorroenDyrd's avatar
Eee, you are most welcome! I just can't unsee the image of Bron as Hermes. :XD: I am so happy you appreciate this! Your lovely comment made my day! :squee:
BlueEyedManiac1's avatar
Hecate is perfect as Artemis, as the Roman counterpart to Artemis is Diana! Brilliant!
NorroenDyrd's avatar
Thank you! :squee:
I was actually debating whether to cast Hecate as Hecate herself, Artemis/Diana, or Athena - since :iconheiwako: has shared a lot of wise advice on fan fiction writing. But in the end, I settled for Artemis, as Hei herself once mentioned that this would be the preferable option. ;)
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Oh this is wonderful! I love the concept and the style you drew it in. It's really well done and super cute! I think Lumen as Dionysus is so perfect, and I really like how you've depicted all the other characters therein. Well done! And thank you so much for including Lumen! :heart:
NorroenDyrd's avatar
Thank you very, very much! I am thrilled to know that you like it - and especially that you approve of Lumen's role! :la: It was a real pleasure to draw! :w00t:
SlayerSyrena's avatar
Wow, this is brilliant. I love how you used the perfect colors and background to really make this look like it's on an ancient Greek Vase! Everyone looks so awesome too! :la:
NorroenDyrd's avatar
Just wait till they leap out and start singing like the muses in the Hercules movie. :XD:
And thank you kindly for your awesome comment! :boogie:
heiwako's avatar
Aw, these are too cute! I love seeing everyone in these alternate forms, but I have to admit part of me wants to see a Persephone/Kiara and Hades/Ondolemar portrait now! You give such great inspirations. =3
NorroenDyrd's avatar
Thank you so very much! :la: I am beyond happy to be an inspiration! :w00t:
And Persephone!Kiara and Hades!Ondolemar is an on-going thing. ;)
Hagalaz-Art's avatar
PFFT. I love it. It's bloody brilliant x'D
NorroenDyrd's avatar
Eee, I am so happy to hear it! :funnydance: 
IRideAMagicalLadle's avatar
Surprisingly, this works rather well o.O
NorroenDyrd's avatar
I should hope so. :giggle:
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