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My half of the entry for the collaboration contest at the :iconthe-bards-college: group (which I can't currently submit it to because I don't see they dedicated folder ??? ). This year's contest theme is Through the Eyes of a Bad Guy, so I have dedicated my story to the (headcanoned) origins of Angof the Grave Singer, a villain from the Daggerfall Covenant storyline in Elder Scrolls Online:

Here is one of his UESP Wiki pages:…

There are two of these in all, because, after the player defeats him, Angof comes to be known under a different name, Angof the Undying:…

Here is what his UESP bio says about him as a character:

Angof the Undying is a Reachman necromancer and the leader of the Bloodthorn Cult. In death, he was sent to the Cliffs of Failure in Coldharbour for displeasing his master, Molag Bal. You have the option to take his side and save him from eternal battling. He expresses regret for his actions and agrees to aid in the fight against Bal in the hopes of curing his disfigurement.

As you can see, unlike most other minions of Molag Bal, Angof is given a chance at a redemption arc, which I find rather compelling. My Daggerfall Covenant main, Durgakh (who is referenced in this story, alongside with my Aldmeri Dominion character, the 'curly boy' Curuthir, and my partner's one-eyed Dunmer Tarveth Dren) will even become romantically involved with him once he is cured.

My collaboration partner is the amazing :iconshoutfinder: , and this is the beautiful visual accompaniment she has made for the story!

Brace for the Climb by ShoutFinder
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I finally found time to read this, it was interesting to read, indeed :) Ps. a random point but I found listening to Avenged Sevenfold while reading this fitting perfectly into the reading experience :D