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hey guys ! i've reached a milestone on tumblr and to celebrate im  holding an art raffle there , feel free to drop by and join

thanks you guys c:
hey guys ! since finals are over and i have more time to draw, i'm holding a little art raffle on my instagram c: feel free to join in the link below…
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Inktober is over you guys whooo !!! it was super stressful and sometimes i would feel kinda disappointed in what i did for certain days but other days i would feel pretty proud ;A; but yeah if you would like to check out the 31 days feel free to visit my instagram at nornier_ !!!! I'm only going to keep all the images for a few days before cleaning up ^^

and if anything else, it would be super mega appreciated if you guys can support me on my other pages too !!
Instagram !!!
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it's almost the halfway point to inktober so if you guys havent already, check out my insta for all the drawings i've already done !! im kinda surprised i've survived the first week ;A; but my goal is to finish this month without missing too many days whoo ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
hey guys !! although i do update my deviantart page frequently, inktober stuff will be a bit tedious to post on here all the time ;A; so if you'd like to check out all the works im going to do for inktober drop by at my Instagram !!

also my tumblr is a quick update as well but more digital stuff and compilation of my art c: