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4 Oct 2017 - Another small update  - Doing Commisions for Points!


:writersblock:For Art Trade Rules &Commision DAPoints,go Here :writersblock:  :Everything About AT N' Commisssion For DA-Points:ALL ABOUT ART!

This journal is now updated 2017 (was former my ArtTrade only journal)
I been thinking a lot,but now I decide to change things up now!
This is where you read about  my "Do & Don'ts" in term of what I draw.
As well now I am not limiting to Art Trades,but I am up for doing Commission  for DA points.
(formely was request for DA points,but it seem to lean toward commision afterall)
I won't do anymore Collages (I Still have my last to do with my sis)

INDEX - all rule section listed:

 Art Trades
 Commisions for DA points
In General - both for Art Trade & Commisions 
  I do NOT draw & I do draw
  Art Styles & Examples (With Images) Character ref images needed
Character limit


Art Progress!

This is where I have my Art Progress shown!
As you may notice - ArtTrade and News have theyre own sections!

Chek often here as I update it often with the progress of the Arts Im posting up!
Read my News if you want whats going on and Read Art Trade if you are interessted to do one with me :aww:


ART PROGRESS IN GENERAL:  medium sign PMN PEN by norngirl

This is my Main Art Posting List

In progress:

*Making Zora Chara Cards....Started with Sis Request..


Tabunne/Audino & Lunamon - Im doing Tabunne/Audino,sis :iconrutogirl: is going to do Lunamon - digital style 8 D
(I am still waiting for my sis to work on this with me - Last Collab On Hold ! 

* Some personal digital art I started but have not finished...>_<' 

(Old pics from 2007/2008 and 2010-2012...Is On Hold....-sigh- )

Commisions:  :smallpenPMN:: by norngirl



ART TRADES ON-GOING SO FAR: :smallpenPMN:: by norngirl


Conserning People doing Art Trade with me:
This is where  I have done my art trade part but
the other person still haven't done theyre part in months or more without leting me know
(this has happend me very rarely,thought)

Status: None


::Chibi Norngirl Request:: by Rutogirl :::CrystalSplit Chibi Request:: by Rutogirl
:heart: Big thankyou goes to my sis doing this two dollies for me:heart:
  :hug: Sister Stamp by HappyStamp :iconrutogirl: :hug:
::DASign-FluffM_NoPermission-Norngirls-Only:: by norngirl::DASign-ForestM_NoFavs_PlzTellMe-Norngirls-Only:: by norngirl::DASign-ForestF_NoLLAMAS_Zzz-Norngirls-Only:: by norngirl::DASign-LongearM_NoStealing-Norngirls-Only:: by norngirl
¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤::DASign-CommentPlzAbout-Norngirls-Only:: by norngirl¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤
::DASign-ChocoNornEndLine-Norngirls-Only:: by norngirl
Please note: Do NOT use my personal NornSigns/Icons - They where made for myself,thanks!


  • Listening to: VariousMusic *o*Dance,trance,gamemusic-Ya name it!
  • Reading: Nothing,it's all about art&gaming
  • Watching: My pile of scraps n art ;_; Mama Mia..thats a lot!
  • Playing: Sims2 UC ^.^
  • Eating: various...
  • Drinking: Mostly water


This journal is now updated 2017 (was former my ArtTrade only journal)
I been thinking a lot,but now I decide to change things up now!
This is where you read about  my "Do & Don'ts" in term of what I draw.

As well now I am not limiting to Art Trades,but I am up for doing Commission  for DA points.
(formely was request for DA points,but it seem to lean toward commision afterall)
I won't do anymore Collages (I Still have my last to do with my sis)


INDEX - all rule section listed:

  •  Art Trades
  •  Commisions for DA points
  • In General - both for Art Trade & Commisions 
  •   I do NOT draw & I do draw
  •   Art Styles & Examples (With Images)
  •  Character ref images needed
  • Character limit & Pose
  • Read before  Agree on Commision & ArtTrade Note!!
  • Terms Of Use of my Artwork!
  • -end of page-


::DASign-ArtTradeOPENMPMN-Norngirls-Only:: by norngirl

Art Trades are allways open and free,So Feel Free to ask me !!! 

If Interested, you have to Send me a Note and we discuss about it! But before doing so - 
The only two thing I ask for is:

¤ Please respect and read first at least  "In General - both for Art Trade & Commisions " 
& what I won't draw & I do draw to make it clear what you can ask for!
¤ That you put effort into your'e drawing! Doodles/Rushed art is not accepted!
When I draw I go all out,and so I expect that you at least try to do so as well!
Not cool to spend many hours on a picture only to get a half-hearted picture in return!

Commissions for DA Points! 

I am considering to try make commisions for DA points.
If Interested, Send me a Note and we discuss about it!
I only ask that if you do want to commision me:

¤ As said before,read first at least  "In General - both for Art Trade & Commisions " 
&  read " My I do & Don't draw" to make it clear what you can ask for!

¤ Once Commision is decided ,pay points first  and I start on the art right away! The base points will be 1000 DA points,
but might be more or less,depend on what you ask for!
(As im doing them like normal drawings with colors & shading and details - I don't do Sketches/Doodle! )
Do check out my "Art Styles & Examples (With Images) " for more info!

¤ Please give so much info as possible about the commision so it get right!
To avoid dissapointment,you have to give me well detailed info so the artwork get right!
If possible,you can even make a mockup doodle to show me!

¤ Showing you my sketch idea,if you accept it,afterward I may not do any huge changes to the image!  

¤ I will keep you updated via previews via note with the progress!

In General - Both for Art Trade & Commisions :


For Digital Drawings - anything goes - can draw both official characters and fanstuff (as Long the fanchara is yours!) 

For traditional drawings -  if you choose traditional :
*Keep in mind! I cannot send the physical copy of the traditional artwork to you (sending cost money! & commision is only for DA Points!)
I am saying this because if people choose to commision me for drawing theyre original creation/fan charas,
I am unable to send the physical paper artwork home to them and is only able to upload the artwork scanned/photographed version of it on DA!

This is just a heads up for personal creation/charas/Fanstuff : - Because  creations,characters  - be it original or fanmade,
is personal stuff! Digital can be easier shared as it was drawn digital,but Traditional way is a bit sensitive,
as it is a  physical piece of paper drawn with pencils & colorpencils/markers etc with someone else character/creation on it 
that may not be wide-world known and can easily be mistaken to some by call it mine,regardless the text saying original creator is not me (only the artwork is,of course).
 Someone would probaly argue that this is same with fanart of allready known characters I am drawing on traditional - wich is clearly not!

Official known video game/cartoon/movie characters (,Sonic,sailormoon, Bambi etc)
Everyone knows about  the companies and theyre characters is both wide world known!
Examples like Disney's Mickey mouse and Nintendo&Gamefreak's Pikachu is  famous around the world!

So to make things simple - I would stretch myself to do art of known official characters,but
as long it is you're own creation/fanchara and that you are not bothered with the fact the real physical artwork is stuck with me & I am only able to post up it on DA
in it's digita glory,then I am fine doing them traditional! 

 Note about Fanart:  I  don't make profit/sell any of my fanart for real money!
DA Points are Not real money and can't be converted to any either!
Fanart is my way of showing appreciation and support and I also allways  acknowldge & give proper credit of where it is from & it's creator!
(Please Do NOT start a debate about the legal discussion of if it's right or not to draw fanart,Thank you!)

MY I DO & I DON'T DRAW ,In general :

NOTE: There may be more to add in my do and dont's list,But if you are unsure
what I am comfy  with, just ask me and I tell you if I do it!

:bulletpurple: I do Draw:
Pretty much everything! As long it isn't anything that is from my "Do NOT Draw" list.
I draw animals and fantasy creatures a lot,but also some humanoids too.
I have a hard time with mechanical stuff,like cars (in my opinion)
Easiest  if you ask me and I let you know if I do or willing to try!

:bulletorange: I do NOT Draw:
* Nudity/NFSW/Adult material in general
*Gore & Horror/Darkness/war/abuse etc
*Any form of fetish stuff!

* Yaoi/Yuri/gay characters&couples
(Sorry,but I am straight and do not feel comfy with it! No offence meant to real gay people!)

:bulletwhite: Art Examples! Drawing Styles And Traditional & Digital 

Just some samples of my Art shown.
From Art styles to coloring&shading in Digital and Traditional
I try various styles and not sticking to one style only - diverse is fun!
Sometime like to draw characters exact close to theyre original design,sometime I like to try in my take as well.
 - the only one I know I can't do is Realistic,but semi realism is sort of...ok I guess.
I mainly do Cartoon,Anime,Chibis (can do semi-realistic,but it's not the greatest - is shown as links) 

Commision notes :

 I have NO set pricelist - but base is 1000 DA points! 

The only thing that would change the prize from the base is:
If it's a Chibi (it's less) and if it's a fully detailed scenery background or more characters than 1-2,then it cost  more,of course!
I might edit a reasonable DA point price list,once I know a reasonable price for it.

Here is some examples of the styles mentioned with art examples shown - The Following are:
Close as possible,Cartoon,Anime,Chibi,Semi-realism.

(A close as possible) To Original chara style: 
Note: (Click on This picture and zoom in 3x to veiw it because it's too large!)
::CloseAsPossible-Example_Prev:: by norngirl
Brightheart,NiGHTS,Komasan (Carebears,NiGHTS,Yokaiwatch)
Penguinmon&Piplup (Digimon&Poke'mon)
My own Neko Ettin breed (Creatures DockingStation)
Biyomon& Starbirds (Digimon,Mixmaster Online)
Joka&RangoLango (Klonoa-DoorToPhantomile)
Female Creatures 1 Norn (with comperation to my art versus the real head sprite)
Just so you can see that the looks are as close as possible.

As said before, I tend to do alot  Cartoon and anime.
(NOTE: Cartoons can varie from something coming close to Don bluth/disney/looney toon like most of time)
Here is a few examples:

::FewCartoonExamples_Prev: by norngirl

::AnimeExamples_prev: by norngirl

:ChibiExamples_Prev:: by norngirl
And Also  SemiRealism (Wich I don't do much of) :
::Ember-TheDragon-SemiRealism 2010::
  ::Semi-Realistic Scaler::

:bulletgreen:Digital or Traditional Drawings:

I usualy like to draw both traditional and digital.
When not on computer - it's Traditional with paper & pen and markers.
And when on computer - it's digital with my Mouse and Paint SAI,Adobe Photoshop and even Ms Paint!
Sometime I like to combine them both.
 (traditional drawed& colored character with only background made digital by me)

Traditional combined with digital background/color:
::DigitalTraditional_Example_Prev:: by norngirl
The Yokai pic is drawed traditional,but colored in digital,same for the Lion&Tiger.
The PMN pic is drawed outline with some marker pen coloration on her
 but have digital background,so do the Scaler pic with Steve Fox,only he is colored traditional.

Digital only:

Done some digital art and try practice more on it.
Most have textured colored backgrounds I allways do for my art digital&traditional alike,
But a few have scenery (wich I try to practice now and then,but think I need to draw more to get better..)
::DigitalArt_Examples-Prev:: by norngirl

:bulletyellow: Character Reference Images:

Allways need good reference image of the character(s) you want
 with,since it proven a lot of help!
Be sure you have many images of the character you want me to draw!
Specialy if it is your'e own character(s) and if it's a character I am not familiar with.
On a side note, it might happen I add my own made accesory/cloth etc,but only if it is ok
for you to do so,of course - I allways ask permission before doing!
Usualy this is a thing that just happen if I asked and was allowed to make own accesory/cloth
and/or I had it very difficult with getting said cloth/accesory looking right ^^'
i will most likely NOT draw character based of text discreption only -
sorry,but it dosn't work for me.

Character Limit:

 There is really not a character limit in my mind,but stil - I don't want to draw 100+ characters O_o'
it truly depend on the characters you want and how much work it is with it/them - Keep in mind,it would be just fair if I ask same amount of characters you draw for me if you ask me to do more character than one if it is an Art Trade!
But same rule apply to Commision - Don't Overdo it with too many characters!
Also if you have a pose in mind,
give a image and I can try do something alike it,otherwise I draw it just the way I want it if your'e not specific!

Read before  Agree on Commision & ArtTrade Note!

I allways try my best to draw and finish it as fast I can,I am quite fast drawer - but It WON'T be a rush/hurried pic!

Even thought im fast, sometime some art may take longer depending on the color process
and sometime real life can be in the way slowing it down too. 

If I have more than one Art Trades/Commissions,
I try my best to finish them all in a reasonable time frame,
Commision have to go first,of course - but that dosn't mean Art Trades have to wait long because of that!
Sometime I manage to do more than one at same day - it really depend! 
Should there be anything in the way,I will notify you with a note and tell if there is anything that delay (real life,sickness etc)

In any way - I will allways put my heart and soul in what I do,I just don't want to make people wait!
So Therefor I do try resume my work as soon I can if there would be anything in the way!

So thats why I mention once again, if you who plan to do Art Trade with me 
I do hope you will do the same for me
-  I think that people shall respect and treat each other equally!
Nothing feels more horrible than doing a lot of hard work on a picture to someone and then in return
you end up with a quick put togheter pic without effort and care,just to recive quickly
nice art! so please do not give me anything like that in return!
I think a fully colored picture is more proper and it's just fair that we both do our best
to do an honest Art-Trade on both sides :3

Term of Use of my Artwork!

Just to make things clear - My Artworks (specially Commision,but goes for Art Trade too)
I made for you are NOT to be following:

¤ Do Not 
Post the artwork into your'e DA Gallery!!! I Seen this so many times now!
It's nice if you want to show off the Artwork made for you by me,but that way,it 's just confusse people to think you drawed it!
There is other better ways to show the artwork I done for you for people you may think might be interessted to do
Artrade with/commision me! Good example: You may post up the image on social media AS LONG you do include 
a discreption intended for telling that you want to let others know that I am doing ArtTrade/Commissions and
that you include my DA link of the artwork,as well that I made it!

¤ Do Not Edit/Modify/Trace/Commercial use/use for Advertise/Claim you Made it ,Use for Profit etc 
The artwork did I draw for you,but it's still my Artwork! Only use for Personal Use!!

So if interessted in a Art-Trade or commision then note away!
Thank you for reading! :3

Bullet; Orange-Norngirl-Bullet; Purple 

  • Listening to: Various music I like ^.^
  • Reading: Nothing,it's all about art&gaming
  • Watching: My pile of scraps ;_; Mama Mia..thats a lot!

  ::DASign-NorngirlMEMichyPMN-Norngirls-Only:: by norngirl
  ::DASign-NewEgg-Norngirls-Only:: by norngirl NORNGIRL'S *NEW
* NEWS JOURNAL! ::DASign-NewEgg-Norngirls-Only:: by norngirl
:floating: Interessted in Art Trades&Commissions for DA Points ? or want to see my Art Progress? :floating:
Go to ArtTrade -Requests Here :::Norngirl's Art Trade Rules!:: 
Go to Art Progress Here:WIP - Norngirl's Art Progress
::DASign-NorngirlSign-Norngirls-Only:: by norngirl

4 Oct 2017 - Another small update  - Doing Commisions for Points!


I just changed my journals about my Art progress and changed my Art Trade journal.
I decide to clarify and shorten it as much I could and is willing to try out Commisions for DA Points.
The cost is 1000 (I tried to look what reasonable price I could set it to) 
I haven't done such changes since 2013  Feb 7 (Where I first seperated the 3 journals)
As well took away old news here (dated from 2013! and up) 
Well thats all news for now - as I can't say when I will upload more art for now.

19 Jun 2017 - Small updates - YAY for my delayed Bday gift!


I don't update so much in news,because I am the only one who reads them,it seem XD
But I still type if anyone visit my page,so anyone who stumble across it knows Im alive ;P

First of all - My Birthday (on June 16) Was great :w00t: (YAY!) 
That dosn't mean I did have the best blast party ever with lots of cake/icecream I can muster and
lots o pile of gifts :D Nope, I was happy because on that day I wasn't getting sick or having a bad day in general (as I had of late) and enjoyed having some retro gaming.
Also no special food or any gifts (had bad economy) but thats no big deal - I know it will be delayed and im fine with it.
I at least got my sister's awesome B-day gift pic for me:

Everyone want to say Happy Birthday for Norngirl by Rutogirl

Also,today (June 19 2017) my mom got me a new PC-Mouse :wow:
My current one broke and I had the horrible time with using a wireless,battery driven mouse T__T'
It was not cooperate-willing and was a disaster to draw with X_X'

So that is WHY I haven't posted anything for a while (I drawed in my artblock in the meanwhile)
Anyhow,so this new one I got - 
It's amazing! :love: 
It's perfect with drawing digital & it even have neon lights I can choose in any color *.*

Other than that - Hopefully I will soon update with some new art.



::DASign-ChocoNornEndLine-Norngirls-Only:: by norngirl
  • Listening to: Various music I like ^.^
  • Reading: Nothing-Just Games and Arts here
  • Watching: My pile of scraps ;_; Mama Mia..thats a lot!
  • Playing: Various PS1,SNES and Click & Points
  • Eating: Dosn't eat that much o.o
  • Drinking: Water - LOTS of it!!

:bulletblue:MY NEWS - Read What's New Here!

Ok,I been thinking a lot on this, a friend of mine told me that I probably should
change the way I have my journals - as I must say - it is true that it's NOT easy
to navigate trough so much text I create + cheking on the art trade rules..
I just wish DA had a option for "wich Journal do you wish to be active on DA front page" option..

Anyhow,I decide to stast this old one and not update it,making a brand new one,along with a art trade journal thats seperated... So no need to update this one anymore and bother to chek it,it's just here for me!

there will be 2 new journals soon...
Hopefuly this will make it easier for me and others..

thats all!

22 Jan 2013 - would anyone be interessted in this: Nokuku ?
I don't have much news on the art side right now,
more then there will be more piant-tastic with airbrush shade pics coming,
and I might post some art I should posted ages ago for.

I been playing this a lot,and invited my sis and a friend from DA here to play,
but im  trying to introduce more people to this ,but thought I give a try and see
if anyone who (do) read my journal might be interessted int his as well? :

It's a neat game thats a cross between pets with A.I, sort of life simulator & capture/battle RPG,
if I try my best to describe it as. Simply it's a crossover between any typical JP capture monster raising games (poke'mon,dragon quest,digimon,monster rancher,jade cocoon etc) with some hint of creatures
(it is not highly advanced as creatures,but it still have some parts resembling it and not many pet themed games do offer any kind of feeling it's alive - this one at least have animations,breeding and express like/dislikes .

I often found myself allways on a hunt for more pet oriented games,and tried most - and is sad most nowdays you find is lots of Neopet clones (is the most Im annoyed about as theyre just stale still images with no animations - how does that make it a pet? Only flash games are wich you earn money O_O ),dressup/tamagotchi limited pets, or simple pet games such as nintendog - a pet that moves but isn't alive,as it's just about owning a nevergrow up pet that only has it's needs and some addons trhowed in such as bonus cloth/accesory/mini games or other things that make it not truly nintendog clone,but close enough.

To me, Creatures series and Petz3-5 is still my best pet themed pet games that comes closest in feeling Im owning something alive.But thats not so odd,as the creator of this game said herself she was inspired of those games and like me,
was also tired of see not enough good pet games,so she made one herself :3

It's new and playable (of course) and developed by only one person alone,who even did the graphics and coding.
But of course there is some beta testers,and along with new people who join -
is allways welcome to report bugs/glitches or even come up with new ideas uggested for it.
With more players helping with suggesting ideas, it will develope to something more neat than it allready is.

In the game you create your'e own first Nokuku with limited parts,but not unlimited colors,
and from there you can explore the world,battle and level up or capture other wild Nokuku.
You can also put your'e nokuku and the other you got via trade from people/friends or you captured yourself
and watch them interact with each other in the garden (or garden mode,as I call it.
You can also raise more Nokukus by breeding your'e Nokuku with any opposite gender Nokuku you captured/traded
to hopefuly get a (or some) egg(s)!

As said,this game is fully playable,but more will come,like new breeds and quests,
thought there is more things on it's way to be added
(and even more as me and other people continue to suggest ideas).

For now what you can is:
¤Create your'e own nokuku (only once - thats why it has limited part)
There is a lab,but it require DNA material,wich I think has to do with quests that will be later added.

¤ Find one egg in the nest that have a rare breed,Pardu - A leopard like Nokuku,that exist in 4 colors,
 you get randomly one of the colors and can't choose,but you have to take good care of it,
  as there is only one! (I lost mine in a accident ;__; Rest in Peace,Unaia )

¤ Explore the ingame world (entering cave to see other areas etc),
battle wild Nokuku and/or capture them (you can have up to 3 in your'e battle team)

¤ Set your'e Nokuku in the garden to see how they interact with stuff and each other, see them develop
 theyre like/dislike for objects and other nokukus, you can also heal them here.
 There is no way you can interact,more then drag&drop for now - but that is planed to be developed to do more.

¤ Trade nokuku with people. (note: Both parts need to have one nokuku each to be able to trade)
 A adoptable option was suggested and will be added sooner or later.

¤ As far I know,Nokuku can only die if they run out of health duo to be poisened and probably if hit too much of other
 Nokuku in the garden,losing health. But there is a graveyeard for any lost Nokuku,to pay visit and remember them.
 If,however you witness the death,there is a chance you can try revive it,before it completely vanish and is
  in the graveyeard - there will be a image of them in the graveyeard wich is a skull shaped icon - no terrible tombstones.
  There might be more ways of death,but thats the ones I know of - also,they can't die of old age as of yet,it might be    changed in the future!

¤ You can gain exp by battle wild Nokukus,but also if you use the Gif Nokuku option,
 you make a clickable image of your'e nokuku,and they gain exp for every person whom click on them.

¤ You can also have battles with people/friends - as long you know theyre ingame username or ID name.

¤ Can also chek the element chart what elemnt beats what.

Still,this is all you can do,wich is quite a lot for being new,and more things will be added now and then to it,
I find it amazing one person was capable in 4 years to make the game all alone as it is allready : D

If anyone want to trade/fight me,Im MichyChan and this is some of my Nokukus:
Xai(my starter)Aiylah (his mate)
Theyre kids - Ilinah-Addanoh-Alari

My second Nokuku:Flurryx (Unaia,R.I.P ;_; )

Flurryx did I get as a replacement of my loss of Unaia,my Pardu - she was young when she died and was taken by a poisen glitch along with Mom's sudden FB cheking T_T' I did get new DNA material,and so - I created Flurryx!
Unaia was the adoptive daughter of Xai,before he got his wife and own kids,but now Flurryx
is his best friend and brother :3

Flurryx also got children, 4 to be exact, with Rina (another Batrabbit,like Aiylah)
but I don't show them as I think it's enough to show what I have here,I do have more Nokukus too.

I even made Fanarts of Nokuku,starting with my pic of Xai and Unaia, as I have experienced quite a story with
my Nokukus,and thus, I started to draw images of some happenings - starting with Unaia,as it was very emotional
and it was a accident  :cry: I am drawing more Nokuku too via digital - going to *try* draw all species/breeds there is.
So you will eventualy see some Nokuku art ^.^

I wish for more games like this then the tons of neopet clones you can find,there exist around 50+ (!)
Don't take me wrong - Neopet have a nice idea and is cute and I played it too as younger,
I even re-tried it now,but in the end,
it just is a cute image I click on and refresh to see another image,not realy owning a alive pet.
I allways wondered why Neopet didn't make it into a flash game,rather then choose flash for the minigames
to earn Neopoints only (ingame money)...
They have a nice concept and cute graphic,yet they don't make it ino a "real" game ^^;
To me,pets should at least be animated and somehow feel alive - it dosn't have to be super advanced,
yet I just can't help to think that judging with nowdays tech, could make more awesome pet themed games then
they make now - I feel that people dosn't seem to be creative enough,just recycle the ideas that allready exist.

Anyhow -Im not here for the rant,Im actuly here to hopefuly get some interesst in Nokuku,
hope that my rant didn't scare you away,and hopefuly catched interesst.

well,thats all I have to say - see some of you on Nokuku then :3


9 Jan 2013 - probably a shining hope - there surely may be art XD
Sorry if I haven't been spamming art a bit more since the only *not so good*
4 atempts only made in Artweaver and a bit in Paintstar..But it been difficult for
me to try come up with something more to draw via that and all,
But! I think I found a another temporary solution for my Adobe,
I found out that my Adobe Image Ready 2.0 that comes with my Adobe Photoshop 5.5 works still!
The only downside to it is that some filter plugins aren't there (no clue how I can transfer over it,if possible,rather then install them - in hope my presetings are there) and
no gradients,nor can I save my brushes *yay,allbrushes are there* O.o'
The Gradient part is not much to fret over,I suppose - Thats what the 2 other programs have,alltought
Ido know I had some nice ones in my adobe *sigh* But Im confussed why I can't save my brushes from here,alltought I readed that Image ready saves it somewhere,or save it just as remember the brushes inside the program *ponders* T_T

I just wonder - is that normal that image ready lacks gradients?
and if so - is there anything more it lacks compared to photoshop?
*haven't noticed anything more as of yet,as I only had a quick glance*
EDIT: Ok,noticed the text style is weird too,NOT used to see it like this @.@'

But anyhow,with some stuff that was useful to me that seem to be lacking and gone,it's still a adobe product and has everything else photoshop have *as far I can see* - This surely probably will maybe help me do more proper art with not only 2,but 3 programs *pray* til I will solve my photoshop prob sooner or later.
I think it's good to have something adobe-ish still there : D

With that said,will try it out more,as i never touched Image Ready,knew it was there - but not realy testing out much,nor did I think it would run, Yet it ill take time before I might post anything up,sorry - Im probably going to be busy trying out all 3 now XD

I hope that Im able to scan art soon via image ready too!
Might try it,once my mom stash away and blocking ^^;
If anything fails - I have my cellphone *shrugs*

Im sorry for this kinda repetive updates about me and my art struggle,just because of one program -
but I hope this will be the last heard from me about this and that I am soon posting more better pics than those 4 last ones when I know I can do do better than that! It's just that I grew up with that program and it been my main program for all art I do (not counting old good windows MS paint), so thats why I know it so much better and know what I can do and not do in it. While this other is all about have to drag certain sliders to make this effect and the other or expeirment what exact slider was it who triggered that the brush suddenly became different in the way it act etc,just too much note downs for a single pen kind with so many possibility that get me dizzy ,as Im sure it is capable to a lot *yes..Im talking about Artweaver) - I am still annoyed that it lack 3 things that Paintstar have :
1. optional airbrush dropdown effects such as glow,colorize and such.
2.varied brushes with shaped forms: stars,hearts,squares etc etc
3. a good add text tool,wich allow you to add color/gradient,text font,style and effects - like adobe or Starpaint does >_>'
 All I saw so far is a simple-tastic text adding with not much options at all! -_-'

Ah yes - sorry,there goes me again - comparing and analyzing,Do'h >o<'
Sorry people ^^; But anyhow - I will try to see what I come up with -
You heard this before,I know - but realy,I do think Image ready might help me feel a bit more comfy,
as it has stuff I recognize,and if it lack something,I can probably find a solution in the others *hopes hopes*
It's about time I learn other paint programs anyway - I guess i can't be stuck on my photoshop,even thought with that - I would never say it's fine to be completely without it X__x *in her head she hears a echo scream: Nooooooo Never* :XD:

Nothing much else has happened - been drawing a pic today that I been working on,color it with markers I got on Xmas.
Hopefuly isa pic I might be able to upload sometime near future - Im still strict with my little list of what shall go first and what not before posting,while none planned pics that was just made on the PC (like the 4 pics,again* is the only thing that I just spontanous post up without listing.I count on Image Ready to be able to behave like photoshop in the color department at least - doing a good job and help me color my remaining art that do need color O_O' *looks enrvouse*
Anyhow - rant off,I need some sleep now as I been hanging around here too long duo to in the middle of drawing I been searching the web and such ^^;

And once again sorry for pointless update - erm,maybe half pointless perhaps.
Just wanted to add that at least one Adobe thing on this PC work...while the other dosn't,  is truly fishy >_>'

Oh and as a last thing,if anyone did care to read so far as this,I wonder:
What characters do you wish to see more of?
I could allways try to practice now when Im testing out the paint proggys I have.
I allways been curious if someone thought that there might be more of something I haven't drawed for a while XD

I know that N.Gin and Terriermon was some things I heard of 2 people,
so I might try and draw that again. Anything else ?
If not,meh I draw randomness of things I like,promise - it won't be only Norns - I promise :giggle: !

2013 - 4 Jan - There will be art - Dreamweaver&Paintstar..still no go for Adobe ;__;
First of all - Hope all had a nice Xmas and Happy New year!
Lets hope 2013 will come with a better year for us all - for me 2012 suck,it was the most
terrible year ever - not to mention how many pet souls we lost too >_>'
2 more been taken not long ago: Binky our angora bunny and
now Icco,my sis lovebird (died not too long ago,somewhere in december)
they where both sick and old - but still,sad -_-
That year also took away my most beloved pet companion ever too *Aaron cough cough*
and he died of just old age - so i can be happy he did live his life troughout..
yet I still miss him dearly ;_;
Lot of things been damage too,like my laptop,my cellphone's ds card etc..
so no,I just want to forget 2012,just don't want to talk about the cursed year >_<'
Id's say - it's great if someone here had a great 2012 year - but no,I didn't X_X'
I hope I can at least hope 2013 will be more nicer to me....please? *O* *makes big shrek puss-in-boots eyes*

Despite that,Im still here,proved that i submitted 3 pics i made in dreamweaver and paintstar,
wich is my free choice as temporary place holders for my beloved Adobe photoshop 5.5. -_-'
I have still not found a way for it,but I won't give up! Im going to try everything before trhowing in the towel,
I do think there must be a way except the uninstall part *wich im not so happy for,usuly turning a deaf ear to that*
So,there will be more art practice with this programs before i might be able to make something more...well..typical me?
Right now,the 3 pics i posted is not a wow factor,nor is it meant to be - but theyre art in someway nontheless and
thought why not? also theyre in gallery cos of my sis and friend,so yeah,
I was about to put them in scraps ^^;
test1: ::Norn Faces:: by norngirl
test2: ::LittleGreenPurple..Thing - ImNotaRabbit:: by norngirl
test3: ::LightMagic-I Got U:: by norngirl

Using most Artweaver,but using Paintstar for glow effects and text and such,since Im
unable to find any of those cool stuff in artweaver - meh -
and No don't even offer GIMP,I have that dang thing,dosn't work for me - I tried several suggested
free art - and web browser dosn't work for me - it slow down my Pc : (

for you still wondering about my Adobe photoshop 5.5 issue and missed what I said about it before:
basicaly it runs,show the splash image that loads and after that..comes a boring error with only one nice button with text "Ok"...and the boring message? it is saying the following:

in swedish (as I have my adobe in swedish) : "Kan inte öppna Adobe Photoshop pga ett skiv fel"
in english (as it seem to be) : "Cannot Open Adobe Photoshop because of a damage disc"

...Depressing,isn't it?
so thats why it gonna take me a while before I get the hang of stuff in the new art proggys and
hopefuly try make some magic with it *prays*...
oh well it's nice to make digital art again...but stuff...brushes...aargh T__T'

Meh,lets see how things tunr out,shall we?

2012 Dec 18 - Im Back! But not able to draw/color/scan or even post any Art ;__;
Yes,Im back - Belive it or not,I am still alive and breathing!
Wow,it been since july I last was here,and ever since after that I was unable to get online duo to my internet decide to die off the next day,
and from there it just went downhills with other things going bad -sigh -
Been just crazy over here and I do NOT wish to talk about it,so please don't ask me..
I understand fully that some of you may be wondering of my weel being and all,wich is nice,but realy I just don't want to bring it up,as it been so much I do not know even where to begin, I would appreciate it much if you understand and hope you don't take it rude. -_-
Im just glad I been able to come back today,after not been able to be on internet or computer AT ALL...til now >_>'
I got a new wifi router and a usb stick thingy that let me get on internet now (wee) but still,the most thing that make me most sad is..

My adobe photoshop been stopping to work !!! ;_____;
It all started with that dang day the internet died off,and I tried to see if I could do something with the wires,thinking they where not propely connected and noticed that when plugging in the wires,it make my computer freeze,but internet seem to work,plugging it out - made computer usuly work,but net was dead,and then gave up on the thing,as it sort of died (the net,that is)
and so I just thought I have a go draw a bit on my adobe to get my mind on something better,then I colored a pic a bit,then closed it down the normal way,
by clicking exit. And when I restarted the comp and wanted to continue draw something else,it started to load it,but when it is finished with loading it gives me
this message and close down,making me unable to use it at all:
"Cannot Open Adobe Photoshop because of a damage disc"

and then all I can do is click ok and the program shut down ;__;

I DON'T want to uninstall/Re-install my adobe, I lose ALL of my brushes I done,All my ownmade costume stuff I made in filters and stuff ;__;
(I realy do want to backup them,but fail to  anyway -sigh)
I just pray that I can find a way to cure this! I think it's insane such thing can happen all out of sudden,also Im not even using a Cd when
running my adobe,so I find this message silly O.o' The problem is,I also use the scanner with adobe too!
I tried to compremise with myself,trying to draw/color in GIMP,paint shop pro or any other paint program,but None is like my beloved old Adobe ;__;
I just Can't live without it - it's where i do all my drawings in :cry: so if anyone have any suggestion of how to cure this,Please please tell me!

So there won't be any color/drawing/scanning or even posting up art now -___-
I did manage to get myself a new artblock and draw in that,but Im unable to scan anything from it >_>
It's just great,now when I wanted to finish coloring/posting up art here on DA,and that cursed day striked me,and as said,from there it just went
more bad ... >__<'  Im going to try and see if I can find some useful info around the net,now when I got it back and running in the meanwhile,
try also to catch up to you all people's comment and art ..wich remind me..the mass amount of  incoming pile of e-mails i must got from being away so long :faints: I really want to apologize and say sorry to you people who still keep in touch with me and still also care about me - I never knew I would be away for this long X__X So hopefuly I didn't worry you too much ^^; Im at least back and want to let you guys know Im alive and still breathing,just feeling odd Im back and all after such long time O.o'

So for now,I can't do much - artwise,I mean T_T' (except drawing on my artblock...)
Im also sorry for the long rant and that it sound incredible stupid and long,but hey - thats the truth.
So Hopefuly I could gte a miracle here and get my adobe back to get some art done - I truly miss drawing/coloring on the comp ;__;

I hopeyou guys been well and hopefuly hope most of you aren't upset/mad at me ^^;


2012  23 July - 11 image post (yay),Summer is NOT summer (Brrrr), May not be around (Important!)
Starting with a rather odd title for this News,right?
It been a while since I said something,but as people may noticed,
I did post at least 11 (!) images so far (most in scraps (again)
and only 2 new in gallery so far..

Also yes,this years summer is TERRIBLE!
It's cold like it would be the start of winter again ,and the sun hasn't shown it's sunny face
much either - just grey and sad weather (I love rain,but even that it been less of)
had around...2-3 rain moments,and a bit more thunder moments (those,ok too..but)
the rest been just grey cold and boring - Im even freezing a lot when Im about to go to sleep,
takes time before I get myself warm X_X'
Its NOT fun at all : (

So yeah - summer sure is not sunny and fun where I live >_>'
I haven't been able to go out much,and I want to try do that before Im inside again when the dang boring uber insane
cold winter will be back here again -sigh - I AM tired on winter T_T'

Anyhow,sorry for the rant - I know people may not be much around duo to they have fun in the sun,vaccatation or just enjoying the summer in general,so I just wanted to say that I myself haven't had that -_-'
So,Im trying my best to keep up with the art.

However - I wanted to say something that may concern those who still care about me,
and that is I may not be around on the net,I may not even be on the comp at all - as the electricity will be shut down,
because of the lack of electricity payment (Not going to go into details here)

but yeah,so that means that I may be without the net and the comp for..when and for how long Im not sure,
alltought no biggy for me - even thought I do enjoy drawing my pics on the pc and playing games and stuff -sigh-
I survive - but anyhow,I let you people know this why I may not reply, or in general be around,it's not cos
(or hopefuly) died off or something - it's just because of that.

So I cling as much as possible around here while I can...

Other then that,I had hope that I would manage to tackle some more art,but as
I have no clue when this shut down will be,I stay on the safe side to not work at something important that may be suddenly lost (incase the comp got shut in the middle of Computer activity >_>' )

Anyhow - hopefuly I make a return soon...

2012 18 June - One year older and more art in the works..
My B-day was on 16 June and I did allready get some sweet B-day pics of some friends here
Norn-chu by Cattensu and Happy Birthday Norngirl by Indiliel

plus one from sis,but it's a WIP,so not posted yet (and also not being realy a B-day pic,One Art trade pic from a friend :iconsaveblacksheep: here on DA as well  - but the pic is not posted here,so thats why it's not shown here X3 ) I did get them on the 14 and 15, but got Indil's pic when the clock did go exact to 16 june (as she did tell me - I won't see it until the right day XD )
So Indeed I thank you all - big :hug: and :glomps: from me :3

My B-day (on 16 June) in general became a bit crazy,as I was awake a bit long on the 15,and a bit into 16,
so I had to get some sleep,but manage to sleep half away my B-day (great huh? ^¨' )
so I didn't get much over with it - so yeah - planning to have another day to celebrate my b-day propely XD
But it is as I been saying lately (not realy here on DA,no - but in general) 2012 is a sleepy year for me -
I noticed I could sometime sleep a whole day away X_X'
it's so crazy >_<'

Ah well,but yeah - Im one year older now,and thats all,start to feel old ^^'
(is 25 years old now)

Anyhow with that said and done,
Lets get back to the art side of the news,hmm,shall we?

I been trying to post more in the scraps section - and some may notice I posted new stuff in gallery too,
even thought I strictly tell myself to wait a bit with some >_>'
Im soon done with the scrap materials,so far - until Im getting the new batch - just some more color,
and I may leave the scraps alone (hopes hopes) and goes back to the gallery stuff,wich is the main thing X3
Still have old 2010 pics that was meant to be posted...yeah around when that year was hip X3
And even older stuff (2007-2008-2009 like) I scanned on 2011 or so..hmm

So thats all for now ^^

2012 27 May - One Art-Trade pic posted
Life floats on,still missing Aaron,but we know life goes on and things been
flowing it's own pace,sure we will allways have him in our mind and heart,
but I am glad the worst is over! and From now on,I hope to mention him less,not to sound respectless,
But I do know how repetive it can be to bring up a departed ones name over and over,
even if the passing been for a while or so.

On a happier note - I am still doing art as crazy - coloring/drawing,
even leaving less time for gaming for me X3
I did make an Art Trade with another here on DA,
but I didn't post my part as I was waiting for :iconsaveblacksheep: part to be done,
hopefuly I can show him how the outcome became - is nervouse -
(because I don't feel like my part became the best,but then again,I got to know recently he was done with his,so I know it will be a surpise for me too  - I just don't know if he is going to post it on DA,but I do think it will * XD
I know that my part probably will..

But as said - In the middle of the waiting I was able to do another one,
and finaly could post it up ^^

:iconindiliel: kindly made this for me: Twin Laptuz - Art Trade for Norngirl by Indiliel
in return of my part for her: ::ArtTrade-Fynn The Zora:: by norngirl

And that was even her first time on a ArtTrade,first time on my twins,and first time on anima..ah no not realy,
animals she just haven't done so often XD
But yes - the other thing was true :giggle:

So yeah - her Cool Zora Chara Fynn for my Twin characters (no fanmade,species and character belong to me)

So this surely was a nice thing to do to not also think of the sad stuff,
and that I thought it could be nice to do an art trade again..

More art is in the work,and I try to finish more as I can,
I just feel bad,again to be repetive - putting lots of pics on hold..

Not sure what will be posted next...only time will tell - looks at scrap pile -
ah yes,that surely need to be posted too T_T'

2012 12 May - :floating: Honour pic for Aaron is now done :floating:
Things been peacefull since the day Aaron passed away and
I wrote about it the last time here in my news section,
tears been waving from little to a lot, alltought I think Im feeling better now..

I been working a lot on this,and finaly it is done!
The honour pic for my cat Aaron!

::2012-A Aaron HonourPic -I Am Free:: by norngirl

It took a while,but not too long at least ^^;
You can click on the thumbnail to veiw the real deal and read the discreption !

Now Im gonna work on some other things,I feel at least acomplished
after doing this pic + that it ended up somewhat I had in mind!

Well,was all I wanted to say for now..

2012 7 may - Good bye,my beloved one... :cry:
Today is a sad day for me,because my beloved cat,Aaron,died today :cries:
He was my beloved one,and oldest - he was the one growing up with me and
so he was very close to me (usuly liked to be where I was and he was like a plushy when
I did go to bed,he allways come to me to sleep next to me, as well
he allways meowed "bless you" when someone sneezed) ;__;
He also liked to take care of kittens,so most of our other cats been sort of raised by him -_-

I myself was around 10 years when I got Aaron as a kitten,
and back then,I was more a creature geek then I am now,
(I promise,it has reduced a lot compared to how I was..)
Most of you people may know me as allready as a creature freak and
having a obsession over the purple mountain norn breed (PMN) still to this day,
I was a lot more into it when I was a kid,and so
I named him after the starter male PMN (purple mountain norn)
with the same name,Aaron.

I have a memory that it was not long ago I had the PurpleMountain norns downloaded for
the first time for my creatures1 and imported the first baby couple pair,Aaron & Sandy,
and they became my new favs at first sight! so after a while I been clinging to those,
I had later got my kitty cat and decide he would have that name.

*anyone curious about the game that has no clue what am I talking about,here it is)…
*This is what purple mountain norn look like (someone recognize my own made animted avatar here?) *…

My cat Aaron wasn't  purple or white,nor was he blue eyed,
yet I thought the name did fit him (even if my mom and even my dad sometime,used to call him iron,
because thats the way they thought Aaron was pronounced.. >_>)

I only have one picture of him here:
Aaron,my 3nd cat by norngirl
Also thats not the best photo of him - Im not much for posting up photos on my DA gallery/Scraps,
but it has happend -_-'

He will be missed dearly and I been crying out my tears out for him allready the half day til now,
even Virginia is missing him (he been a father to her as well)
I even try to hold back my tears as I type.

So more tears will flood my eyes and thats just the start as days goes on without him..
I realy want to do a picture to his honour and to his memory,
I might be able to do it today (unless im too sad) and perhaps posting that up here...

To me,Aaron was not only a cat,he was my good friend, a sweet companion and,
as I usuly called him allways - My Guardian angel (dang now Im crying >_<')
and now,I know he will surely be my guardian angel for real when he now on the other side,
watching me over wherever I might be or go. :floating:
I thank him for the time he been with me and Im greatfull for that!:hug:

Now I just hope this days won't be even harder on me,that the other 2 will leave me too
(theyre old too,but none are in such a high old age that he was)

:floating: :heart: Rest in peace,Aaron,you never will be forgoten! :heart: :floating:

Sorry people,I just felt I had to type this out,as I can't hold it in myself..
I know it sound very sappy-like,but Im just typing this out of my heart and soul.
So Im sorry that this may not be news you people been expecting...

Sorry again for the long rant, I know you people may never feel the same sadness as I do right now ;__;

I don't have much to say,art goes slow (again) and I try realy to fling myself back to it whenever I stray off...
I been playing petz 5 a bit lately,and I might do more to try forget (so long I don't adopt some cute black cats reminding me of Aaron..heh)

I also may take more time now to respond as well,as it may be understandable,
yet I will try chek here from time to time when I can...

Thank you to anyone who been reading this far ...

2012 1 april - Arts In Scrap section + joined one new club!
I guess some people been pondering. when will she ever post anything?
Well - I actuly did - but many dosn't look into the scrap section,or
so I noticed at least XD

So yes - I been busy filling up my scrapbook corner of DA...and even more will come!
And if you know me - those art submited in scraps are NOT WIP (thats actuly rare times,
it's mostly pics - wich I find to be too old/weird/dosn't fit etc etc that goes there)

So if you curious what art I been submit - then just chek it out here:…
(unless you don't want to go to my page,click on gallery,click on scraps...)

Im happy at least to be able to post up some art then nothing!

Also I joined a new club,wich is still very new as well, a club for JC fans
(Jade cocoon)´- awesome game,I tell ya - both the first and sequal..only the first offered more mixing)


Not much else to say - Im still trying to finish of more art (I prefer to color a bunch before submitting)
so there might be more delay from me with posting ^^'

2012 8 Mars - Sis pics finaly removed from the site & more art updates
Wow, been long time since I updated a journal so,tightly O.o'

Well wanted to say that my sis pics got finaly hers removed from that site I talked about on the
early news I had...just contact them and that was no prob at all,
was a very kind guy too!

But still,that dosn't matter other artist artwork is gone from there -_-'

well I can't save the whole world,but perhaps some people might stumble upon my news and
if they do find it annoying that theyre artwork got uploaded (and perhaps even edited) by someone else
without theyre permittion (and probably isn't planning to give either) - just have to chek my
news underneath for the details.... so yeah ^^;

But I am glad it was at least solved for mah sis :iconrutogirl: :hug:
Glad I could be to some help :D

Okay okay,now that rant is all I guess I do some more updates
Well yes..I know I been repetive
about "is going to post soon" or well plainly "Lots of pics need to be colored" yadda yadda T_T'

I realy IS trying my best here,to finish of as much as possible,and to be honest -
Most of my pics are colored,just saving them to last...

and as days gone I been drawing and scanning more,of course!
so That also prolongs it cos I want my fav pics to be last submited,so I have to color
everything else that is to be submited pretty much soon...

I also managed to get a bunch of scrap materials,so to speak..
As I said before, I been trying to sort them out  - what is scrap and what is
not of some of my older stuff,and so far - Im trying to take them
first,so you might see some scrap stuff  a lot ...heh ^^;
And yes-  a lot of them are old...2007 up to 2010...but even some that are even older then that,
wich Im not sure when they where made,but I have my guesses...
1999( at least one I think is THAT old) but yes,2000 or so...hmmm yeah O.o'

Also,as allways,I will write in comment discreption wich is old and wich is not XD
So yes,thats all what I wanted to say ^^;

*hmm wonder if anyone still read my news,eh ;P *

2012 7 Mars - preparing and Eew horrible site!
Well I just wanted to say Im preparing coloring all my scrap material art,
they range from maybe older but some are 2007,2011,2010...
So yes - both strange old ones and some bit better ones will be shown up there ^^'
That is becuase I been sorting out some new scanned,yet old pics that
had to go "this is scrap" and "this is NOT scrap material"  X_X'

And to something that been bothering me a lot T_T'
you see - it started way back when I googled after some ruto pic refs,
and so I came across my sister pics :iconrutogirl: ,wich of course she draw a lot ruto (hence the name Rutogirl afterall)
,but something was not right - it wasn't the DA url...I had a go and what I saw disgusted me and my sis was also not very happy....

Someone had upload 2 of her pics of ruto on a site that is just for adult materials (namely porn)!

As you know - nor me or my sis draw such materials,in fact we hate it and would never do such pics,nor would
we support such a site - our art shall stay here on DA and no where else!

My sister got very upset,of course!
and I tried my best to find how to help her out with this dilemma...

Back then we wanted to report it,but couldn't,
also later I also tried to search after that site again and couldn't find it after a while I kinda gave up,hoped the site gone down..and not until now when I was cleaning my
desktop I found a document with the link inside (wrote it down so I could find it easy and report it if ever - but I forgot I even had it noted it down ^^; )  and I had a look - same horrible site - yet now with even more pics..
1 more of my sisters and along with some other various artist non porn innoncent pics in there >_<

So I just wanna spread the word,anyone recognize the artist work of the pics not fitting the bill in that site,
should let them know - cos I know,that site is hard to find,and many like to add other work there without them knowing (like my sis)
Heck - My sis said she even saw some pics she recognized that had cloth that someone edited those pics to make them look dirty >_>'

I dunno if any of my art is there as well,IF there is...then I am gonna say one word or many >-<'

note: now we just cheked the zora section cos thats how I found my sis pics,but
         who knows? maybe more is hidding in this horrible site......yuck!

Now the problem is...Am I able to put the link here ?
I don't want DA to bann/kick me out just because of this horrible link!
I want to actuly post the link for a good reason,not to support it >_>...

I have to know if it's safe to post the link up before doing so...

I just thought that other that may be againts having theyre art posted up on such site without knowledge or
perhaps dosn't at all like theyre pictures to be mixed in with something that dosn't have to do at all with them,
or simply theyre art might been edited...

In the meantime I can only post up the links of my sis art (that was uploaded by someone) as that is safe,
showing just her pics (thank godness they didn't edit hers)………

We tried to report it now,hopefuly it will be down!
As said before - this site is weird as it is for adult stuff - but suddenly they just throw in non adult material in it ..
It's just blargh! >-<

Saw that? okay - you will recognize them from her gallery:…

also the last is a old pic of hers seen here:

from that it may look innoncent but from the original site searh,I promise you,it is not >_<!

For now,I can't post up the direct link,unless someone say's its okay of course O.o;

Why must pervo mix in us non pervs into such T_T'
as art stealing and upload wasn't enough...a perv site...ooooh great >.<'

2012 14 Jan - Vanishing and re-appearing
First of all - Late Happy Xmas and Happy new year to you all!
Xmas great,New year not so great for me,but meh ^^'
I at least hope you guys had it good!

And Yes I am Finaly back,after a half years vanishing..
Much been happening - both bad and good things and that mainly belong to RealLife that allways will be there..
I also wasn't able to be much at all on computers, not til I got mah win Xp
*wich Im now on :hug:'s it - you may be old,but I still Love ya* , wich Im able to do my stuff Im used to -
sprite,artwork in general etc..

One of the bad things was my MSN was hacked with a nasty Bot,It's fixed now,but yeah - many apologizes to everyone who encountered the "Bot me" >_<'

Also DA put me on hold for a bit longer time too,as I had issues when I upgraded my web browser to the newer explorer 8..
and after a long replies from a nice and helpful guy from the Help Desk,
I finaly got the answer was Google Chrome was my little solution on this prob,so's working!

Edit: I also joined a new club on DA -Pixie fan club, just to fill in more the empty space here in my journal *shrugs* that and Pixies from MR is awesome ^.^

So hopefuly I will be back for real with new submitted art - I haven't neglected it,Drawing has allways been part of my life,and will never leave me,not even when I feel so blue that I hardly can manage to draw anything,so yeah,it gonna stay with me.
What on earth would I be on DA for then?! XD

There will be new art around,I just struggle on with my picky little order list -
what pics I shall submit first,wich has to wait ti llater etc blah blah blah...
And as you know,I never can say when Im able to post it up...

But you guys heard this before,haven't ya? ^^;
Hope you are able to bear with >_>

Anyhow..I haven't been able to keep everything as DA messed up,but hopefuly I was able to comment back to most X_x'
But Im glad to get the message center a bit cleaned up...heh

Also I might add that I also got to play Zelda SkywardSword too!
I must say the hype over that game with so much spoiler like commercial and
all...I must say it dosn't realy add up to it..

i still had a blast playing the game,but the plot and the repetiveness of going back to only 3 locations *along with Skyloft,the city itself* didn't feel much Zelda-like to me...
Also I don't belive in that timeline people talks about all the time,just cos of the hyrule history book...

meh anyhow - There so much I could go on rant about it,I maybe do in a future pic or something >: D
Anyhow, I still at least have my fav chara there,Ghirahim :love:
But hey,I allready said I liked him since I saw the clip,hence the pic of him I made that is in my scrap section :giggle:
and I actuly got a second fav char along when I played - Groose,no realy who can't think he is cool? X3

So yes,this means I maybe will post up some Ghirahim stuff, cos thats what I been drawing quite a while
*and no,no blast dang "debbie,gay or fab"  words from me >_>
He never came out gay to me, so no I don't support that,same goes for the weird link and demise pairing up with him...eeew >_<
Sorry just had to say it - Im so dang tired of hearing that everywhere ya look..

So..I might also try my hand on some other stuff from SS too,and well my other randomness...
I guess thats all for now that crosses my mind...

Meh,I just wanted to say in general I am back and not dead,thats all ^^;
  • Listening to: Various music I like ^.^
  • Reading: Read when I can...
  • Watching: My pile of scraps ;_; Mama Mia..thats a lot!
  • Playing: Petz 5 (when I can) plays C2 and betat test my tox
  • Eating: Vegeterian stuff ^.^ Yummy soyaprotein burger *O*
  • Drinking: Water mostly - tasty! (with some lemon sometime)