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::Scaler Chimerum::

By norngirl
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About the Game Scaler,go here:

This is a pic that took me Ages X___X'
This was a pic requested by my sister, :iconrutogirl:
She wanted me to draw scaler,and this time - I did go all out on the challenge to
draw a scene from ingame - background everything,yes!

I had my Ps2 Scaler game on,while I drawed this,parking him somewhere in the first level - Chimerum,
and so I started to draw the outline of the entire area - only Scaler's pose was sort of random,inspired of when he stand like that when you use his invisible ability and the animals was added there,as those 2 different animals is in different places of that level.

Im unsure if I might started the outline 2010..
Later on,I had to color it,and decide digital was the best.

I didn't have any refs to see the colors,so I had to go in and out of the room where I had the game on.
I only had some blurry pics that wasn't usable taken by my old cellphone,and that was ditched,so I had to walk forth and back when drawing >_<'
Later I tried run my ps2 Scaler game on a Ps2 emu on my sis laptop,and it worked!
So I started to prntscreen like mad to have good refs,wishing I could done that allready when I drawed the pic *sigh*
Therefor I know this pic is just 99% accurate - I know I messed up the green/pink little flying thing X_X'
But everything else should be right!

The coloring took me 13 jan to 17 sep 2011 (!)
I never take so long to color something :faint: so it was a long time for me to finish this ^^'

The final result...back then,I think I felt sort of it payed off,but now..I feel I could done it better -
But Im NOT going to re-do this Again! X_X' I know the mountain cliffs was hard to get right..
Oh and yes - Im aware there is white edges of the pic,I did that with purpose X3

There is a small Gift pic I made of this also for my sis,found here:[link]

This must be my true background pics I have very few of!
Im glad my sister did like this anyway,and that's important, as she requested it! :aww:

Scaler belong to it's creator ^^
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© 2013 - 2020 norngirl
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Genie-DragonStudent Traditional Artist
It was an Interesting game, wasn't it?
WereCatGirl's avatar
WereCatGirlHobbyist Traditional Artist
How great that someone besides me knows this game! It's beautiful.
norngirl's avatar
Thank you so much :hug:
yes indeed,Scaler is a great but quite a hiden gem of a game.
Thats why I want to support it with more art,I allready done some :D

btwn: I also noticed other fandoms you have that I like as well and draw some of ^^
PercyJaxton's avatar
Oh my god the nostalgia!!!! I loved this game on the GameCub!!!! thank you!!!!!
Rutogirl's avatar
Rutogirl General Artist
my beautiful request *0*
Its such a lovely Pic Indeed!
:heart: Scaler need alot of love ^^
More pics of him needs!
I love this pic its soo cool and awsome :D
Thanks alot sis! I adore it Alot!
norngirl's avatar
Sure does - I want to draw more of the various forms,
and maybe more of scaler himself,of course XD
thanks a lt - and my,it killed me X_X'
Took FOREVER to make it ^^;
still,glad ya like it :D
Rutogirl's avatar
Rutogirl General Artist
Of course~ ^^
CyanZack's avatar
CyanZackHobbyist Digital Artist
That's a real nice BG you've made o3o
norngirl's avatar
thanks s o much ^^
it's from ingame area Chimerum - dang this took forever X_X'
Indiliel's avatar
That's a time range that I will need to finish a pic :XD: However I think it was worth the effort! It looks really neat. I don't know the game though it looks nice and cute.
Those little animals thingies are really adorable :nod:
I also like the background with the fantasy world setting. I would love to explore a word liek that in real life :aww:
norngirl's avatar
Why thank you : D
Oh XD For me it's at least 1-3 hours max,rare is days,and even rarer weeks X_X'
But then again - you do big pictures with lots of details with natural backgrounds like that,so it's
fully understandable :D

Oh it is,it's a cool game,and I do belive I been telling you about it sometime before perhaps ;P
it's old but it exist for pS2 and GC (I myself have only PS2 version)
I think you might like it,it got many interessting areas with all kind of flora and fauna ^^
I just wish that person didn't take away it's great musicvideo clip of Scaler,
it realy showed things what to exppect of the game -sob-
Maybe I can find a better clip to show you at some point...
Oh and same here - it just brimm with so much life,glowing stuff and strange stuff *o*
Indiliel's avatar
I don't know. I think you did not show me this one, but I am pretty bad with names :ashamed:
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