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About Deviant Artist Michaela..Just call me MichyFemale/Sweden Groups :iconmr-domain: MR-Domain
The Monster Rancher Domain
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::Cute Anime Norn:: by norngirl ::Cute Anime Norn:: :iconnorngirl:norngirl 0 3 ::PixieTeen-EnjoyingTheNiceWeather 2016-2018:: by norngirl ::PixieTeen-EnjoyingTheNiceWeather 2016-2018:: :iconnorngirl:norngirl 2 4
Artwork shown here shall not be judged - I do varied styles and colorations.
The only thing I may not do is realistic artworks.
::DASign-ScrapsArtToo-Norngirls-Only:: by norngirl…
::DASign-FluffM_NoPermission-Norngirls-Only:: by norngirl ::DASign-LongearM_NoStealing-Norngirls-Only:: by norngirl


Note to people who is about to press the devwatch button:
Would Appreciate if You left me a Comment here
of Why and the very reason you add me,Before you do,Thanks!
Check My Dev ID text for reason why! 
-Thank you!-
::DASign-FluffM_NoPermission-Norngirls-Only:: by norngirl ::DASign-LongearM_NoStealing-Norngirls-Only:: by norngirl
::DASign-ForestM_NoFavs_PlzTellMe-Norngirls-Only:: by norngirl ::DASign-ForestF_NoLLAMAS_Zzz-Norngirls-Only:: by norngirl ::DASign-CommentPlzAbout-Norngirls-Only:: by norngirl
Please note: Do NOT use my personal NornSigns/Icons - They where made for myself,thanks! Also same goes for faving them! 
Thank you for youre understanding! -Norngirl-


Michaela..Just call me Michy
::DASign-NorngirlMEMichyPMN-Norngirls-Only:: by norngirl
:bulletwhite:-had many people adding me just for no reason or art theft,thanks! -:bulletwhite:

:bulletpurple: - If you want to Devwatch me, leave a comment your'e
reasons & why instead of just add me!
NOTE: Would appreciate if at least you have:
¤We have things in common/same interessts
¤Have similar art style/level

*This is because among the one that just add to increase theyre pageviews & art
theft, I had too many people adding me because they claim to like my art but
didn't care about saying anything I posted up,more than fav & run Spamm!*

:bulletpink: Would be kind if you stopped by and gave me meaningfull comments/feedback
on my art to help me improve and do more art! :thanks:

:bulletorange: Llamas and/or Fav Spamm/Fav&Run will be ignored !
Would appreciate comments on my artwork instead of Fav&Runs!
NOTE: Short comments like "Cute" Aww" "Nice" "Cool" does not count!

:bulletblack: - My art is NOT for anyone to repost outside my DA page,nor may you
claim it as yourse or base/take parts of my characters/creations etc
for making your'e own character/creation!
If anything inspired you,please credit me in your'e discreption,Thanks!

-Norngirl -
-Heterosexual -

Known as Norngirl (Michy otherwise) - Drawing myself as a Purple Mountain Norn
from the Creatures games as my avatar here on the net.
Love drawing ever since I was a kid.
Specialy animals and fantasy stuff (I am NOT a Furry!) but I draw varied stuff too.
Disney &Don Bluth,80-90's Cartoons & Anime along with Videogames inspire,but
my own creation have no insperation source - it all come to my mind,very few is inspired of something,and if they are - I allways give proper credit and tell.
I like to draw most cartoon & anime,but I also like to try on semi-realism sometime
Love cute,bright,colorful things!

I draw with mouse, Not tablet when I do my digital artwork and
traditional drawing I just use my trusty pencil,eraser,color pencils&markers and paper.

I mainly draw for fun and because I love it,even thought I know it is not perfect,
but as long it is fun ,I enjoy to draw. Is self taught,so that also do tell a lot why im not doing it perfect,but perhaps looking allright most of the time - I still keep trying!

¤ I am allways open for Art Trades Open Stamp by xMandaChanStampsx & I just consider to do Point CM open stamp by Ali-zarina!
-Stamps NOT made by me,credit goes to the creators of this lovely stamps!

- Norngirl aka Michy -
::DASign-NorngirlSMALLSign-Norngirls-Only:: by norngirl
::DASign-ChocoNornEndLine-Norngirls-Only:: by norngirl
-My Creature Creature site -
Norngirlsite Button - FORMEONLY- by norngirl Visit by click the link underneath! :
  ::DASign-NorngirlMEMichyPMN-Norngirls-Only:: by norngirl: - "Hi! This is my Art -Progress section!
 You can also check out my News & Art Trade& Commission for DAPoints Journals Here ":
:writersblock:For my news,go here:writersblock: Norngirls' Main News Corner!
:floating: Interessted in Art Trades&Commissions for DA Points ? or want to see my Art Progress? :floating:
Go to ArtTrade -Requests Here :::Norngirl's Art Trade Rules!:: 
Go to Art Progress Here:WIP - Norngirl's Art Progress

4 Oct 2017 - Another small update  - Doing Commisions for Points!


:writersblock:For Art Trade Rules &Commision DAPoints,go Here :writersblock:  :Everything About AT N' Commisssion For DA-Points:ALL ABOUT ART!

This journal is now updated 2017-2018 (was former my ArtTrade only journal made in Feb 7, 2013, 3:18:40 PM)
I been thinking a lot,but now I decide to change things up now!

This is where you read about  my "Do & Don'ts" in term of what I draw.
As well now I am not limiting to Art Trades,but I am up for doing Commission  for DA points.
(formely was request for DA points,but it seem to lean toward commision afterall)
I won't do anymore Collages (I Still have my last to do with my sis)

INDEX - all rule section listed:

 Art Trades
 Commisions for DA points
In General - both for Art Trade & Commisions 
  I DO NOT draw & I DO dra


Art Progress!

This is where I have my Art Progress shown!
As you may notice - ArtTrade and News have theyre own sections!

Chek often here as I update it often with the progress of the Arts Im posting up!
Read my News if you want whats going on and Read Art Trade if you are interessted to do one with me :aww:


ART PROGRESS IN GENERAL:  medium sign PMN PEN by norngirl

This is my Main Art Posting List

In progress:

*Making Zora Chara Cards....Started with Sis Request..


Tabunne/Audino & Lunamon - Im doing Tabunne/Audino,sis :iconrutogirl: is going to do Lunamon - digital style 8 D
(I am still waiting for my sis to work on this with me - Last Collab On Hold ! 

* Some personal digital art I started but have not finished...>_<' 

(Old pics from 2007/2008 and 2010-2012...Is On Hold....-sigh- )

Commisions:  :smallpenPMN:: by norngirl



ART TRADES ON-GOING SO FAR: :smallpenPMN:: by norngirl


Conserning People doing Art Trade with me:
This is where  I have done my art trade part but
the other person still haven't done theyre part in months or more without leting me know
(this has happend me very rarely,thought)

Status: None


::Chibi Norngirl Request:: by Rutogirl :::CrystalSplit Chibi Request:: by Rutogirl
:heart: Big thankyou goes to my sis doing this two dollies for me:heart:
  :hug: Sister Stamp by HappyStamp :iconrutogirl: :hug:

::DASign-ChocoNornEndLine-Norngirls-Only:: by norngirl
Please note: Do NOT use my personal NornSigns/Icons - They where made for myself,thanks!


  • Listening to: VariousMusic *o*Dance,trance,gamemusic-Ya name it!
  • Reading: Nothing,it's all about art&gaming
  • Watching: My pile of scraps n art ;_; Mama Mia..thats a lot!
  • Playing: Sims2 UC ^.^
  • Eating: various...
  • Drinking: Mostly water


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