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Normalcy28-Familiar Activities by NormalcyStudios Normalcy28-Familiar Activities by NormalcyStudios
The only technical aspect worth talking about is my poor attempt at video game capturing in my panels. I pretty much went with cel shading on the Megaman panel, but the Smash Brothers panel still looks weird to me. Also, yes, for those of you who watch my other account, it's yet another drawing involving Pikmin. Actually, it was using Olimar in Smash Brothers that got me interested in buying the Gamecube games, both of which I now own.

So, immediately after drawing a strip about how I'm not having any human contact at all, I draw one about spending an entire day with people. Admittedly it was not the original plan. I was just expecting a lunch with Ryan, then we got CJ to come along, and wound up at Ryan's place. What did we do when we were all together, you ask? Electronic entertainment, of course. We began with Smash Brothers ad nauseam, then took turns attempting to defeat bosses in Megaman X3. Despite finding three of the four energy packs, we failed every time.

Eventually, I wound up playing alone while the other two watched, grew frustrated with X3 and moved on to X4. To prove my gaming chops I went through and cleared the first four robot masters, picked up the secret goodies in each of their levels and even defeated that annoying mandatory mid-boss of the game after defeating four masters. By then it was past midnight.

P.S. If you can recognize the stage in the Megaman panel, you get an internet cookie.

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KingDoopliss Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2009
And it was the best Sunday i've had all summer....actually It might just have been the best Sunday all year(thus far).

I'm guessing since i was there i can't get the cookie :P
NormalcyStudios Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2009
Sadly, no. I can't give you the internet cookie. However, I can give you an internet muffin as consolation.

Here you go :iconmuffinplz:.
KingDoopliss Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2009
Good enough for me. *eats the muffin*
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