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Normalcy-31:Comparatively Fit by NormalcyStudios Normalcy-31:Comparatively Fit by NormalcyStudios
Actually, the terribly flimsy excuse for my lateness on this strip is tangentially related to the content of the strip. You know how people do yoga to strengthen the core muscles of the trunk? Well, I now have a prescription of sorts to get on that. A bit more on it in the strip I 'm planning to upload tomorrow, but suffice it to say I have entered into physical therapy for an existing and non-debilitative back issue. So, having an exercise menu didn't mesh with my natural propensity to procrastinate. In any case, I am sorry and plan to make it up to you guys double quick.

As for this whole Wii Fit thing. I'm liking it for the mild exercise it allows in the comfort of my air conditioned house, but I'm not liking the body tests quite yet. Let it be known that I am not thirty, nor am I thirty-three, or even twenty-seven, all of which I have been judged as, athletically speaking. The addition of "you're much weaker than you should be" is also quite disheartening. Oh well. I'll have to keep at it now anyway, and perhaps I can improve my "score" in the process.

Also, as for the strip's blatantly product-centric content, I offer that it was either this idea or reminiscing on the argument I had with myself while mowing the lawn.

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extraphotos Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2010
oh yea lots pain wii fit it dosent make you fit it does brill ballance creature made mistak bmi
zeivin Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
I have the exact same issue with that Wii Fit... sometimes I just want to throw it against the wall. Especially when my brother has dominated the soccer balance game to the point of if you miss two then you're not on the board. And sadly, my mom has done the same with the hula hoops, if you can't get past 300 in the next 10 seconds, or can't get all 5 hoops going, then don't even bother. haha ah well, gives me a goal I guess?

But yes, once again you pull it off so well mimicking the Wii Fit very well in it's cute playful way before delivering the bad news... :XD:
NormalcyStudios Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2010
Good to know I'm not alone. Glad I could keep the verisimilitude of the game. It lent itself to the style I've been using for Normalcy.
Richarmeleon Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2009
I know how you feel. Wii Fit didn't like me at first either. However, I got a better Wii Fit age than my 8 year old brother. He had 3 years older than me.
NormalcyStudios Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2009
That's an intriguing achievement, and a troubling sign for your little brother. How's it liking you now?
Richarmeleon Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2009
He had a lot of balance and "stand on the right part of the board" issues.

I haven't touched it in a long time.
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August 8, 2009
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