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Normalcy-30:Parting Visitation by NormalcyStudios Normalcy-30:Parting Visitation by NormalcyStudios
Why is this strip late, you may ask? Well, mostly it's due to my falling asleep Friday night before I finished inking it, that and my general lack of motivation feed into a vicious cycle some days, and in a lesser sense, Harry Potter. That's right, a fictional character, who it had been decided we would be seeing the film of on Saturday. That is to say, when I awoke I was given food and ushered quickly from there on to the movie theatre. In any case, it was a good movie. A downer though. Well, that was expected seeing as I'd read the books. So, under that poor excuse we come to now. Once again, better luck on Tuesday lets hope.

So, my second real day in D.C. was once again filled with sightseeing, although this was mildly hampered by the damage done to my and my mother's feet from the previous day. You see, since coming home I've been rather sedentary, and she the same, so all the walking the previous day remained. As if our stamina was lowered, a status effect if you will pardon the digital jargon. In any case we went through quite a few areas of the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, whose contents I cannot adequately express within thirty panels much less one, although after a certain point I just stopped absorbing any of the information.

From there we hiked to end our day and our stay at the Lincoln Memorial, which is just as picturesque as you'd think, and were greeted by a spectacular view while exiting. I tried my best to capture it, but even the photo I used to reference the sky can't quite do it justice. Although, I'd like to point out that the sky there is not a photo, but all toning with the brush.

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Richarmeleon Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2009
The Harry Potter stuff kinda died after book 5 for me. The books 6 and 7 were awkward and too different. The movies just... those actors are like 15 years older than the kids they play.
NormalcyStudios Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2009
It does make the attempts at simulating pubescent awkwardness even a bit more awkward. Admittedly, I do agree that the acting down of their age does make it more forced.
Richarmeleon Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2009
It's almost as awkward as this:

Let G1 and G2 be two Eulerian graphs with no vertex in common. Let v1 Є V(G1) and v2 Є V(G2). Let G be the graph obtained from G1 U G2 by adding the edge v1v2. What can be said about G?

Note: for the sake of correctness, "Є" is not the correct symbol, it is just the closest to what is in the book.
NormalcyStudios Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2009
I will assume that makes quite an awkward graph, and or shape as the case may be. As an art student, I have not had to enter into the world of discrete mathematics, and instead halted my learning firmly in the end of calculus, most of which I have at this point forgotten. So, I'll take your word for it.
Richarmeleon Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2009
I'm not even sure what the answer to that problem was. It's been a year since I had that class.
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August 1, 2009
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