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May 8, 2004
Angel Maya:Final by ~norli is quite frankly one of the most stunning works of art I've seen on DA. Your eyes will hungrily lap up the feast of burnt browns as they dance across a lineart of exquisite design and detail.
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Angel Maya:Final

:pissedoff: Screw TNB for making my whole house blackout out of nowhere!!!4 hours of work for the bg down the drain!!!!!:backstab: < ---feels like doing this to them.

Due to this the bg looks a little messy....i kinda lost my mood after the blackout. T___T But still, i promised my sis i'll give this pic to her whether i like it or not....i have to finish with this. This is my first try on making clouds and sky.....(O__O i think it was quite hard since my mouse is a little unstable) yeah,i know it looks funny.

EDIT: I forgot to mention about the situation of the pic =P( has a bad memory). Maya is in the sky and standing on an energy sort of ball(this ball attracts lost soul since it is the key to Karunan).

PLEASE FULL VIEW to view details.

This is the finished version of Angel Maya.I know the human figure and lighting is a little off but i did this whole thing(drawing and coloring) without my glasses(i went to buy a new pair today...:cries: RM 200 gone!!) so bare with me.

Angel Maya is for my sister's "The Angelic Wars" rp(I am doing all her character designing... T__T for owing her 50 bucks).This character was supposed to be one of the 3 guild leaders. She has been at war with Angel Hias [link] for a few years. The words on her wings are supposed to be some sort of hint to open a particular gate to the Karunan world(something like a ghost world). She's not a pure angel(she's a mix of angel and fairies) which made her position as a guild leader a little unstable due to hatred from some of the guild members and leaders.

Lineart:[link] 3 hours with felt tip pens.

Coloring: photoshop 6 and my trusty mouse....7 mad hours!!!!(minus the blackout work)
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© 2004 - 2021 norli
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ChiouRin's avatar
So damn beatiful!!
Syphixious's avatar
...some one gave me a print of this for my birthday (I think 2 years ago) xD I have this up on my wall in my bed room. This is an amazing picture.
scouring-rush's avatar
Wow, I love her design so much ! ^3^
request-commission's avatar
Hello! I am wondering if I can use this in a video I'm making? The video is going to be about angels, warriors, angel warriors, mages, witches, girls/boys with guns and/or swords and more. So, it's mostly going to be about fantasy stuff. I will make sure you are added to the credits list for your art at the end of the video and that you get a link to the video with your art in it. The songs that will be on the video is:

We Are Who We Are- By: Kesha
Blow Me Away- By: Breaking Benjamin
Naturally- By: Selena Gomez
Bet On It- By: Zac Efron (High School Musical 2)
I'm Alive- By: Celine Dion
Moves Like Jagger- By: Maroon 5 Feat. Christina Aguilera
Disgusting- By: Kesha

WARNING: There might be 2-3 parts.

So, may I use this piece of art in my video?
alesiunea's avatar
the wings are so nice >//<
Etheamos's avatar
alyannalouise's avatar
oooh, she looks more like a fairy to me.. but a very fantastiffical one! hihi.. nice job! :)
F43ri3Fate's avatar
Personally, I love the wings, the coloring, and the fine details. But, the body is a bit undesirable. It's not the long torso, but the long arms and hands. Still, such a wonderful job.
MelonCupcake's avatar
It's true that the upper body is a little long, but it's nothing that would ruin the whole pic^^
If you hadn't said it I probably wouldn't have noticed at all
I love the wings and her gloves - they look almost a little steam-punky:D
Shadowsister's avatar
geese, at least it got a DD despite the blackout... It's most definately deserving of a DD
Purplespottedgir's avatar
I loved it!
Maybe you should try to draw an angel.
Just an suggestion.:D
CoronVirsin's avatar
awesome. love the wings
EMReven's avatar
Amazing costume, I totally love the patterns and the words and the shapes, everything!
dragonssilver's avatar
The details in the wings and the clothing make this picture truly beautiful, also I like the fluid position you have her standing in. The whole thing feels quite real and elegant, despite the fact that she seems to be floating on an energy ball.
D-SEEER's avatar
I like her wing and your color
RebelsofAlasdair's avatar
awesome!! this is a beautiful pic.
EllirianaRei's avatar
OneWingedAngelsGirl's avatar
I know i've been faving your stuff like crazy today, but i had to tell you, i found this picture a long time ago on either photobucket or yahoo images a long long long long long time ago and loved it. I could never find the source, (you) until just this moment. I want you to know i love all of your work and think you are a wonderful artist. ^^ just wanted you to know i've (techniquily) been a fan of yours for quite a while. ttfn!
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