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October 23, 2005
How To Make A Digital Painting by ~Norke is a wonderful tutorail which guides you through the makings of a very lovely digital painting. Take these tips to heart, they're the corner stones of technique for any hopeful digital painter!
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How To Make A Digital Painting

I hope this helps a few people. I loved making one!

Tags: Tutorial, Digital, Howto, Photoshop, Wacom

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This is a very detailed and amazing tutorial, which can help even the least skilled of us to create a n amazing piece of art. although results may vary, due to previous practice and natural skill, most finished pieces of art work will be amazing. on a personal note from me, i went past my own expectations for what i did. if you do not have a special attachment that allows you to use a stylus on your computer, i do not suggest that you use a computer. sketching with a pencil, i find, gives it a much more natural and fuller feel to the picture. In conclusion, this tutorial is the best one i have ever read to draw something like this.
Thanks so much for this tutorial! I do wish I could have seen the finishing touches done to the pond and the tavern door, because the detail you put into those both was amazing. Lovely work, and clear explanations. Thank you!
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do this on paper or a painting app and if app which is best to use?
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Can someone teach mew how to start making a drawing? I'm new here, I've always wanted to do this, and now I finally can I guess :P!
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Will this picture easily stretch without distorting or is that only vector imagines?

I'm curious how size works in painting. I skill on a small pad is that the only size I can work with, or will it stretch to any size I want?
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Hi DaClabe,

Digital painting is pixel based. In that case: more pixels = more room for details.
I recommend painting on a canvas 300dpi and at least 5000px wide.

Scaling down is always possible, but scaling up causes interpolation and makes the work look blurry.
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Thank you for the tutorial! I am a beginner and have been looking for things such as this. :)
Your painting is amazing by the way! ;) (Wink) 
but really how?
where do you really explain this!?!
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Great tutorial! Thanks for posting!
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You Ser, are amazing :) thank you for sharing your knowledge and skills :) I shall learn from this tutorial!
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man this is gonna take long ass time to read
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yep. i just skimmed thru it. what i read was rly helpful
Kittykatcrumbs80193's avatar
im lonely and i need a friend :(
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That's ok, you shouldn't bother. Wouldn't want to waste time.
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Whoever could read the tutorial is like a robot.
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I don't understand. What do you mean?
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I figured it out, never mind
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never mind, I figured out how to read it.
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Very helpful, thank you.
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Thanks so much!  I am not of this technical  I am old!  And I am obsessed with digital painting. It is all pretty much not connecting right now but I am gonna keep studying and trying to learn!  Again thanks for sharing you knowledge!
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God... I can't afford a digitizer.
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awesome process and great explanation for anyone.  
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