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Mimi Nezumi

By norinoko
It... is finally done!! My first (very short) visual novel! It was supposed to take a few months to make, but instead it took more than a year to complete because I kept putting it aside and took forever to continue working on it orz. It didn't help that I'm not experienced in drawing backgrounds.

You can download the game here… (MediaFire) or here… (4shared)
(Contains Windows, Mac, and Linux versions)

In this short VN, you play as Mimi, a little mouse who decided to venture out of her nest in the ceiling of a house and explore the place. There are decisions that you have to make which would determine the outcome of Mimi's short adventure. There are 6 endings in total.

Feel free to suggest any improvements that I could make for future games that I might (or might not) be making. Also, if there are any issues or bugs with the Windows or Linux versions of this game, please inform me so that I may fix them. Have fun~

Created using Ren'Py:
Credits/sources are in the game.

[UPDATE: Ver. 1.4 now has music in the main menu and credits. Also added another download link, in case one does not work.]

[UPDATE Jan 2020: The 4shared link is no longer working, but do let me know in the comments if you have trouble downloading the game.]
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Hi! Do you give me permission to translate Mimi Nezumi? And to publish the patch in Spanish in my blog?~ 
norinoko's avatar
Hi there! Yes, you can translate Mimi Nezumi, and yeah, you can publish the patch in your blog as long as you also provide a link back to this page (or the Ren'Py game page at…). 8D
SnuChan24's avatar
Of course! Thanks <3
frankiegirl9397's avatar
Which One Is Better? XD Sorry Just Asking .:sorry bunny:.
norinoko's avatar
Oh, are you talking about the links to download the game? Just choose whichever works for you. 8D
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I just wanted to say I just got done playing this and it was adorably precious! Thank you for sharing this with us!
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Thank you for playing, and you're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it. 8D
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I played this game a few times (I had to try all the different options) and I just want to let you know I loved it!!!! The art was precious and really charming, the music was fitting for the atmosphere, and I just really liked Mimi. I got so scared whenever she was injured!!! I thought all the bad endings were quite funny though, omg, I laughed REALLY hard whenever she got thrown from a window with the wilhelm scream, I actually rewound the game to show it to my sister because I was laughing so hard. I really had fun with everything.

I ALSO loved how the main menu image changed to reflect the endings you'd gotten!!! I exclaimed "OH NO" when I saw the image of the cat walking away from Mimi's discarded ribbon......... Oh no...... The presentation of everything was just really good. Thank you so much for making this adorable game!
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Awww, you're welcome! And thank you so much! ;w; I'm glad you enjoyed the game with all the different options and endings.

(I would also go "Oh no!" if I saw something similar to the bad ending of Tama with Mimi's discarded ribbon. Poor Mimi XD;; )
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wow such a nice novel, didn't expected from VN at all. respekto! &thank a good job
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Thank you~ Glad you liked it. 8D
ForsakenChld's avatar
This was just so adorable!! I loved it, and I love Mimi. So cute. <3 You did fantastic~ and I love when Mimi goes flying out the window xD
I have to say I also enjoyed the different title screens with the different endings. Great job~!
norinoko's avatar
Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! XD
shadree's avatar
This game is so awesome! It's like a children's visual novel. Even though I'm not a kid anymore, this is one of my fav VNs so far.
I too enjoyed the different title screens. I hope one day when I make a VN it'll be half as good as this one.
norinoko's avatar
Aww, thank you~ Glad you enjoyed it. :D

I can't think of anything inspiring to say... uhh... Good luck on your visual novel, when you do make one! 8D
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awww first game i actually enjoy enough to look through the credits and go back to the artist\writer to thank XD
so, THANK YOU :hug: it was really cute and funny xD
norinoko's avatar
Aww, you're welcome and thank you so much. ;w;
sheridanvn's avatar
This is seriously adorable. I really enjoyed it.
norinoko's avatar
Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it. 8D
CassieThomas's avatar
That was adorable! And hilarious! I love the sound effect when Mimi goes out the window =P
norinoko's avatar
Haha, thanks! XD
Those parts were my favourite. XD
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Do you have another link?

I mean, can I download this anywhere else than mediafire?
norinoko's avatar
Sorry, I've only uploaded it on Mediafire. D8
I could try to upload it at another site, but what site would be good for you?
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