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i think the ship is weird but them as bro's is chill asf 
Hi there! Can you add our art piece:  Puking Rick :D by ArtistiqueDuo
RickMorty shipper here just to say you've got an impressively respectful policy and I appreciate it. Keep doing what you're doing. 
Thank you for the idea of making this group. Seeing this ship shipped in a nonplatonic way makes me sick too, so thank you.
Thank you for requesting my art!  :) 
Bless this group, also it's not a hate group which is good it's just making sure its clean so ppl don't have to deal with the ship art, which i guess i can put up with to a degree but c-137 shippers tend to cross a whole lot of lines and boundaries, so thank you for this group to filthier that out from the fan art!