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Warriors soulmates



EDIT: Fixed some typo's and added Honey/Poppy x Berry! I love IloveherSisterkit xD The idea just RAMMED my head thanks to ~toonlink32!

And I ship Tigerpaw x Thistleclaw now! Agree? /Edit


Spoiler!!!! For like all books xD

My entry for :iconxwarrior-catsx: contest: make fun of warriors.
Ever noticed that all the beautiful she-cats died in a very unique and tragical way?? Spottedleaf , Silverstream, Feathertail, Snowfur?
And ugh, they are all related to each other.. One big family yay...

Well this little strip shows some parallels between some important chaaracters. It's sad that you won't understand the joke if you haven't read Bluestar's Prophecy! xD
The kits in the last panel do not exist, they just show the offsprings of Tigerpaw's "relationship" :evillaugh:

Download for full size

sketched with pencil, quick and weird coloring in Photoshop...


Comment if you liked or/and lol'd (xD)
PS: ALL baby kits have blue eyes!

My other warriors fan art: [link]
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[SPOILERS] I thought in Spottedleaf's Heart Thistleclaw tried to like-- flirt with Spottedpaw after the death of Snowfur which is pretty messed up since 1. Spottedpaw was a medicine cat apprentice [or a normal one before med app I don't remember] and 2. He already had a son and then he goes to flirt off with someone he shouldn't be flirting with in the first place and SpottedPAW was an apprentice like seriously dude? If Spottedpaw/leaf didn't reject him then who knows what would've happened. 0_0