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Element warrior cats P.4

By NoreyDragon
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Finally!! I got new ideas to make a part 4 of my elemental tribal cats series!

Starsight: Stars and Wind

- Joy and Balance -
She belongs to :iconstarsightsw2007: and ONLY SHE is allowed to use it!

Sunnyflower: Sun
- Grace and Energy -
Her flame-colored pelt is covered with burning and glowing suns. In the sun it seems to shine as bright as the brightest light.

Unnamed cat: Moon
- Secrets and Invisiblity -
The cat's black pelt melts into the night's darkness. Only the white or silver half moons shine in the moonlight. They make the cat visible for some moments - a single shade gleaming in the forest.


Starsight belongs to *starsightsw2007
Sunnyflower belongs to ~NoreyDragon

If you want to, I will draw YOUR cat oc in this style. I can also combine the elements if your cat is a half-blood. They cost 20 :points:

More element cats coming soon so watch out!

See the other element warrior cats here:
Part 1: Water, Wind, Fire
Part 2: Darkness, Clouds, Shadow
Part 3: Stars, Ice, Mist
Part 4: Stars/Wind, Sun, Moon
Part 5: Rabbits, Tree, Geometrical
Part 6: Blazing Fire, Wave, Music
:spotlight-left::spotlight-left: [link] :spotlight-right::spotlight-right:

Elemental Eeveelutions: [link]

Drawn with a black fineliner

Any suggestions? Share them with me below! And which one's your favourite? I'd love to know! Mine is still Ice from Part 3.
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Wow, this is amazing!!
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This is fabulous! :D
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Thanks so much!
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Those line arts look pretty amazing and bold, you did a lovely job mate :)

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Thank you so much yay :love:
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Can I use it as a tatto design?
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Sorry for late reply! I'd prefer it if you actually commissioned me to do a custom design for you, becuase these are not free to use
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oh my......Osjodhofhofh I just been hit by art!So beautifull :D
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Well what to excpet from the great norey?
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This is aswesome! <3 I wish I could make something even close to this awesome
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