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Here I return with another savage ♥ This time is inspired by a flower, Bluestar. 

Soon I'll make a raffle -winkwonk- What kind of adoptable would you like? Another wild one? A demon? Tell me in the comments and I'll keep that in mind! I would like to know what kind of characters you like best ^^

Thank you for your kind comments and for bidding. ♥ 

And remember, my commissions are open -winkwonk-

New New  Commission Info! New New 

Music Listening to:… Music  


OWNER :iconc-r-i-m-son:
♦ Minimum increment: $ 2

New New ADOPT EXTRA! Sleeping beauty~ New New…

♦ AutoBuy AB: $ 130  New   New  $ 90 with EXTRA ♥  New   New  

♦ Bid comment:…

♣ R U L E S ♣

-This bishie will be until someone does autobuy him or when 48h have passed since the las bid.
-To make a bid, you just have to leave a comment with your amount clearly replying the comment I'll leave --> "BID HERE". If someone has already bidded and you also want to bid, please, reply to HIS/HER comment, so as that person knows that s/he's outbided. I won't read notes! (Anyway, I'll try to announce new bids in the description, but I also need to sleep! xD).
-Once you have won the adopt, you have to make the payment in less than 24 hours. If you don't do that, I'll give the adoptable to the person who made a lower bid than you.
-Pay me through Paypal ONLY when I've put your name as the winner in this description. I'll send you a note to know your PayPal address and send you a invoice.

♣ C O N T E N T ♣

FULL HD picture with background without watermark.
FULL HD picture  without bg.
FULL HD EXTRA picture with AB

-You can use him for everything as long as give credit, excluding commercial use.
-Feel free to change the design, customize your bishie as you wish as long as the design would be recognizable :heart: 
-You're NOT allowed to resell any of my adoptables D:
-Do not trace my work, please ;_;


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I just wanted to show you my lil skect dump I made of him to practice drawing him a bit : (offsite link, sorry bout that!)…
Noreth-Adopts's avatar
It says that doesn't exist D;
moonnberryy's avatar
awe what rip

I uploaded it to imgur if that works
Noreth-Adopts's avatar
AWWW He looks amazing! That long hair *_*
moonnberryy's avatar
I tried lmao

his hair was tough!
Myriv's avatar
Beautiful hair! Good luck! c:
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Erina06's avatar
Wow he looks so freaking amazing I love how he looks ^_^
Noreth-Adopts's avatar
TY! I really enjoy doing this type of boys AHAHHA
Noreth-Adopts's avatar
Noreth-Adopts's avatar
CONGRATS! You win! ♡ I will send you a note ^^
moonnberryy's avatar
awesome! I'll either need your paypal, or you can invoice me, either way works!
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