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Norembridge - Chapter 08 - 01

By Norembridge
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                                                    -= Norembridge - Chapter 08 - 01=-

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Norembridge - Chapter 08 - 1

Welcome one and all to my anthropomorphic comic of potential psychological horrors and quirky antics.

    -=Reflection Concerning this page=-

 We return! joining a familiar trio of ladies as they gather about a television set. Curiously two of the three notice an odd behavior pattern within their third cohort. Now what could this mean? An answer to unfold in due time. But for now. I invite you to have a look for yourself as we start.

For those who desire to read on in full color. You can visit my webcomic's main homepage right over here:

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((And this is a ballpark estimation) My posting schedule usually follows the rhythm of 2 weeks of posting 1 week of rest. Give or take depending on circumstances but ideally that is what I try shoot for when releasing pages.)

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Hope all's well and a good rest was achieved.

Also Just out of curiosity, what was the rabbit girl's "condition" again?

Seems to make others a tad nervous.

(sorry i had to edit it due to character confusion)

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Heya Oyster. Good to hear from you again =3! Also Bonnie has Bipolarism I believe. Her outburst can be quite volatile.

Oysterking45's avatar

Oh, THAT sort of thing. Understandable. It can make things rather awkward, social-wise.

MrRemoraman's avatar

Nice to see you back! Enjoying these dark corners that you create

Norembridge's avatar

It's wonderful to hear from ya Mr.Remora! And thank you so much.