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My Little Browser: Firefox

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upd. I fixed link, guys. Enjoy your new Firefox icon and go to say thanks to ~Ion-Death :3

And thank you all. I'm so sorry, that I can't answer to all your comments. But! Good news, everypony! Later I'll post more art with Firepony. Hope, it's better.

My Little Browser: Internet is Magic
Mozilla Firefox

Or better Ponyzilla Firehoof? Maaaadnesss...
Ok. It's Firepony.

Second one. She is so sly! But still cute.

Was hard to draw this, but fire ponies looks so charming, so it was also a pleasure.

Icons for Windows and Mac there (big thanks to ~Ion-Death):
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Mozilla Ponyta

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I absolutely love her! My Firefox has now been ponifyed!

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OddSquadAgentTrinityStudent Artist
Awesome 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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CumuloSpark27Hobbyist Digital Artist
d'aw so cute
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RandomansionStudent Artist
this made me die
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SonataBlazeHobbyist Digital Artist
HEY! do ya know Vivaldi as a browser? :3
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Mmmh... Any plan for a 'Palemoon' icon ? Firefox's reliable cousin ?
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FireFox has been my browser back-up when Explorer up and dies. (And Explorer dies more often than dish TV during a thunderstorm)
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AliceandTailsHobbyist Digital Artist
kindle is so cute!! I love her sooooo much!!
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CaoilinofirelandHobbyist General Artist
oh she so coot.
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ShifgtyTheDingoDudeHobbyist Digital Artist
I think someone is taking your work ---->…
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alex200297Hobbyist General Artist
I did not freking steel it
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ShinyHunterFangStudent Artist
Yes you did.
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alex200297Hobbyist General Artist
i drew the same type
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SoccerGirl244Student Digital Artist
No, you stole it..
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mlploveryay123Hobbyist Artist
no he/she didnt
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yeah, he/she did...
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mlploveryay123Hobbyist Artist
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not even a basic, sub-par inhuman reply?
is that what i get for taking sides in an argument that's hardly worth my time, let alone that of anyone else?
and here i thought people on DA had a speck of decency to share between them...
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mlploveryay123Hobbyist Artist
What do you expect from an 8 year old
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my sister's ten and she acts at least twice your age...
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