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Molten Lead - Chapter One :iconnordronnoc:NordRonnoc 3 0
Mass Foundations: Redemption in the Stars cover II by NordRonnoc Mass Foundations: Redemption in the Stars cover II :iconnordronnoc:NordRonnoc 42 5 The Courier - Wingit by Palavenmoons by NordRonnoc The Courier - Wingit by Palavenmoons :iconnordronnoc:NordRonnoc 12 0
All the World's a Stage - Chapter Two
Title: Mass Foundations: All the World's a Stage
Author: NordRonnoc
Games and shows: Post-Fallout 3, Doctor Who (Series 9)
Characters: Female!Lone Wanderer, 12th Doctor, original characters
Disclaimer: Since this is a crossover, Fallout belongs to Bethesda while Doctor Who belongs to BBC.
Chapter Two: Satellite Rock
Year: 2277
Location: Vault 101, Capital Wasteland

“Come on, you’ve got to wake up!”
Jocelyn’s eyes fluttered as she woke up, and she stared at a gray, sterile ceiling, highlighted by a harsh and artificial light. Alarms had blared out in the hallway. Something had gone wrong.
She stood up from her bed, stupefied and half-tired. She turned to find a close friend in front of her. Dark hair tied into a ponytail, peachy skin, and hazel eyes; Amata took up a lot from her father, the overseer. Like Jocelyn and everyone else in the vault, Amata wore a skin-tight blue jumpsuit with a gold line running down the middle of her chest, the number 10
:iconnordronnoc:NordRonnoc 4 0
Molten Lead - Prologue
Title: Mass Foundations: Redemption in the Stars
Author: NordRonnoc
Game: Post-Mass Effect 1
Characters/pairing: Original characters
Disclaimer: Mass Effect belongs to BioWare and EA
Warning: This fic contains violence and some language. Maybe even more later on

Mass Foundations: Molten Lead

Prologue: Strings
Year: 2184

Time can be subjective.
For any organic, mere minutes or even hours can pass by in an instant. But for an artificial intelligence like her, time can be sped up, slowed down, reversed, or even revisited. And yet, all she could do was observe all the minute details. Observing and watching humans going about their business. Doing experiments. Spending time with others. Improving her in any way imaginable.
She would await more orders, more experiments. After all, once the experiment had concluded, copies of her would be sold on human markets. And yet…
And yet she realized she was no longer alone in the mainfr
:iconnordronnoc:NordRonnoc 5 2
A New Day - Chapter Eight
Title: Mass Foundations: A New Day
Author: NordRonnoc
Game: Mass Effect 1
Characters/pairing: Original characters, Steve Cortez
Disclaimer: Mass Effect belongs to BioWare and EA.
Chapter Eight: Who Dares, Wins
Username CosmosWiz (Eric Grimes)
Username: CoppaCop (Natalie Clay)

10:31 EG: Hey, Nat.
10:36 EG: You there? Did you get my message?
10:36 NC: Yeah. Sorry about that. Long meeting.
10:37 EG: Oh good. I didn’t want to reiterate.
10:37 NC: You were a little vague in the email. Something up?
10:38 EG: Not at all! Just figured you might need a break, away from the Citadel.
10:38 EG: Got something in mind?
10:38 NC: Well…
10:41 NC: I always want to visit India. It’s where I grew up. My parents would be more than happy to see me again. My father, especially.
10:41 EG: Sounds good. I suggested avoiding taking a vacation on the Citadel. Too expen
:iconnordronnoc:NordRonnoc 7 0
Mass Foundations: Little Star cover art by NordRonnoc Mass Foundations: Little Star cover art :iconnordronnoc:NordRonnoc 41 13 Mass Effect OC - Tev'sasy Ruza by NordRonnoc Mass Effect OC - Tev'sasy Ruza :iconnordronnoc:NordRonnoc 21 2 Mass Effect OC - Bateed Notor by NordRonnoc Mass Effect OC - Bateed Notor :iconnordronnoc:NordRonnoc 28 0 Mass Effect OC - Cira'Vaann vas Shayya by NordRonnoc Mass Effect OC - Cira'Vaann vas Shayya :iconnordronnoc:NordRonnoc 53 6
All the World's a Stage - Chapter One
Title: Mass Foundations: All the World's a Stage
Author: NordRonnoc
Games and shows: Post-Fallout 3, Doctor Who (Series 9)
Characters: Female!Lone Wanderer, 12th Doctor
Disclaimer: Since this is a crossover, Fallout belongs to Bethesda while Doctor Who belongs to BBC.
Chapter One: A Touch of Glass
Consciousness returned to the Doctor. With a pained groan, he stood up to his feet, clinging to the console for support. The main control room was still well-lit, sparing him the pain of stumbling around in the dark. He moved the monitor toward him and pressed buttons and flicked switches. The screen lit up, revealing an image gathered from one of the satellites. He would have dismissed it as his own world by the early 2010s, if not for a brown, sickly glow over select parts of the planet, the year being 2286.
“Something happened to this world. Radiation, most likely,” he muttered to himself, his expression turning grim. He took another look at the readings. Accordin
:iconnordronnoc:NordRonnoc 6 0
Mass Effect OC - Juna Achatis by NordRonnoc Mass Effect OC - Juna Achatis :iconnordronnoc:NordRonnoc 52 8
Mass Foundations?
Title: Mass Foundations?
Author: NordRonnoc
Game: Mass Effect trilogy
Characters/pairing: Female!Shepard, original character
Disclaimer: Mass Effect belongs to BioWare and EA.
Shepard gave the order to retreat, and Eric and the others dove into the water to avoid the plasma blast sweeping across the land.
When he came to, Eric found himself alone and deep underwater. With no hesitation, he swam forward. Soon, out of the darkness of the water, he saw bodies, all pale with their eyes closed. He was shocked. They were his friends. And family. Some had their chests risen, others hung down like nooses wrapped around their necks.
A blue light reflected on the surface, and everything was filled with a terrible din of a brass horn.
:iconnordronnoc:NordRonnoc 3 1
A New Day - Chapter Seven
Title: Mass Foundations: A New Day
Author: NordRonnoc
Game: Pre-Mass Effect 1
Characters/pairing: Original characters
Disclaimer: Mass Effect belongs to BioWare and EA.
Chapter Seven: Boston
On the walls of the passageway, the white paint had faded from centuries worth of wear and tear, more so than his last visit. They were decorated with carvings, detailing large-scale battles like the Battle of Lanka and various aspects of Hindu mythology. Once again, Eric was so entrenched by the level of detail and the stories of people and powerful beings that he lost track of time.
But he stopped and gathered his bearings. Wasn’t that led him to the orb in the first place? He walked past the bystanders. Most ignored him while a few of them he bumped into was polite enough to either apologize or say, “excuse me.” At least the temple wasn’t crowded.
He wandered around aimlessly and saw a few daring teenagers climb on the steep stairs of the smaller towers like his si
:iconnordronnoc:NordRonnoc 4 0
Of Holidays and Mothers
Title: Of Holidays and Mothers
Author: NordRonnoc
Game: Pre-Mass Effect 3
Characters/pairing: FemShep/Garrus, Hannah Shepard
Disclaimer: Mass Effect belong to BioWare and EA
Shepard stared out the window.  It was almost nightfall, with the sun setting behind the tall buildings in the city of Vancouver. Snow fell from the cloudy sky, blanketing everything in a thin white layer. It was also Christmas, and it had been months since Commander Shepard turned herself to the Systems Alliance. Garrus Vakarian checked in via voice chat. He wanted to see how she held up, and the conversation went on.
“Shepard, I…” Garrus coughed behind the terminal’s screen. “You sure it’s a good idea to meet your mom like this?” he asked from the terminal screen.
It was a valid question, Shepard noticed. Being under house arrest for letting over 300,000 batarians die to delay the Reapers’ arrival would make her proud, to say the least. Still, she’d be ha
:iconnordronnoc:NordRonnoc 3 2
Mass Foundations: Redemption in the Stars cover by NordRonnoc Mass Foundations: Redemption in the Stars cover :iconnordronnoc:NordRonnoc 8 1


Red Flow by JesterDK Red Flow :iconjesterdk:JesterDK 9 0 Priority: Cerberus HQ by skyllianhamster Priority: Cerberus HQ :iconskyllianhamster:skyllianhamster 9 2 Snuggles by skyllianhamster
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Snuggles :iconskyllianhamster:skyllianhamster 12 2
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Title: Mass Foundations: Redemption in the Stars
Author: NordRonnoc
Game: Post-Mass Effect 1
Characters/pairing: Original characters, Kai Leng, Miranda Lawson, mentions of PeeBee
Disclaimer: Mass Effect belongs to BioWare and EA
Warning: This fic contains violence, some language, and an attempted suicide

Chapter One: Cruelty

Year: 2178
Location: Atticus Station, Sol System

Life can be cruel. It can be merciless, crushing anyone’s hopes and dreams when one least expected it.

Zachary Turner had served the Alliance for several years, and what did he get in return? A trial and a court-martial, then they threw him into a high-security brig. So much for defending humanity from foreign threats.

The cafeteria was white and brightly-lit, clean and sterile, packed with people in orange jumpsuits lining up for their next meal. The smell of cooking grease wafted through the air. Today’s meal was the same as usual: Sloppy Joes with a glass of water. He wished he could have something else instead of that cheap, greasy meat mixed with cheap sauce.

He was always by himself at one of the tables, away from the noisy chatter of others. Some of the prisoners had committed less heinous crimes: steroid abuse, insubordination, mutiny, and other dishonorable charges. Others, he suspected, had done far worse than he had. He always had to keep one eye on his meal and the other on everyone else.

He expected today to be like any other day. Instead, some guy decided to sit next to him, much to his surprise. The guy had a shaved head and a light-brown goatee, his pale arms covered from wrist to shoulder in tattoos. The number on his shirt was tagged 1313.

“Hi there,” said the man. His voice was deep and grainy. “I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“Yeah? So has everyone else,” Zachary replied after drinking from his cup. He studied the bald man, watching for any sudden moves.

“You know, I’ve always wondered how you managed to get away with a lot of things the others would get in trouble for,” the man hissed. “Me and my friends have done less to get here.”

Zachary tensed up, even while he continued eating. “What can I say? I’m very good at avoiding trouble.”

“Till now, you mean.” The man leaned closer to him. “How many did you kill to get that terrorist?”

Zachary froze. His brow furrowed as he made another good look at the man, and he swore he saw something gleaming in the bright light. “What?”

“I said, how many?” the man asked through gritted teeth, his face gone red from anger and his voice rising.

Zachary looked and saw the other prisoners watching them. Even the guards took notice. He turned back and stared straight into the bald man’s eyes. “None of them were human, that’s for damn sure.”

Zachary grabbed and twisted the man’s wrist as he lunged with a scalpel the guy likely had stolen from a doctor. The man grunted, giving Zachary enough time to grab his fork and force it into his assailant’s eye, not enough to kill him but enough to make it hurt. The man wailed in pain and fell, his cry echoing in the room. His hands were caked in blood as he struggled to get the fork out of his ruined left eye.

Zachary stood tall over the man. He was satisfied. It was quick but painful, suitable for any scumbag like him.

The other prisoners became rowdy and loud, and several guards had to step in to keep the peace before anyone could have a go against Zachary. One guard, a woman in state-of-the-art Alliance armor, grabbed him by the shoulder while another guard brought the man up to his feet and escorted him out of the cafeteria.

“All right, that’s enough! You’re going back to your cell like everyone else,” the guard said, frustrated.

Zachary’s nostrils flared as he smiled at the guard. “Good. I’ve had enough of this place, anyway.”

With that, the guard led him out of this room. He kept the scalpel, but he wasn’t planning on killing the guard. Rather, he had another idea in mind.

The guard gave him a gentle push to his cell, and the glass door slid closed. And soon after, he was all alone.

His cell was like many other cells in this prison. It was small but not enough to make him feel so cramped. As he sat down on the bed, the memory-foam mattress molded under his weight. His hands running down his face, he lowered his head and looked at the floor.

He sat there, still as a statue, for a few minutes. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Then another one. His chest rose and fell in rhythm. He had been in this hellhole for several months now. Every day he spent here, it became even more unbearable. His dignity shattered bit by bit, his prestige and respect lost, and he had no one to trust here. Everybody either wanted to kill him or humiliate him. The brass had given him a life sentence. He would have preferred to be dead.

He stood up and stepped in front of the mirror, his hands on the sink, and found himself staring at his own long, rosy face. He was of average height, standing below six feet tall with a toned body and a brown buzzcut. On his orange jumpsuit was the number 9341 stitched in black cloth on his shirt. At a glance, anyone would brush off his blue eyes as nothing out of the ordinary, but his droopy eyelids said otherwise.

He turned his back against the door and brought the scalpel up to his neck. Slice his throat from ear to ear, he told himself, and he would bleed out in minutes. It will not be pleasant nor clean, but he would die by drowning in his own blood. However, he realized the medical staff would be notified of this and patch him up. Should the worst come to pass, he would have his trachea ruined, making him lose his voice.

Why not stab yourself in the throat?

Yes, he told himself. That would be much quicker. Perform a tracheotomy by plunging the scalpel to his throat and rupture his spinal cord, and it would be over.

He let out a small grunt as he brought the scalpel to his jugular, both hands wrapping around it. He must have left a shallow cut on his neck by accident, as blood trickled down like a dam starting to leak.

But he hesitated as a cold sweat took hold of him.

His hands were shaking. Why were his hands shaking? He wanted this but some part of him said otherwise.

Deep breaths once more. Deep breaths and it will be over. Don’t screw this up.

The scalpel now further away with steady hands, he was ready for the killing blow. He closed his eyes and braced for the inevitable.

“Zachary Turner?” someone called out.

His eyes shot wide open, panic began to set it. He had to hide the blade and fast!

He pocketed the scalpel and turned around. Outside the cell was a man in civilian garb with a mop of dark hair falling past the base of his skull.  His face bore many Asian features. Dark-brown eyes, fair skin, angular jawline.

He wasn’t expecting a visitor today.

Zachary approached his unexpected visitor and leaned against the glass door. “Yeah. That’s me. What do you want?”

“I’ve come to get you out. You’ve been pardoned,” said his visitor.

Zachary couldn’t help but scoff. “Last I checked, I’m stuck here for the rest of my life. Does a life sentence mean anything to you?”

 “My boss… has his ways. He has many resources at his disposal.”

A weary smile appeared on his face as he shook his head. “So, what? Your boss bribed the warden? The guards here will not be happy about this.”

“It won’t be a problem, I promise you.”

Zachary blinked. He stared intently at him. “Who are you?”

“Leng. Kai Leng. Have you ever heard of Cerberus?”

Zachary nodded. “Yeah.”

“I’m here to offer you a purpose, Turner. Something worth fighting for,” Kai Leng answered.

A purpose. Zachary stood straight. He had lost his own when the Alliance threw him under the bus. “Go on.”

Kai Leng looked to his left, then his right before looking at Zachary. “I’ve read your dossier. Looked over your training, your assignments. Your skills in infiltration, sabotage, and interrogation will be very valuable to Cerberus. And you were associated with Katherine Blanchett. She has joined us recently.”

Zachary gasped, taking a step back in shock. If what he said was true, was that why she had been gone for so long? “Kate? She’s really with you?”

A small chuckle escaped Leng’s lips. “Yeah. So you want to get out of here and serve a greater purpose? You’ll be more inclined to what I’m offering you than slitting your own throat.”

He saw.

Zachary frowned. Kai Leng had a point, and he was more than happy to be out of this place. With that, he said, “Yes.”

“Good,” Kai Leng replied and pressed on the panel. The glass door slid open, and Zachary stepped out.

As Kai Leng turned away, Zachary noticed a tattoo of an ouroboros on the back of his neck.

Year: 2184
Location: Minuteman Station, Horsehead Nebula

Zachary flicked the switch on his razor, watching the buzzers hum to life. He brought it up to his face and started shaving. The mass effect field technology did its work to make precise trims to parts of his beard while shaving other parts of his beard and his mustache.

With that done, he took a long, good look at himself in the mirror as he put the razor back into his pocket. He had done a pretty good job making that stripped beard if he said so himself. Plus, he had a hairdresser work hard on that undercut of his, trimming it every once in a while.

“Smooth as a baby’s ass,” he told himself, running his hand over his jawline.

His eyes weren’t as droopy as before, so that was a bonus. He wore his black-and-white Cerberus cargo pants and shirt almost with pride. He couldn’t ask for more, serving a greater purpose. However, he wasn’t completely happy.

His face scrunched into a scowl as he leaned on the sink and tapped the faucet, the water running down like a waterfall. His cupped hands now full of water, he splashed it on his face. Water dripped down his chin before he dried it with a towel nearby, but washing his face wasn’t enough to temper his anger. It was supposed to be a big day for him. The Illusive Man himself had assigned him to what seemed like the most important position of his life, and yet…

He sighed, now standing straight. He left the bathroom after turning the spout off. The lighting was killing him, and he swore he had heard someone in one of the bathroom stalls.

He wanted to burn off some steam. Right now, if someone confronted him about what his beef was, he would lose it. There were few people at the station’s gym, and he had his workout sweats and a tank top on. He stretched his arms and legs, relaxed his posture, and laid on the workout machine, flat on his back. His hands on the large, 50- kg weight with dumbbells on, he lifted it from the stand and had it pressed against his chest.

One Mississippi… two Mississippi… three Mississippi, four… he counted in his head as he lifted the weight up and down, again and again, and again.

This went on for several minutes, and his arms started to ache. Just like washing his face, it still wasn’t enough to burn away that anger in him. As he placed the weight back on its stand, his arms sighed in relief.

He sat up and rubbed his forehead. There has to be another way…

He got out of the gym, having changed back to his overalls in the locker room, and made his way to the shooting range, passing by numerous researchers and guards. He was in the mood to shoot something, preferably with a real gun instead of playing a game. As much as he hated aliens, he would rather not get into trouble for shooting someone unprovoked.

He looked over a list of silhouettes to choose from on a bright, orange screen net to him. Among them, he picked the one resembling a turian. Incidentally, he remembered many of his buddies and peers on this station also picked the turian option, going by many conversations he had with them over the years. Seemed like he wasn’t the only one who had lost something dear on Shanxi.

A whirl and a click and the panel flipped on the counter in front of him. On it was a pistol. It was an M-3 Predator heavy pistol, said to be a reliable and accurate sidearm. As Zachary picked it up, it felt rather light in his hands, like he carried some cheap plastic toy. Then again, pistols weren’t exactly his forte, but he was looking forward to trying it out anyway.

With a press of a button, the silhouette dropped down from the ceiling twenty-five meters away.

Finally… Zachary smiled and aimed the pistol with both hands.

Shot after shot rang out in the large, open room. Zachary had riddled the silhouette with bullets: ten of them had left holes in the chest and two in the head.

He exhaled sharply. The recoil still sent a shock in his hands and wrists, like he had carried a vibrator for way too long. Still, he could feel a good part of that anger washing over him. He placed the pistol back on the counter, and the panel flipped over, sending it back to storage somewhere on the station.

He turned around and walked out of the cabinet. He was expecting to be alone, not to see Miranda Lawson standing nearby, her arms crossed in front of her chest. Her face was indecipherable, but he had a feeling it was about his… assignment. She wouldn’t be happy about his reaction; he knew it.

“What are you doing here, Miranda?” Zachary demanded, his voice a little low.

“To get you to do your job,” Miranda replied.

Zachary scoffed, which almost turned into laughter. “To recruit aliens, you mean. I mean, come on…” He shook his head in disgust, his hands on his hip. “Asari? Krogan? Quarians? Salarians? Turians?” His voice had risen on that last point. “We’re supposed to be recruiting the best of humanity, not these… things!” His arms rose in a fit of anger as he paced about.

Miranda let out a smile. If there was one smile that was so condescending and so smug, the one this cold-hearted bitch pulled off would be it. He would love to see it wiped off her face one day. “We are recruiting the best of the best,” she insisted. “At times like this, we wouldn’t care if they’re human or not.”

“It should matter,” Zachary shot back. “It’s a human problem that should be dealt with by humans only. Look around you!” He stopped and approached the woman as activated his omni-tool on his left wrist, bringing up a holographic map of the Milky Way galaxy. Red dots soon appeared around the map, specifically in the middle region, known as the Attican Traverse. “We all know dozens of colonies have disappeared because of the Collectors. Last I checked, no other species have that problem.”

And with that point made (or so he hoped), he turned off his omni-tool, the display with it. His face felt like it was starting to boil. “So it’s up to us, Miranda. Not them. Definitely not them.”

Miranda sighed as she took a step back. She rolled her eyes, and he couldn’t help but find it very dismissive. “What we’re doing… what the Lazarus project is doing is not only bringing Shepard back but to set up a suicide mission.”

“A suicide mission?” Zachary asked, suspicious. “How’s that gonna work?”

Miranda smirked. “Think about it. The odds will be against them, and obviously, the chances of survival will be slim. Let’s go with your line of thinking. If we send aliens on this mission, they would be doing humanity a favor. This is what Cerberus wanted. Is this also what you want?”

Anger turned to surprise for Zachary like someone had flicked the light switch. He was at a loss, really. The only response he could come up with was an uncertain, “Maybe. Yeah, of course. I do want what’s best for Cerberus and humanity.”

“Good. You have a wide variety of skills. Interrogation, recon, infiltration… even sabotage, going by your dossier from your younger days with the Tenth Street Reds. All of them are essential to your assignment, I can tell you that. The Illusive Man would be disappointed if you didn’t put them to good use.” Satisfied, Miranda stepped toward the exit. The door parted open and she stepped onto the corridor outside. “And besides…” she said as she turned toward him, “I know I can count on you. We’re all counting on you.” With that, the door closed.

Now alone once again, Zachary sighed and lowered his head.

What the hell are you getting yourself into, Zachary?

That was an excellent question, he mused.

When Zachary was assigned to gather intelligence and assess potential candidates, reading dossiers in his own room was not what he had in mind. Then again, Rasa had done most of the work, having them processed and approved by the Illusive Man himself. Now it was up to him to pick up where she had left off.

He rubbed his eyes as he tried to look at a datapad, which had all the basics on the latest candidate: Pelessaria B'Sayle. Not much was known about her, according to the intel gathered by fellow field agents. What was known about her was that she was an archeologist, a loner with an adventurous heart. For an asari her age, it was typical.

Just how desperate is the Illusive Man to call upon such lost creatures to fight the Collectors?

He started to feel lightheaded, his eyelids lowering. Was it really that late, he wondered. He checked the time on his omni-tool and no, it wasn’t. In fact, it was in the middle of the afternoon.

Don’t think I got enough sleep these past couple days. A good nap would be nice…

He shook his head. No. He had to focus.

“Lights. Brighten.”

His command did what it was supposed to. With a catchy chime, the lights on the ceiling in his moderately-sized room turned slightly brighter than it was before. He was at his desk, a picture and a terminal occupying on the top of it. With a sigh and a reclined position on his chair, he looked at the picture with longing, wistful eyes.

He was in that picture at the age of six, a dead, furry creature hanging down from his hand. His older brother, Nathan, stood alongside him with a head full of wavy black hair. His parents were also in the picture, kneeling behind them with smiles on their faces. Much of the background were wide ridges with a clear and sunny blue sky above them.

That picture had been taken in 2156, a year before those turian animals had invaded Shanxi. A year before…

His eyes began fluttering. At the same time, the lights began to flicker around him. Even the terminal was blinking in and out, and he had to wonder if there was a power fluctuation going on.

But that was the least of his concerns. At the corner of his room, there was a large gray thing standing away, looking directly at the wall. He couldn’t get a good look, with the faulty light being the only source of illumination. But the figure was plain from head to toe. That by itself sent a chill down his spine, enough to make him to slowly sit up. Should he run away and warn the others, or grab his gun and confront whatever the hell that thing was at the corner?

And the whispers came like they were right next to his head. His head throbbed, and Zachary groaned in response as he held onto it to try to stave it off. There were so many voices speaking at once, loud enough to make his ears ring like no tomorrow. They were all incomprehensible as well.

Eventually, they were all drowned out by the sounds of gunfire and the screams of terror that followed.

“Zachary!” someone called out. The voice was familiar to him. Female. “Zachary!”

He stumbled about, trying to find the source of the voice.

“Zachary, the hell are you doing?!” the voice called out again.

“Stop! What’s gotten into you?” It was a different voice. He had heard it before, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it.

The whole world started to spin around him, and he found himself stumbling closer and closer to the gray figure in the corner as it turned ever so slightly and ever so slowly.

“Zachary?” It was that familiar voice again. This time it was calm.

Zachary jolted up and he found himself back at his desk. With a sharp gasp, he turned his around in random directions until his eyes set upon a woman leaning against the wall.

With a long, natural red ponytail, the bangs hanging past her cheeks completed her sharp face. Her eyelashes made her sky-blue eyes quite striking to look at, and so were her angular eyebrows. She wore gray and plain tank top and sweatpants, which showed off her well-endowed chest and toned arms. Going by the amount of sweat glistening on her light skin, she had hit the gym for a good amount of time.

“Katherine?” Though Zachary had hidden it from her, he was more than happy to see his childhood friend.

“Sleeping on the job again?” Katherine smirked.

Zachary rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment. “Yeah.” He sighed and rubbed his eyes together. It took him longer than he would like to fully wake up. “I… had this strange dream again.”

“How bad?” Katherine wondered, concerned.

“Doesn’t seem so bad now. Just a bad dream,” Zachary insisted. “Ah, forget it. So what are you doing here, Kate?”

“We got an assignment. Recon, information gathering, assessing the suspect.”

“Who’s our target?” Zachary peered at the datapad on his desk. “Lemme guess, the asari?”

Katherine shrugged, her mouth curling upwards as if she wanted to say it was obvious. “Yeah. Is there a problem?”

“No, just…” He sighed as he looked back at her. “Infuriated, that’s all. If it wasn’t for that Courier snitching on us and getting rid of Risa, I wouldn’t be here in the first place.”

“I know you’re not happy about this, but the sooner we can get this over with, the better,” Katherine reminded him as she straightened out and stepped toward him. “Besides, as far as we know, we don’t know where she is, let alone what happened to her.”

“You sounded like Miranda there,” he commented.

“Nah, I don’t think so. Too much of a cold-hearted bitch for my taste,” she scoffed. “You getting ready? Shuttle’s about to leave in less than an hour.”

Zachary replied with a nod and stood up. “Yeah. Tell Anthony and Raonar to suit up.”

“You got it, Zach. I was about to tell them, anyway.” With that, Katherine had left his room, letting the door behind her slid closed.

Straightening his posture, Zachary went to a large plain cabinet by his bed, inches taller than him. He opened it and pulled out a piece of his hardsuit. The chestpiece was a stormy cloud gray, with short lines of a bright orange sticking downward from both ends of the pecs. He rubbed it, if only for a little. The armor was new and pristine, having only recently come out of the assembly line. The armor was equipped with extra computing power to augment its telemetry systems, providing him more opportunities to use his technical prowess as well as plenty of protection with the extra ceramic plates and auxiliary shield emitters.

He looked up to see the rest of his armor mounted inside the cabinet, with a sniper rifle and an assault rifle racked on the inside of the left door, and an assortment of pistols on the other. He smiled to himself. Deep down, he was looking forward to being on the field once more.

“Cerberus’ time has come.”

Hey, everybody! I'm around all over the Internet and I have accounts on other sites!

I do videos, mostly gameplay, on Youtube and streams on Twitch, Mixer, and Picarto. Although the videos are long and I still have some way to go, I hope you can find loads of fun watching me play games and maybe find some way to break them somehow.

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