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Ubuntu 'Human' Cursors

By nordlicht
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No, it's not new. This is a set I've made at the End of 2007. It's the white Modification of Neutral Plus, a black set that you can find here:…

Update: this is the serious Version now.
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Thank you so very much!!!!

I can't see the installer..

How to install?

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Could your please make large size for Ubuntu 'Human' Cursors ?

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Guys has anyone found the "Handhelds" cursor pack available for windows?? The one with the red small cursors. PLEASE if someone knows where to find it provide me a link, ive been looking for days! Thanks
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the download isnt working... any help anybody? I really like this cursor and i would love to use it. ah nevermind I got it to work by disabling Adblock and right-clicking the download button and then clicking "open link in new tab" thanks great cursor mate.
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It works for me. Firefox, adblocks, noscript, firewall, greasemonkey and other "swiss internet army knife tools" active (but configured to work with Deviantart) and I'm logged in. No issues and I am able to download the cursors. The only issue is that I'm using windoze 10 and the cursors are not working well with it.
By the way - microsoft turned everything around blocking configurability and forcing its new solutions just like ubuntu with unity. But you can still change the mouse cursors within mouse applet (run "control /name Microsoft.Mouse")
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I have no idea whether you would be reading this or not but if you do, I have a request.
These cursors without a doubt, are too good and my default cursor scheme at the moment but I'd like you to make a similar one without the 'shadows'. Don't know about others but the shadow makes the cursor movement 'feel' a bit heavier. :-/

If you do make it, I'd really really be grateful to you. Thanks :)
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I'm with him, I'll still use them, mind you, but this seems logical. Windows has it's own shadows anyway.
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after years still my first choice to customize windows cursors
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Whoa, beautiful. Thanks a lot!
Thank you! I really enjoy the ubuntu interface
how can i download it

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Just a guess: try the download-button. ;)
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Thank you, this is great when Windows 7 has become my secondary operating system.
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This will go great with my windows 7 machine matching my laptop with ubuntu 12.04 on it.
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