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Ooh, such a rockstar ,-D


I suck. Only thing I ever post is new devIDs... But I'm going to change that I PROMISE! I'll get back into art soon enough... I miss it.

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Vart har du kö;pt halsbandet?:)
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Fan det kommer jag inte ihåg... :/
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nene:( grymt snyggt iallfall xD
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actually you look like jesus in this pic.
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Wow... You know what Jesus looks like? Impressive ;)

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i've met him, so yeah i know what he looks like. hihihihi.
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Rockstar? You know, you look far more like you could have been Aragorn in LOTR in that picture ;)
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Huhu! Thanks! (I guess) :)
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O.O ooooh *fangirl squeal* Yeah.. um if you came to the U.S., you would have SO many women after you... *cough cough COME HERE cough cough* ^^' or "groupies" if you wish. o.o pwease? :heart: Tu'kae
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Haha! I wish! ;)
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I hope the rockstar thingie don't reaches levels like Jon Davis of Korn ;D heh.

Well at least it's cool to know you still come here :D
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*whees and rubs gaz-stubble*

it looks so damn green where you are.. well fucking duh. its europe i suppose
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Hehe, yeah... This is what Sweden looks like. Green lands and red houses. :)
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one day when i come to sweden ill see if thats true ;)

here its more... brown lands and red mountains.. depending on where you go of course.
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hehe, du ser cool och arg ut! det är bra när man är rockstjärna :)
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Nice, robert. = D

You and the guys rock hard, and we still wait for that new, hi-res Retail Redeemer pictures. ;D
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