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On stage, Oulu, Finland, December 2010.
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dose gloves doe, epic.
heminder's avatar
i can't help but notice the leaf village ninja gloves ^^
T1g4h's avatar
Looking awesome as always man =P
Danifox's avatar
always like how you guys perform, now make an awesome jutsu to blow the stage!!!
kid-cody's avatar
are you wearing Naruto gloves?
I'm not surprised. I mean, he is a ninja, after all.

Here's hoping the tour goes well enough for Spinefarm to let you guys make the trip across the pond. I'm slowly converting the entire city into MaSu fans. For instance, I was a Best Buy one day and they had a Google TV demo box set up. I launched the YouTube app and loaded Force Feedback up on that bitch. The sales rep walks up, presumably to ask if I have any questions. Right as he's about to say something, he stops, turns to look at the screen and goes, "Who is this?".

The day ended with another converted fan. :w00t:
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sokiophalanx's avatar
I'm seeing you guys support Children of Bodom in April in the UK, keep on rockin'
Vintal's avatar
Hope to see you soon in Vienna. :D I'm visiting the concert only for you guys!
KurtonNanogon's avatar
The badass-ness! It burrrns! D:
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