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Hubnester Inferno

By nordlander
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A promotional poster for the graphic novel I'm working on, featuring Jovi (later known as merely
Hubnester) and the slightly schizophrenic euro-ninja Johanna.

With this painting I feel I have surpassed all the other artworks I've made so far.
This is a level-up for me, and I believe you'll agree.

Pride. :#1:

Photoshop CS, 20 hours.

NOTE: Yes, I know that the kanas and kanjis are reversed. They are supposed to be.
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Do you think this graphic novel will ever be a thing?
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i love this song.i also have a tribute to a machinae supremachy song but i dont know photoshop.if you want you are more than welcome to mess arround with it.making it better.
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solely silently
I stand against the wind
And even though you see
you don't know where I've been

You say that our dreams
come alive when we're awake
but I can't even sleep
my sanity will break

so like the blink of an eye
just the second before a crash
time is standing still,
I am frozen, I can't feel

anger, such a simple
yet powerful emotion
you'd think I could just rid myself
of these thoughts I stir to motion

Instinct pulls me under
I can't fight this on my own
my mind has become
the darkest place I've ever known
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definitely a level up as far as the previous drawn art in you gallery goes. excellent work.
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Wow, I love how Johanna looks. She has that feel that makes me want to do some fanart, but I'm too lazy to... I love your artwork, it's amazing. The details in this are truly breath taking. Keep up the good work.
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Thank you so much!
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This is very good work, but isn't "Hubnester Inferno" a Machinae Supremacy song?
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Indeed. It's a song, but it's also this... :)
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Awesome drawing. Like the colors a lot. x)
Instant Fav!

Didn't even know you're here on deviantArt.
That's cool. :D
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This is great work. I really like the emotions shown on the faces here.
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when/where can we see this "graphic novel" ? :)
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Oh, it hasn't been made yet... Trying to find the time but it never happens... We've got a lot of story but we've recently been talking about trying to set up a crew to make an animated movie from it instead. Gonna take some serious effort to make that happen, though, so I dunno... :)
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wow! sounds realy cool. is there somewhere there i can read about its progress?
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Mycket... ehr... I'll just keep in English. :p

Very, very good! I espesially enjoy the shadows, and light effects, they look highly realistic. :)
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Thank you! My most successful attempt yet, I think, is this piece.
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I think the guy needs something on the face... like a beard.. like your beard =) :lol:

Nah seriosuly, good job there :D the only thing is the blue eyes, but else is like OMG PWNZ!!! I Fell in love with that girl <3 and i hope i can see more of that novel, only bcuz your work is r0xx0r
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