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A Different Light

Somewhere inside
A different light
A different mind...[/i]

Concept poster for album promotion, may or may not become a "real" poster. Depends... What do you think, guys&grrls? This 'cyberhead' image is also featured on the new website, as well as the CD cover of the retail version of "Redeemer".
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Nordlander, do U have that pic in high resolution. I want to make a big poster from it and hang it in my room. Just love that cyberkid.
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Redeemer is a great album, in my opinion, it just kicks serious ass! :horns:
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Amazing! What software did you use to creat this? It's awesome! :D
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It's just photoshop. :)
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I still love this... definitely one of my favorite pictures you've done.

And chyea, I'd most definitely buy it as a poster :D
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Thanks! Although it's more likely the new Retail Edition artwork will be a poster now... Stay tuned for that artwork, it'll appear here as soon as the label clears it.

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Om ni har tryckt den/kommer trycka den så köper jag gärna en =P
(dvs. den är skitsnygg)
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Man kanske borde göra det... . . . :popcorn: ^^;
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tycker jag. säg bara till mig när du gör det.
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Different lights, different ways to see.
It reminds me the way: MACHINAE SUPREMACY RULES!!!!
Great Giana sisters :D C=64 ROX! ;)
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Thanks! Take care! Peace (irl)! ;)
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Reminds me of Deus Ex. Fucking awesome :D
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Woot go MaSu !
"Rise" is such a good song =P
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Just wait until you hear the rest of them! ;) :headbang:
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I wish I could buy stuff off the Internet! I would totally buy REDEEMER. But the other songs are just as good.

Keep up the good work :+fav:
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That would make an absolute kickass poster! I would love to have that on my wall.
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I will explore making it so... :)
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I was wondering when you'd upload that one... Great piece, is there a photograph involved or is it purely digital?
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There are actually several photos in there.... :)
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Simply fantastic, I love it! I can't wait for Redeemer. Deus Ex Machinae ROCKED!
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