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DHMIS: Tree lifter

if he can lift a tree just to see the circles inside 
he can lift his brother easily 
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So that's the real names in dhmis or those names are made up and it's all right if it's made up?

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that moment when the cinnamon roll's stronk
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Manny looks so aborbs
Bugssayian27's avatar
Ok you want me to draw Manny?
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Your style for them is just the cutest! (Harry's my favorite of the main trio though Paige and Tony are my two favorite DHMIS characters. :)
JessieArtist1's avatar
why is duck (his real name) a duck' nobin....................................   like the pic tho
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Awww, this is adorable!:squee: 
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Dude How u know theire names???REALLY??!!
LovelyNotte's avatar
They are fanmade names from they're fandom
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It's not really their names.
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They are just three of the sweetest cinnamon rolls, all of them to precious for this world~Love 
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That go through unimaginable torture everyday. Sorry, I'm not good at lifting spirits.
ZoeyP03's avatar
Meh, the sweet drawings make it up. Even if what you said it's true.
Bring-Back-TT-and-YJ's avatar
Guess you're right, thank you for lifting my spirits.
(Did anyone get my pun?)
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lets see here...'

Manny/Dawson has supernatural abilities 

Robin/Mr.Kui is confirmed for being afraid of hieghts

and Harry could not care less

That about sums it up
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I love Harry too much X3
WarriorSparrow's avatar
Harry's the best. :)
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I usually refer to the green bird as Reggy, but other than that, it's so refreshing to see someone calling them by these names instead of Red, Blue, and Green. -w-

Also, total cutenessssssss~
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