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''The Perfect Name'', buy the book!

By Nordeva
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Hello everyone! After several months of work, I'm pleased to say that the book which Shadow-Wolf and I illustrated is finally ON SALE!!
It was amazing to work on this project! Working with one of my favourite artists and also with such a great publishing house was a great pleasure for me.
By the way, the Hummingbird and the Otter in this ad were drawn by me, and the cover by her. 

About the book:
The Perfect Name is a book ment for children in which the name of the kid is spelled one letter per page, and each letter is accompanied by an animal and a short rhyme.
If you have any questions or want to see some of the illustration examples please make sure to visit the webpage! -->

If you're interested in buying one, please let me know and I'll help you :)
According to the website, they're only shipping on Asia right now. However, if you're willing to pay for the shipping, you can get one too!

Thank you for your interest and please share with your friends! <3
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WOW! :D It's awesome to hear that! :3
Nordeva's avatar
Yeah it's been awesome to be able to participate! 
VanillaHellen's avatar
oh woah


okayyy WOAH NOW

I'm so happy for you omg <333 it's so great you could've worked on that, with another great artist too!

The book looks promising. c': I even looked on the website and found one more drawing from you >D
But hey, great job you both! And congrats again <3
Nordeva's avatar
Thank you so much girl!! I'm so happy about it too x3
VanillaHellen's avatar
No problem at all ~ It's good to have you back :3
Nordeva's avatar
It feels so good to be back too! x)
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Ya vere si lo puedo comprar de alguna manera, que ganas de poder comprarlo y ver tus ilustrasiones y las de shadow.
Nordeva's avatar
Pues estás de suerte porque han añadido España a los países de envío para que mis amigos y familiares pudieran comprar uno ;)
contacta con ellos y diles que me conoces si quieres (:
Rogue-Numbers's avatar
Eso es fenomenal Nor es perfecto, contactare con ellos para hacerme con una copia. La leere y luego a lo mejor se la regalo a mi sobrina :D
Nordeva's avatar
Aww eso es genial!! Muchísimas gracias por tu consideración y espero que te guste el libro <3
Rogue-Numbers's avatar
Segurisimo que lo sera :D
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Those illustrations look very nice, congrats on finishing this project :D
Nordeva's avatar
Thank you so much! :meow:
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Oh, these are really cool. I have a couple very old 'custom' books similar to this.
Good job on being able to work on something like this. :)
Nordeva's avatar
Thank you! :3
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I so love that idea :meow: Congratulations, these are great illustrations for an epic ABConcept :)
Nordeva's avatar
Aww thank you so much! x)
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is this available in the US? 
Nordeva's avatar
Officially it's not, but I can help you get one if you're willing to pay for shipping :3
LEgGOdt1's avatar
Oh I guess it might take awhile for the book to make it to the US then. (Um the funny thing is I'm broke. Although I have money on me it just that money is being saved so that I can get my laptop back from my step father.) 
Nordeva's avatar
Oh that's ok! Just let me know if you're ever interested :)
LEgGOdt1's avatar
^^ Gotta ya 
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Nora aahhhhhh looks awesome! You did a fabulous job! <3 <3
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