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Kapampangan Schoolitan Font by Nordenx Kapampangan Schoolitan Font by Nordenx
The Script:

"Baybáyin Script" is an umbrella term for the Abugida (alpha-syllabary) writing systems of the Philippines. Generally, the Sulat Tagalog version is what people think of by default when "Baybáyin" is mentioned. However, there are different varieties of the script, Kulitan is one of them.

Súlat Kapampángan (a.k.a. pámagkulit or kulitan) is used for writing the Kapampangan language spoken by folks from the Pampanga province in the Philippines. It has been kept alive within the Kapampangan Academia; this Varsity styled font is dedicated to the linguistic scholars of Pampanga.

Kulitan differs slightly from Baybayin as it has been adapted solely for Kapampangan orthography. A different method of writing garlit (kudlit) diacritic marks and character ligatures & stacking were developed. Much of the character shapes originally were the same as Baybayin but through limited but continued use, Kulitan handwriting evolved to match a vertical direction of writing popularized by Kapampangan practitioners, scholars, artists, and academics.

The Font:

Download it here in DA:…

I create true type fonts (TTF) I called "Baybayin Modern" for use in modern art. The fonts are stylized modern composite of many examples from the past but the style is based primarily on my calligraphy work and handwriting. The font is calligraphic & artistic representations and the characters’ shapes, sizes and weights have been made uniform in order to present a neat and elegant printed appearance.

If used in your artwork, please include a credit and/or link back to either the blog ( ) or my DA page.

The Style (Schoolitan):

This angular bold font was inspired by the Varsity letter style.

For more info:……

This font is meant to be used for writing vertically. Watch this video tutorial to see how:


© All of Nordenx Baybayin Modern Fonts are for personal and non-commercial use only. Please contact me at for any inquiries about commercial use and licensing for branding, printing, publications, and/or other electronic applications.



May 22, 2013 - fixed kerning/spacing on certain character ligatures assigned to the uppercase keys.
mimeflayer Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2016
Stunning, just stunning!As someone who has tried making fonts (with FontForge)
I know just how much talent and effort this takes.
Great Job!
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