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Baybayin Modern Block Font

The Script

Baybayin script is an ancient form of writing by native islanders and tribes in the South East Asian archipelago we now know as the Philippines.

The Font

I created true type fonts (TTF) I called "Baybayin Modern" to use in modern art. The fonts are stylized modern composite of many examples from the past but the style is based primarily on my calligraphy work and handwriting. These fonts should not be considered as historically accurate examples of the Baybayin. The font is calligraphic & artistic representations and the characters’ shapes, sizes and weights have been made uniform in order to present a neat and elegant printed appearance.

More info:

The zip file contains the TTF file and documentation on how to use it. If used in your artwork, please include a credit and/or link back to either the blog (link above) or my DA page.


© All of Nordenx Baybayin Modern Fonts are for personal and non-commercial use only. Please contact me at for any inquiries about commercial use and licensing for branding, printing, publications, and/or other electronic applications.


UPDATE: V.1.01 - font file updated, replace .tff if you downloaded prior to July 12, 2011
© 2006 - 2022 Nordenx
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hello sir, thank you for making this. some suggestion, it would be nice if you can include the numbers on your next update. God bless

Hi, I cant use the kudlit mark below or for single letter "T", this is baybayin (spanish version) right? When I press T, it always shows Ta even t shows the same. Please help. How to put the cross?
have you tried sending this google web fonts


or you can convert it directly here

Then you can use it on your website
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Salamat sa paggawa nito kuya! :)
I found out how to do the NG but not N. Any advise? Thanks again.
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N Key = Nga
n Key = Na

How do you type the letter NG in your version of Baybayin? Thank you for your help. Great version by the way.
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N Key = Nga
n Key = Na

E Key = I/E Character
e Key = e Kudlit Marker
I Key = I/E Character
i Key = i Kudlit Marker
O Key = U/O Character
o Key = o Kudlit Marker
U Key = U/O Character
u Key = u Kudlit Marker
Philippines needs to re-adopt the Baybayin and it should be used for all the native languages
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i used yer nice font here
i used the cross.

thanks a lot. :)
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I'm going to use this. Thanks!
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AHH sury kung alibata nasabi ko last tym, baybayin pala ang tamang pangalan nito.sury talaga....
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No worries, mate! It's a common mistake. :)
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the prettiest baybayin font I've yet to see.
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Thank you! More to come! ;)
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I'm watching you.heheh
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Thanks! Hmmm... was that linky a hinty? Want me to do a version of Bisayan style Baybayin? ;)
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:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) THAT WOULD BE GREAT!!!! wow, is it christmas already? man..that would be really nice!
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