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Alibata Kufic



A parchment with Baybayin Script in calligraphic Kufic style which reads, "Ang bayan kong Pilipinas, lupain ng ginto at bulaklak." (My homeland Philippines, land of gold and flowers.) - a passage from a popular Tagalog song "Bayan Ko" (My Country). Baybayin script is an ancient Filipino islander form of writing.

About the font Baybayin Modern Kufic Script:
It's one of my Baybayin Modern font set that I will be releasing soon.
*edit: released: June 30, 2007…

About “KUFIC” style:
Kufic is the oldest calligraphic form of the various Arabic scripts and consists of a modified form of the old Nabatean script. Its name is derived from the city of Kufa (in modern-day Iraq), although it was known in Mesopotamia at least 100 years before the foundation of Kufa. At the time of the emergence of Islam, this type of script was already in use in various parts of the Arabian Peninsula. It was in this script that the first copies of the Qur'an were written.

Why make a Baybayin font in Kufic style?

Why indeed… why not?

Kufic is a very artistic style of Arabic calligraphy. Baybayin Kufic font aims to at least capture some of Kufic’s unsurpassable beauty.


Another reason for creating this font is as a “tongue-in-cheek” response to many comments and misconceptions about Baybayin being of Arabic origin, particularly because of Alibata.

The erroneous term "Alibata" (as opposed to Baybayin) was introduced in the early 1900s by Dean Paul Versoza of the University of Manila. He claims the term comes from "alif," "ba," and "ta," the first three letters of the Moro’s (Filipino-Muslim) arrangement of the Arabic letters.

The truth is that The Philippine scripts were derived from Brahmi/Nagari scripts used on the Eastern coast of India, such as Vengi, Chalukya, or Assam, ultimately from northern Indic scripts (Devanagari), originally transmitted around the 8th century AD. It has also been speculated that the writing system was influenced by Kavi script or Old Javanese, and/or perhaps indirectly through the Buginese.
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How bout other scripts?