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MLP Spike ponified Skype Icon

By norbi9696
ICO version avilable! [link]

Send messages with Spyke! It's fast, safe and you dont need internet access!

I couldn't find one, so i made one. Hope, you like it!

Based on: [link]
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I usually upgrade PCs to Linux Mint, and there's a customer who kept calling Skype "Spike"
Once the package manager is done installing Skype, i'm soo gonna use this icon :) SPIKE! LETTER!
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Thanks so much c:
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Funny! I like it, using it now!
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Ok, this might sound dumb, but how can I actually make this my skype icon?
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If you have a Skype shortcut on your desktop, you can't change the icon. You have to create a new shortcut by right clicking on the desktop then >new >shortcut. The file path is "C:\Program Files\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe" or "C:\Program Files (x86)\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe" for x64 systems. After creating the shortcut, you right click it then click Properties and there is a Change icon button or something like that, i'm not sure, because i'm not using Windows in english. In the next windows you click browse and select the .ico file on your computer. This icon I uploaded is a .png file, on Windows, you have to use this: [link]

On Linux, you can simply use the .png image.
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This is genius! Forget my Trixie Skype icon (sorry Trixie), I'm using this! ^^
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Is there any way I can download this as a .ico so that I can use it as my skype desktop icon?
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:iconfshyitsbeautifulplz: oh mai.. why didn't anyone think of this before!?!
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That was my first thought
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I call it "Spipe".
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My ide was simply "Spyke" but this sounds good too :)
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