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True Detective Rust Chole - Birds edition

I made for U guys another one...with birds :D
Hope U like it!
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© 2014 - 2021 norbface
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Excellent skills just excellent.
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do you sell the illustration in the original size / quality?
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It was on Bottleneck Gallery limited more...sorry
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The best portrait of Rustin Cohle I've seen so far. This most important symbol of spiral that reflects Spencer's hidden insanity is all around. It is recognized in the blurred background of twisting birds, seen on the face (look at the lips expression) and placed as the blood stigma on the forehead, unambiguously pointing to character's state of mind. This mysterious mark is a true conceptual essense, a perfect mirror to show neverending cycle of law, moral and personal puzzles terribly mixed and boiled inside Cohle's life.
I give it 9 out of 10 for being a great piece of art!
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I absolutely love this piece. +fav 
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any chance in restocking the prints?  They are sold out :(
norbface's avatar more prints for now :(
Really amazing. Is it just me, or is there a giant devientart watermark in the middle? Wanted to use this as a forum avatar.
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I so want this as my desktop background <3
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oh man, i wanted to use that as my avatar but deviant watermark its just too odd heh
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A W E S O M E!!!
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I saw this piece before I watched the show. As soon as that scene came up with McConaghy at the window I made the connection to this piece. Great work!
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Woooooow! Beauty!
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This is awesome! Great job
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amazing. would love to buy a print too. and also thinking now it would make a great tat, but since it's publicly available, tons of people would want to make this one too *sigh*
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Print available, see my fb page.
Absolutely phenomenal! Any chance you're selling prints of this anywhere? I'd buy one in an instant.
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Yes I will sell prints.
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LOVE! Great work.
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