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Walking together amidst the Glow of Gloom

Location  fantasy world
This piece is a special Birthday Present for KimberlyGoth666 
Happy Birthday my dear Kim! Huggle! 
Let's walk together through this gloom. Looking at the orbs of beautiful light, glowing amidst the darkness.

The drawing was made with soft pastel chalk.
It belongs to my "Mystical Gloom" Line of Drawings.

To visit my "Mystical Gloom" Gallery follow this link:…
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are it lights? or caves? what is the source of the lights?

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These are orbs of light. I wasn't all that good at making orbs back then.

I have worked on my technique quite a bit.

Gloomy Path between the glowing Orbs
raynoreissens's avatar

you are a very serene spirit in a chaotic world. all your work has a timeless paradasical charm to them. a serene world that is there lucky for those who found it. at first the orbs made me scared a bit, thinking it are portals or loops, but now i see it are kindred spirits or orbs

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Thank you so much for the nice comment.

feldrand's avatar

nice, i like the glowing light everywhere...

Noratos's avatar

So glad you like it.

Please feel free to visit my gallery for more of my drawings.

Also consider watching me to stick around for more.

feldrand's avatar

oh, i already took a walk through you gallery, did you do in mine?

how about my "masks and figures"? please feel invited to start there:

feldrand - Hobbyist, Photographer | DeviantArt

Noratos's avatar

I visited your gallery for a bit. Sadly I am not really qualified to have an opinion of fractal art and such. It's a bit too abstract for my taste. No offense intended.

Cyberalbi's avatar

Really beautiful, impressive and poetic, my compliments!:D

Noratos's avatar

Thank you! This is an important piece to me and a special someone. So this means a lot.

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As a response to my critique yesterday, you asked me to take a look at this painting as well! I am happy to oblige, so here I am!

I think this is a beautiful, atmospheric painting. You blended the pastels very nicely here! I like that you didn’t blend everything, but left things like highlights and shadows here and there unblended. It makes it more realistic, as things would look in the real world as well. I really like the contrast between the blue and yellow lights here. I really like the idea that the gloom is glowing, it adds to the atmosphere, it makes me feel almost melancholic. Again here, I like that you left out details on the figures. The humans are once again open to our interpretation, I definitely think that is a strength of yours! Again, you did a wonderful job! Keep it up my dear!

This critique brought to you by We Three Pirate Kings, Merry Critmas!

Noratos's avatar

Thanks a lot for the detailed critique. As I said, this piece is very important to me and the special someone I made it for. It's really nice to know it is considered beautiful by someone like you.

If you'd like to share it around the community to give it some more exposure that would be very welcome as well.

Me2Smart4U's avatar

this is very beautiful :love:

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Thanks! This piece is really important to me.

Me2Smart4U's avatar

you are most welcome:love:

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Fantastic! I can't even be able to imitate this... GIF Adventure Time - Claps

Noratos's avatar

Thanks for the praise! In my eyes your art is on a wholly different level than mine.

Impressing you with my art means a lot to me.

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Beautiful and eerie feeling here. Great job!
KimberlyGoth666's avatar

Its fantastic! You have really made my Birthday Special! I treasure you and our friendship! I absolutely adore you and your wonderful work! Thanks so much for making me smile on this otherwise typical day! :kiss me:

Noratos's avatar

Your smile is a most precious thing to me. I am thankful for our friendship.

You deserve to be happy Kim.

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Noratos's avatar

Thanks for the positive comment.

This piece is really important to me so it means a lot.

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