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Welcome on my page !

After many years browsing and uploading on the website, I decided I should add some things about me. Yeah.

First I want to thank you, yes you, even if it's the first time you see my profile, you who will leave a comment or fave, or you who have supported me for years. Yeah thank you ! I wouldn't be where I am right now without all these people, so, once again, one hundred thank you.

Who am I ? A lost soul amongst lost souls I would say but let's get to the facts : I'm a French student currently trying to become a vet. And that's all you'll get about my irl life ^^.
I've been drawing stuff for as long as I can remember but I truly started drawing regularly with the will to improve when I was around 11 - 12 years old (I would doodle 30 minutes each evening rather than do my homework, bad girl). I truly improved my art style only when I got to high-school and college (it's not a college, nor a university but english speaking people do not have the concept of "Grande école" which would be translated in a litteral way by ... "big" or "high" school ... I guess it'll be simpler to say that "les grandes écoles" give us a master or a PhD as diploma.)

It's so freaking complex.

Anyway, art is one of my hobbies and passions (along with reading, writing, and watching videos/movies/series/animes/cartoons). I draw both digitaly and traditionaly, I paint, animate, sew plushes and craft sometimes but not that much. I never planned on making it my job or earning with it even if I may do so one day. I dunno really, but to me, art is more about putting on paper everything that is in my head and a way to relax. :)

Well, I guess I said everything.
If you feel like talking to me, you can always send me a MP, I will always answer it if it is polite and understandable for someone who isn't an english speaker ^^.

Have a nice day ! :)


I am Fire. I am Power.
It's hollidays ! Yeay ! 
I needed to blow off some steam on something cool and not too time consumming before actually starting the requests I have to do (I'm so sorry and thank you a thousand times for your patience). I went through quite a lot lately. That's why I wasn't there much haha ... but for the next two months or so it's break time. Now let's enjoy summer time while it lasts !

Simple pic of Kuro, nothing much to say and I'm way too tired for a little piece of text to go with the pic, sorry ! 

Art and character belong to me, please do not steal, copy or retrace :)
INFINITE POWER - Comet promo poster
Because why not promote my story which has no content for the moment ? LEL

I did this thing so quickly, I still don't believe it. And I love minimal stuff, guess I needed to say it out loud ya know. Thought it wasn't visible enough lol. Who am I kidding ?

Symbolism or not symbolism ? Don't know :P try to guess. 

Art, character and story belong to me, please do not steal.
Luciol the galvaran
Happy birthday Derpferret ! :D

Sorry it's not much, I wanted to do something bigger and more detailed but I lacked the time :C. So here is a small gift to you anyway, and I hope the best for you this year ! 

Pokemon doesn't belong to me.
Art belongs to me please do not steal :)
Blue footed booby
Blue footed booby (fou à pieds bleus), Sula nebouxii
The english name "booby" comes from the spanish word "bobo" which roughly means "idiot, ridiculous, clown". The spanish explorers gave these birds this nickname because of their nuptial dance which consists in lifting their big, very blue, feet high above the ground to show them to a potential female and they look quite clumsy when walking. 

If you want more information about this beautiful marine bird, the wikipedia page is really well done and contains everything you need to know about them. BBC documentaries (life, planet earth, and the series about the galapagos islands) also show these birds in action (amongst many other species) and are interesting too. 

It's been a long time since I did a realistic watercolor ! This time I chose a "strange" bird, and easily one of my favorites ! I love too many bird species but I gotta say that a booby with blue feet caught my attention as soon as I learned about their existence lol. I even have a plush of a blue footed booby sitting besides my computer, and a smaller national geographic gannet plush. 

Done with watercolor, watercolor pencils, white POSCA pen. 
Photo edited with PS to make it look closer to the original painting. 

Art belongs to me, please do not steal :).</span>
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Hi everyone :)

Just a real quick message to say that I finally have a Discord account, hourray ! It's the easiest and quickest way to contact me, as I don't spend much time on DA, my id is the same as it is on DA to simplify things haha. As I already said, don't hesitate to talk to me, ask me stuff or whatever, I'm a mostly nice and friendly fellow and I don't bite unless it was deserved. 

I've created a RedBubble shop with a good old friend of mine, nammed "Sky Cravers", there's not much on it yet but I'll be working on new stuff during vacations. Artworks will be posted here too for you to see in all their glory (if they actually deserve it xD). 

As things are ... more complicated than I anticipated, I'm being very slow with art when I actually work on it. Everything is a bit on a hiatus but I still manage to make a little bit of progress here and there. But don't worry, artworks and webcomic pages will eventually come !
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  • Playing: No time for this
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Oh hi everyone ! :D
Just a little message to give some news of what I'll be doing for the next couple of weeks (hopefully) so you guys know what to expect (if I keep up on my schedule which is 99% of the time NOT the case, but I don't give up on me just yet). 

If you want to contact me for any reason, asking me stuff or just chit-chat, just send me a note. I've no discord atm, maybe I'll get one later so it's really the easiest way of getting in touch with me. Don't worry if I don't answer like instantly 'cause I'm a busy one, I don't always get the time to check my DA.

Status update : requests and art trades are semi-open. You can ask, but I'll only do the things I'm interested in and if I have the time (as I said, I'm really busy + I loose my motivation extra quick when I'm not working on my projects). I'm considering opening up comissions ... but if I do I will only take one or two at a time so I'm sure I'll see them through. Don't hesitate to ask anyway, as I'll probably be more into it than requests or trades.

As you know, I'm working on my webcomic project nammed Infinite Power, but before I upload any page, I want to have solved the copyright issue. The comic will always be available for free on DA or maybe an other website, but I want to guarantee that no one else can steal my work and try to make money with it (which is something I doubt to ever happen but better be safe than sorry).

However I'll put more illustrations for Infinite Power and Black Wings in the days to come. I'll also be working on my next RP soon which will have a lot of pictures (if I got enough time) so be prepared to an alien flood ! And you'll get a picture of the models I've done so far, mostly WWII planes, just to give you a small taste of what I do beside drawing xD. 

I've bought some Super Sculpey and tools to make some nice figures I hope xD ! One of my childhood dream of having toys looking like my characters will finaly come true, lol. I just hope it doesn't end up looking awful xD. We'll see that when they're done ! I'll keep you updated on this :)

That's all for now folks ;)

Have a nice day/evening/WE and many thanks for your support :)


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Dragonsfriend90 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
hey how are you ?
Norara Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey ^^ ! Sorry for the late reply, I'm quite busy these days x"D. I'm a bit tired but mostly fine ^^ Just finished an intern-ship and got back to school last week, after the exams. Oh I hate having exams just after the Chrismas hollidays, ruins half the fun of it, but I made the better of this break I guess ! It was real nice to see all my (big) family again.

And what's up on your side ? Did you spend a nice Chrismas break ? :)
Dragonsfriend90 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
Yeah i had a nice christmas break too :)

I saw my family too ^w^ , we played together a game A LOT xD ( but it made so much fun , because it reminded a bit to the very old days xD )

Game: Zelda breath of the wild 

2 weeks ago also a friend came to me ( somebody i met here on DA, he is my best friend which i can trust nearly everything :) )

And to you. I can understand that it is bad to have exams directly after the vacation ^^; . I hope they still went out well enough xD 
Norara Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I'll get to know that quite soon I believe. The teachers have met to agree on the marks last thursday sooo I think I'll have them the next week. 
There was some subject which were more difficult than others (because teachers are like "yeah let's ask ambiguous and badly written questions, they're young, they don't know ho to speak French correctly, yeah they'll understand" but guess what, no, we did not x"D.), so I'm not too sure to have them all but I'm not too stressed about it. 

Yeah, friends of mine have bought the switch and played that game too, said it was reaaaaal good. I'm not too into Zelda (because I had a Game Boy when I was a kid (yeah the black and white one) and I was completly stuck at some point and had no idea what I was supposed to do), did not really grew up with this license. However it sure does look cool and breath taking (bad pun intended here). 
I'm still figuring out if I should buy the switch or not ... I guess it'll depend on the games they are gonna do for it. If they make pokemon and animal crossing, I'll be really tempted. 
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Silver-Glazed-Donut Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
How do you only have seven watchers *_*

My mind is blown. Your art is so good and detailed... Here's a watch for you XD
Norara Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you a lot for your kind comment and the watch :) It means a lot to me !

But it's nothing much really ! I'm not very good at drawing and stuff, I've always been just too stubborn to give up xD. Practice is the key to get better even if it's quite the long and desperating one ... xD.
And if you think your art is not good, let me tell you it's false, your style is really cool and expressive ! I especially like your cat character Jasper ! I'd be pleased to see more of your art in the future :)
iZer0mega Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Coucou! Je pense que tu me reconnaitra à mon avatar ;P
Entre les DMs de maths et de physique j'ai 5min pour passer sur DA alors voilà!

Chouette galerie mais je persiste à dire que tu devrait y mettre ta fic! :D
Norara Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Merci beaucoup ^^

Mmmmmmmmmm p'etre ... Mais pas avant que j'ai finis cette satanée couverture ! XD
Livaly Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Do you take Requests? *-*
Norara Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
What would you like me to do ?
I'm really busy these times but I think I could do something.
However, I may take some time to do it because I have an exam the next month.
So go ahead, what do you would like ?
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