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Tiny Rainbow Bat

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Published: January 1, 2014
© 2014 - 2020 norang94
This comic is a story based on this vector:
Thanks to ~OwleStyle for giving me this story idea!
Translated by ~GypsyTambourine
Spell check by ~Poliana-draws
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Fun Fact: Bats have the highest rate of homosexuality in the animal kingdom. Especially,  vampire bats.

Source: Bagemihl, Bruce (1999). Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural Diversity. St. Martin's Press ISBN 0-312-19239-8

Irrelevant Note: I was pasting this on RainbowFlutterbat pics, but I've decided to make an exception because why not?
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Given that there are many jokes about Batman and Robin being homosexual, this is rather fitting.

Although when it comes to species, I think the New Mexico Whiptail beats them. All-female speciea od lesbian lizards.
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Well, Rainbow Dash, ask yourself: How many cerulean Ponies with Rainbow hair are there?
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Did Dash just punch through Daring's window?!
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SoulflutigressStudent Traditional Artist
if you look she just pulled the window up
daring why is your window unlocked?
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Oh, yeah. Don't know how I missed that. :blushing: 
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Suggestions for a better translation on this one:
Panel 2: "I don't know where she came from, but she looks a lot like Rainbow Dash."

Panel 3: "She also looks like like some kind of vampire pony… Huh?"

Might consider adding some space between the panels for text to go instead of cramming it around the edges.

It's cute. I like it.
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Rainbow: Don't lie to me, who have you been fooling around with!
Daring: What?! Rainbow, calm down. You are acting really jealous!
Rainbow: I have every right to be! I love you!
Daring: Woah, Rainbow! We are not in a relationship and we never will be! Tartarus, we are barely friends! Secondly, whatever I do in my spare time is private and you have no right ...
Ahuizotl: Dare-bear, I'm home! I just got back from the market and got your favorite ice crea...
(*Silence hangs in the room*)
Ahuizotl: dare you cheat on me and hide a baby from me!
Daring: Ahui, calm down. It is absolutely NOT how it looks.
Rainbow: What are you doing with Ahuizotl?!
Daring: Well, he was always my editor, but after my last adventure, I found out how versatile that tail is....

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*vampire drops from tree in front of darings house*
vampire: *sniffing* she's here but where *sees house* there
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vampire: *walks up to house*
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ButterscotchRipple77Student Artist
VAMPIRE!!!!!!!!!! KILL IT!!!!!!!!!!
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vampire: *turns to smoke and grabs rainbow bat*
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ButterscotchRipple77Student Artist
OR REKILL IT!!!!!!!!!!
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vampire: *throws rock*
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I love all these tiny bat ponies. <3
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XLUFERXHobbyist Traditional Artist
so now i think that there wwill be the tiny bat versiones of the mane 6 because is turn to twilight pinkie and rarity..................abyways this is cute and funny
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Vampy Bat ALL the ponies! XD

They're all so ADORABLE!
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sweetymimy22Hobbyist General Artist
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Twylite-SparkleHobbyist Writer
First fruit bats, now harmony bats...
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That is funny we have a little Applejack now a little Dashie Vamppony. Rainbow what did you and AJ do, did you both hit the special Apple Cider lol
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