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Frozen Flames: Not So Beloved?
Alright, this one's a dozie.  You picked to speak to both Remilia and Patchouli.  I must say, this has left an interesting impression on the SDM cast.  Read on to find out what happens!

Air hanging dead for but a small pause, Cirno considered her options.  As far as she was concerned, she was dealing with the upper class uptights that demanded respect.  The little ice fairy squinted at the idea of curtsies and eating with Western tools, but desperate times call for desperate measures!  Just in listening to Patchouli and Remilia toss about in their debate, even the childish sprite could tell Remilia didn’t want to be laughed at either.  Fancy words or not, the vampire knew what she wanted, and was getting it even if she had to fight someone like Patchouli.  In that sense, Cirno could get behind Remilia, even if she was stuffy and…just plain weird.  Sometimes, the vampire girl acted so nice, but sa
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Frozen Flames: A Scarlet Curiosity
Alrighty!  Last time I asked you who should Cirno talk to, and the answer is clearly the scary darkness youkai, Rumia!  Let's see just what Cirno does!

Being a fairy was tough.  Sure, they were immortal and had magic powers, but compared to youkai or other creatures, the way the fey were put together, it was like a carpenter sloppily nailed a chair into place with nails that were too long and only driven half way without proper brackets.  That immortally made itself known not through infinite durability, but by constantly reforming after taking enough of a beating.  Hardly a wonder why fairies didn’t grasp death…at least not on the surface. 
Cirno was not an ordinary fairy.  Whether by luck or sheer force of will, she had gone beyond what was expected of her.  A beating like that from Marisa would have sent any other fey back to whatever tree they belonged to with a satisfying pop and poof of smoke.
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Frozen Flames: The Gensokyo The Faries Love
When you really think about it, Gensokyo is an amazing place.  Where else on earth, or rather, within earth, can you find the collective encyclopedia worth of every heroic myth, and demonic legend known to mankind.  It's a fascinating concept really, that the imaginations of millions of humans can come up with such outlandish and varied creatures.  Throughout history, the unexplainable was explained through mythical gods who saw fit to enforce their own laws and justice on the people, because they could, or because of some high honor code none of us could ever understand.  Demons lay waste to entire worlds for no other reason than they enjoyed doing it, or had some irony goal made in opposition of more friendly deities.  How easy was it to split the goods and bads of nature into such clean, defined rules?  Black and white, good and evil, all laid out on numbered tablets and tattered scrolls, as if mere mortals could grasp the concepts themselves.  Tim
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Walfas Custom: You Lil' #### Face by Noraneko-Sparks Walfas Custom: You Lil' #### Face :iconnoraneko-sparks:Noraneko-Sparks 35 10 RP Custom: Chiyo Welsh by Noraneko-Sparks RP Custom: Chiyo Welsh :iconnoraneko-sparks:Noraneko-Sparks 13 9 ITSW: Cat Hobo by Noraneko-Sparks ITSW: Cat Hobo :iconnoraneko-sparks:Noraneko-Sparks 15 6 RWBY Weapon Design: Grinder Shivs by Noraneko-Sparks RWBY Weapon Design: Grinder Shivs :iconnoraneko-sparks:Noraneko-Sparks 4 3 RWBY Noraneko (Or Just Noraneko In Armor) by Noraneko-Sparks RWBY Noraneko (Or Just Noraneko In Armor) :iconnoraneko-sparks:Noraneko-Sparks 5 5 ITSW: Bleach's Hot Hole by Noraneko-Sparks ITSW: Bleach's Hot Hole :iconnoraneko-sparks:Noraneko-Sparks 7 15 SWLC: Brie x Brit by Noraneko-Sparks SWLC: Brie x Brit :iconnoraneko-sparks:Noraneko-Sparks 8 11 ITC: Brie Cheese by Noraneko-Sparks ITC: Brie Cheese :iconnoraneko-sparks:Noraneko-Sparks 12 13 Touhoucon DNAs by Noraneko-Sparks Touhoucon DNAs :iconnoraneko-sparks:Noraneko-Sparks 14 15 ITSW: Seiran With A Taser by Noraneko-Sparks ITSW: Seiran With A Taser :iconnoraneko-sparks:Noraneko-Sparks 11 4 ITSW: Boots' Evolution! by Noraneko-Sparks
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ITSW: Boots' Evolution! :iconnoraneko-sparks:Noraneko-Sparks 7 24
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Noraneko Sparks
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I've got two swords, a cat beast, and a raging Youmu obsession. Don't mess with me bro!

My Walfas style custom for my AA.
The custom is at 150% size. In walfas, this means to bring it down to 100% scale, set the custom parts to 67 scale.
Her weapons are at 50 percent scale. The swords glow when in magic use. One is red, one is yellow. That or use a SPARTAN Lazer for comic relief. :P Also, Youmu Plushies. :3

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 Oh boy its here once again!  That spooky time of year to stuff your face with candy and scream!  With trick or treaters now tucked in their beds, the true horrors begin.  The night is dark and full of terrors, boys and girls, and I'm about to begin a perilous journey!  For when the clock strikes 12 on Hallow's Eve, what should ocurr....

...But a novelist challenge!


What, did you expect some cyberdemon to spawn from Hell?  Nah!  Rather, the beginning of my next NaNoWriMo, and oh boy is this a doozie, because this year is taking a break from the dark post-apocalypse and headed to fanfiction land!


Ok, but hear me out, this ain't a normal OC driven fan fic.  Nah, I was planning to do this last year, but work took a dump and said NO.  I'm goign back to my roots here on DA, and givign the Touhou scene a try.  And you guys are invited to join along for the ride!

How's that, you say?  Well, for NaNoWriMo 2017, I'll be writing Frozen Flames, a Team 9, specifically Cirno focused CYOA.  Each day, I'll be writing a full chapter, and once I'm done, I'll leave a few choices down at the bottom for you all!  While I have plans for the possible endings, all and all, you guys will get to decide Cirno and Co's fate!  Tune in every day, because the choice is yours.  If I get no votes....let's just say fate has a funny way of choosing.


Fairies live in an endless loop, day in, day out.  Nature, the ever present, yet ever changing force embodies those fairies and gives them a pseudo immortal presence in Gensokyo.  Even so, they live stagnantly, forever children at play.  It's hard to blame them, living endlessly, cheery games and devilish pranks keep each fey happy and ever entertained.

That's not to say fairies are beyond ambition.  One particular ice fairy, Cirno, has risen to the challenge to be the strongest fairy. In a way, she has succeeded, a mere 60 and able to hold her own with the infamous shrine maiden.  Even so, amongst the rest of Gensokyo, she is a laughing stock, mocked for her attempts at power.

Cirno has had enough...

On an epic quest with her friends, the ice fairy of Misty Lake will strive to beat her own limits and become a full fledged youkai!  Will she succeed and get the respect she and her friends deserve?  What lessons might she learn about the burdens of power?  Could she find another way?  And what obstacles might stumble Cirno's way!?

Come join in on the fun!  What path she chooses is up to the reader in this heartfelt CYOA!  Readers, you may just learn something for yourself on the power of choice!

Hope you guys are as ready as I am!  :D  Have a wonderful Halloween!


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