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الســــلام عليـــكم ورحمـــــــــة الله وبركـــــــاته

اللهم ارحمن برحمتك وأنزل علينا الأمن والسلام يا ذا الجلال والإكرام

تصميمى الجديد بعنوان

( سلام - 平和 )

وهو أول عمل تعاونى لى مع خطاط يابانى
المخطوطة العربية قمت بعملها ببرنامج الكلك
والمخطوطة اليابانية من الخطاط الرائع
Joshua Burns :iconjburns272:

اختيارى للألوان

اللون الأحمر : لون علم اليابان وهذا اللون أيضا مشهور عن اليبابانيين
اللون الأخضر: قصدت به نحن العرب

أرجو أن يكون التصميم اعجبكم وجزاكم الله خيرا على المشاهدة والتعليقات الطيبة

Peace to you and ALLAH mercy and blessings.

I ask ALLAH Almighty to all of you the very best and in the grace and blessing .

My new artwork Peace
( سلام - 平和 )
It's first collaboration with the best Japanese calligrapher Joshua :iconjburns272:

I want to thank him so much for amazing Japanese calligraphy and i hope for him best wishes.

Description for Choices of colors:
red color : Japanese flag and this color is most favorite for Japanese people

green color: It's mean our country Arab

I hope you like my artwork and my idea

When i design any one of my artworks i try to be close to ottoman and Persian arts ( my education field )

THANK U for watch and comment :aww:


please respect my copyright and please don't copy any one of my ideas
(Be creator not a copier )

These art work attributed to Nora Algalad is not entitled to use or display without my permission or ideas coping.

Based on a work at

© 1433 - 2012 NORA ALGALAD. All rights reserved

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The color balance is beautifully done between green and red. However white could be a little more balanced to make the writing in the center blend or meld in better with the background. For instance, you could incorporate pure white swirls or Arabic calligraphy in pure white into the two triangles that adorn the top and bottom. This would help draw the eyes across the piece.

On another note, I like how you have used multiple languages to convey your message so that the piece can appeal to several audiences, but I feel that it loses some of its appeal to me as a Muslim and in my religion. Its tells me (as I interpret the painting) that peace is available to all people no matter their race, but it doesn’t convey what I feel is your usual message of the relationship between Allah and Peace. This is the message that I would want to present to people who come into my house and see this on my wall. So my suggestion here would be to use an attribute of Allah like “Al- Hakeem” (I say this just because this one in particular, when I ponder over it gives me peace), or whichever you prefer. Then write it in Arabic and also in multiple languages so that many who see your art will think of Allah when they see this piece regardless of if they can read Arabic.

As I used to be fluent in Chinese including the written form, I was ecstatic to see Arabic and characters like these on the same surface together. I think in this respect your work here is very unique. This aspect of the piece really speaks to my experiences abroad, but this is just a personal reflection.

At any rate, it is over all a beautiful work of art! I hope my critique has been thoughtful and helpful. Keep up the cause! You have an incredible gift and Inshallah the message of Islam will reach many people through it.