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ALLAH don't let me

By NoraAlgalad

الســـــــلام عليــــكم و رحمـــــة الله و بــركـــــاته

{رب لا تكـــــــــلنى الــى نفسى طــرفة عيـــن}

دعاء جميل يريح النفس و يهدى القلب إلى الخير

اختيارى للألوان

اللون الأزرق : قصدت به لون السماء
ومعناه التضرع الى الله بالدعاء

اللون البيج : قصدت به الراحة والهدوء النفسى

اللون البترولى ( لون الخلفية
ليس له قصد :)
فقط ليتناسب مع باقى الألوان

اللون الأحمر : لون مضاد للألوان الأخرى ليبرز ويظهر التصميم بشكل لافت للنظر

أرجو أن يعجبكم التصميم
وأرجو أن أكون وفقت فى اختيار الألوان و توضيح الفكرة

- رجاء لا أحد ينسخ أى فكرة من أفكارى أو يقلد تصميمات -
{ كن مبدعا و ليس ناسخا }

Peace to you and ALLAH mercy and blessings

I ask ALLAH Almighty to all of you the very best and in the grace and blessing .

{رب لا تكـــــــــلنى الــى نفسى طــرفة عيـــن}
It's mean { ALLAH don't let me to myself blink in an eye }

This a beautiful Doa'a (pray to ALLAH)
This Doa'a (pray to ALLAH) makes you feel psychological comfort and guide your heart to right way, ALLAH willing.

Description for Choices of colors
Blue: for sky color and i mean when we pray to ALLAH by Doa'a we look at the sky.
beige:Calm and comfortable.
Petroleum:No thing :)
Just for consistency.
Red: Unlike other colors to show the design and attract the eye

When i design any one of my artworks i try to be close to ottoman and Persian arts ( my education field )

Last but not least.
I hope you like my artwork and idea and my choices of colors.

THANK U for watch and comment :aww:


please respect my copyright and please don't copy any one of my ideas
(Be creator not a copier )

These art work attributed to Nora Algalad is not entitled to use or display without my permission or ideas coping.

Based on a work at

© 1433 - 2011 NORA ALGALAD. All rights reserved

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أعمال أكثر من رائعة .. الله يجزيك الخير يا رب
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ماشاء الله رائع تسلم ايدك
اختى ممكن تعملي دروس
VermillionFenrir's avatar
truly beautiful,subhanallah~ :clap:
syakilah's avatar
"don't let me to myself blink in an eye" what does it means? err... does it means I can't blink my eyes? xD (just asking)
NoraAlgalad's avatar
sorry for delay
NoraAlgalad's avatar

Alsalamu Alikum
I will try to explain the meaning
The Duaa'is ( رب لا تكلنى الى نفسى طرفة عين)it's mean by English {ALLAH don't let me to myself blink an eye} and you know sometimes the translation from Arabic to English not correct as same meaning in Arabic. So i will try to closest the meaning for you.
I mean here, I pray to ALLAH {subhanahu wataala}and ask him to be closest to me and choose all thing in my life as he (ALLAH suhanahu watala) want to me.
I ask him don't let me choose any thing in my life ( blink an eye ) it's mean the eye time to blink, mean ALLAH don't let me to my self in my whole life until less second ( blink an eye )
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ohh... I got it now.. what a wonderful dua :)
thanks! :D
NoraAlgalad's avatar
May ALLAH bless you :aww:
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مااشااء الله عليك

مرة روعة
علميييييييييييييييييينيييييي ><"
NawaraGFX's avatar
يا الله روعة ما شاء الله
NanisKa's avatar
Bluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuue!! :love: :faint:
This is an amazing piece, my dear!! :wow: :heart:
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Jazaki ALLAH khair

NanisKa's avatar
pedroography's avatar
sooooo beautyyyful
NoraAlgalad's avatar

Jazak ALLAH Khair

Thank you
pedroography's avatar
in god protection dear
xXhajerXx's avatar
حلووووه ماشاء الله
mnoso90's avatar
روعه كالعاده
واختيارك في الالوان ممتاز
تسلم ايدك
NoraAlgalad's avatar

بارك الله فيك
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روعة و الوان مريحة و دعاء مريح اكتر :clap: :clap:
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