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Canadian Teddy Bear Realistic

This is a part of a school task from the Art Class. The task was simply to draw one of your plushies/teddy bears on a A4 paper. In the next task we're going to draw the drawing over again, but on a paper that is four times bigger than this drawing.
I hope it will not be too hard. xD;;

When I started to sketch this the lines where really light and you could hardly see the sketch, but then the teacher told me to not be afraid to use darker shading. Or exactly, he did not say "not to be afraid" he told me to do it. And afterwards the forms showed much better.

I've never thought of drawing my plushies/teddy bears. It was actually really fun.<3

This Teddy Bear I got from dad when I was 10. He visited Canada for the first time and bought me and my little brother a little gift, we both got the same type of Teddy bear. I got a white one and my brother got a black one. I really love this Teddy Bear.<3 It's watching over my mangabooks. xD

Let me know what you think~! <3

Drawing by me/~nor-renee
Do not steal, copy or use this without my permission. Thank you~
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Critique request from #Traditional-Media critique day event:
This is a lovely drawing, very cute subject you decided to draw, love it.

The first thing that I noticed is that the pose you’ve chosen for the teddy bear it’s an upfront view of the sitting bear and in all honesty I feel like the pose it’s a bit boring and not dynamic and the lack of a background doesn’t add to it, it looks very empty and just not interesting enough.

I think your technique is very nice, you did a good work of adding details to the bear and the fur looks neat; however, I think you could have added lots more of detailing to the fur to make a bit more realistic and interesting.

I’m not sure what type of paper you’re using but it looks like it gets dirty kind of easily, there are a few spots here and there that are dirty with pencil smudges, I feel like the lack of background or at least some sort of setting could have helped with that, so that the pencil marks outside of the bear wouldn’t be so noticeable or even just adding a background color with the pencils could have helped.

Overall good work, nice technique, nice subject and lovely piece. Keep it up.
Thanks a lot for participating in the Group’s event. :heart: