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Meet Muffins by Muffinsfreak by NoPornPlz93 Meet Muffins by Muffinsfreak :iconnopornplz93:NoPornPlz93 2 0 Some random drawings by Muffinsfreak by NoPornPlz93 Some random drawings by Muffinsfreak :iconnopornplz93:NoPornPlz93 2 0 chibi guy by Muffinsfreak by NoPornPlz93 chibi guy by Muffinsfreak :iconnopornplz93:NoPornPlz93 3 3 A really dank meme by NoPornPlz93 A really dank meme :iconnopornplz93:NoPornPlz93 7 2 Too Flippin Late Squidroids by NoPornPlz93 Too Flippin Late Squidroids :iconnopornplz93:NoPornPlz93 8 5 Sorry Jr! by NoPornPlz93 Sorry Jr! :iconnopornplz93:NoPornPlz93 5 1 This Sector Ain't Cleared by NoPornPlz93 This Sector Ain't Cleared :iconnopornplz93:NoPornPlz93 1 2 Yet Another Meemay by NoPornPlz93 Yet Another Meemay :iconnopornplz93:NoPornPlz93 3 3 Meme Templates by NoPornPlz93 Meme Templates :iconnopornplz93:NoPornPlz93 1 1 Antiques Roadshow by NoPornPlz93 Antiques Roadshow :iconnopornplz93:NoPornPlz93 2 0 Vince McMahon vs The Squidroids by NoPornPlz93 Vince McMahon vs The Squidroids :iconnopornplz93:NoPornPlz93 3 0 Son? by NoPornPlz93 Son? :iconnopornplz93:NoPornPlz93 2 0 For Really Big Mistakes by NoPornPlz93 For Really Big Mistakes :iconnopornplz93:NoPornPlz93 3 2 Squid Sisters Upgrade by NoPornPlz93 Squid Sisters Upgrade :iconnopornplz93:NoPornPlz93 4 2 Aux Chord meme by NoPornPlz93 Aux Chord meme :iconnopornplz93:NoPornPlz93 3 0 Human Evolution has gone so far by NoPornPlz93 Human Evolution has gone so far :iconnopornplz93:NoPornPlz93 3 0


Fat Yoshi. (Dank Meme.) by 21WolfieProductions Fat Yoshi. (Dank Meme.) :icon21wolfieproductions:21WolfieProductions 18 2 mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm by EonShinato mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :iconeonshinato:EonShinato 15 3
Deviantart, becoming a porn site -quick rant
Ok i'm making this real quick because i have other things to do rather than being angry over things that can hardly be changed but seriously...what the fuck? I mean really just go, go take a look at the DA front page:
And there are just like so many other stuff like that ! And this is actually ALLOWED???????
Alright, i know there are a lot of  fucked up things on this site, trust me i saw stuff that i wish i could erase from my memory... but now we are talking about the front page, the MAIN page of this site !!! 
And no ,i'm sorry but this shit right here isn't art. Take a look at the comments, they are just disgusting. This is pure pornography without even any restriction filter. 
Now i clearly remember being on DA some years ago and not seeing so many of this shit on the front page, this is now becoming serio
:iconsolangedrawing:solangedrawing 14 35
sorry, but monika deleted you by waylos sorry, but monika deleted you :iconwaylos:waylos 3 4 Steamed Hams but its Smash Bros 5 by DelightfulDiamond7 Steamed Hams but its Smash Bros 5 :icondelightfuldiamond7:DelightfulDiamond7 175 30 Control (14/206) by Rejected-Munchkin Control (14/206) :iconrejected-munchkin:Rejected-Munchkin 7 3 Daily Paint 1918# Karby by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 1918# Karby :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 4,802 224 Fairy Tail in the Forest by xhf Fairy Tail in the Forest :iconxhf:xhf 168 50 1 fav 1 pound again (over) by Fimif 1 fav 1 pound again (over) :iconfimif:Fimif 244 173 Just Donald by Welshy420 Just Donald :iconwelshy420:Welshy420 5 1 Poster - Doki Doki Literature Club - Monika by falkzzz Poster - Doki Doki Literature Club - Monika :iconfalkzzz:falkzzz 14 0 Just Monika by AustinDR Just Monika :iconaustindr:AustinDR 10 1 doki doki literature club monika (Spoiler warning) by iCassiekinz doki doki literature club monika (Spoiler warning) :iconicassiekinz:iCassiekinz 108 7 YOU UPSET YET?! by Thelightsmen YOU UPSET YET?! :iconthelightsmen:Thelightsmen 76 26 black hole by Atenebris black hole :iconatenebris:Atenebris 339 8 Peter gets scare of Monika by Mroyer782 Peter gets scare of Monika :iconmroyer782:Mroyer782 6 4




Dear DA Splatoon community,

Looks like Twisty's going on a temporary break for the time being. Being one of the main people sinking this ship ( No offense to Twisty or my friend SeantheInkling ,) the Splatoon community's ship is not sinking as fast as before.

Still no notable drama from the community in a long time, meaning that the community is in what I call a "Calm before the storm" period.

In the next few weeks, I will assure you that there might be a massive piece of drama that can divide the Splatoon community here, plunge it into a mini civil war, and fully sink the ship. Very unlikely, but still can happen if the drama can't stop. So basically, stop the drama.

-NoPornPlz93, former Splatoon community member

P.S. for Sean and for anyone out of the loop: Make sure to see my first part of this series, "A Message to The Splatoon Community."
Dear DA Splatoon Community,

These days might be your very last. The drama you all are causing has made people leave this community, this site, and for one person, almost this world. We have all told you to stop, but you can't seem to stop.

You guys are sinking your own ship.

All I ask for is to stop this constant drama and, like Bri said when he left the community yesterday, ACCEPT CRITICISM. Use it to help make your work better, not use it to start a flame war. Seantheinkling doesn't want drama in this community, and I agree with him. I have some words for this community....

....Either stop the drama or you sink your ship.

-NoPornPlz93, former member of the Splatoon community.

P.S. Take this seriously and don't accuse me of anything or start more drama because of this. You'll sink the ship even more.
Nnnnnow a dude committed suicide in the Splatoon community.

Thank god I left.
Meet Muffins by Muffinsfreak
This was the 2nd post made by the hacked and now banned DA account Muffinsfreak from 2009. This artwork reveals that Muffins was the og owner's OC, and is revealed as such in horrible written words, kinda like my handwriting. Also, plz comment
Some random drawings by Muffinsfreak
This was the third piece posted by the hacked and now banned DA account Muffinsfreak back in 2009. According to this drawing, the original user behind the account was pretty okay at drawing.
chibi guy by Muffinsfreak
This was the first piece posted by the hacked and now banned DA account Muffinsfreak, from February 2009. I posted this here to give the artwork a second chance on the site, as the hacker deleted it.

(and fucking sadly,)

muffinsfreak was banned. No forced transfer from hacker to og user, no hacker giving up, nothing. The user is now banned....

But, I'll post the art muffinsfreak made in 2009 right now. Y'all can't wait, huh?
Don't you just hate those ads that say Only 1% can get pass x and they misspell pass as passed?

Fuck you, maker of that "Only 1% can get passed 10,000!" 1010 ad
Turns out that the person that hacked muffinsfreak removed the art that the original person made in '09.

Well, I said I will reupload them when the account gets banned or back to the hands of the original owner, and I will do it no matter what.
Because of what happened with Blacky, I am literally COMPLETELY leaving the Splatoon community, except for some of my friends.

This does not affect the muffinsfreak situation in any way.

I have indeed downloaded the posts muffinsfreak posted pre-hack and will post them back here when the account is banned.
So apparently... Some dude hacked the muffinsfreak account and is posting this porn shit.

DA, please try to find the user who was occupying this account and try to offer him his account back. K?

Also delet the hacker
A really dank meme
No seriously muffinsfreak this is the DA staff when they find out what you are doing on this site. You are gonna see yourself banned from this site from posting porn that violates the rules of this site. Go back to where you belong on 4chan.
So, um.... This is interesting.

A account going by the name of @/muffinsfreak has been posting some... extremely weird porn on this site WITHOUT a mature content filter. This includes ORAL SEX and may include Serkano9 style masturbation (God I haven't said that name in a WHILE) All that I have seen that he commented was from his account comments where he typed "fag" at someone who reported him for this shit.

This is just insane.

Spread the word.

And to the DA staff....

I'm still gonna leave the Splatoon community, you know.


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