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Blake and Yang

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ILuvSmexyShowgirls's avatar

OMG! You should do a separate love scene with Blake on top of Yang giving her loving smooches! :D

johnlangevin's avatar

if there were tiny buildings in the background... blake and yang would be giantess. ^^

MegaMcHughX's avatar
MegaMcHughXHobbyist Photographer

Very lovely

Marygreenblue's avatar
MarygreenblueNew Deviant

I really wish you drawn the two of them separate, don't get me wrong I love the art and Yang and Blake, I just really hate this ship and it becoming canon in the show was a big mistake.

OrangeMKNinja's avatar

Why is it a mistake? I genuinely am confused every time I hear this complaint. It's like when people got mad at Tracer being a lesbian in canon after months of shipping her with Widowmaker

vanBlood's avatar

So great :D

VentusRogue's avatar

This is freakin gorgeous.

heromomo's avatar

it's really good.

L-MASTER's avatar
L-MASTERHobbyist Artist

Beautiful O¬O

trumi's avatar


Blake: When I am with you, Yang, i feel as if the heaven is here.

I love taking my time to feel at ease.

Yang: The feeling is mutual, my friend. I will be your shoulder to cry on, you can bet on that !

blazergod's avatar

Hot girl summer 😍🔥🔥

Victor2K's avatar
Victor2KHobbyist Writer

The bellabooty

Dragonkingmark's avatar

both look nice

Joybuzzer's avatar

Hate this shipping, but love the art :)

warrior31992's avatar

Invitingly sexy and gorgeously wet bouncy

BartGT5's avatar

They look very gorgeous and love the pose, nice work!;)

kaze26's avatar


Fuego-fantasmal's avatar

Both of them look really gorgeous but I think something bad happens to Yang because it seems that she doesn't have a crotch because of how she looks.

rpgstilltheend's avatar

I stongly ship them as a yuri couple.

whisker1's avatar

Blake ❤️

tifalockhart69's avatar
tifalockhart69New Deviant

Nice, sexy partners. I’m buzzing

Kiro-Kurusu's avatar
Kiro-KurusuHobbyist Artist

Aw nice

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