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Verrostet 3D Model Turntable

I modeled and rigged my character Verrostet recently! Wanted to do a turntable showcase for him <3
Not the greatest lighting, but I'll work on that haha. Gonna be doing a lot more 3D art, messing with styles etc. ovo

Character and art belongs to me, Nopeita

Built and animated in Maya
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© 2020 - 2021 Nopeita
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THIS IS AMAZING!! I hadn't even seen this one before you did the Ale one for me <3 Oh man this one is so gooooood!!

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Thank you :"D I love doing models ;3;
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Looks good but I think you over smooth the front part of the front legs, especially the the section were the neck intersects with the legs and I also believe the tail is way to thin for him, I can understand why u did that I also have a tenacity to over smooth my sculpture both in traditional and digital since it makes them look nice but most of the time over smoothing  makes them loose detailed and clarity of the form
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Ah thanks for the critiques, I'll have to keep them in mind! personally I love the skinny tail--mule deer have quite thin tails! ;w;
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You're welcome, I guess different strokes for different folks, I really like big fluffy tails I even have a deer character who is nickname is Fluffy-Tail :D
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Aww that's so cute hahah! I like fluffy deer tails ok but I'm biased for everything mule deer HAH xD
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Omg, you are AMAZING <3 
This is so cool! ~
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THANK YOU! That means so much! <3
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It looks amazing! I love his leggies and face! :D
This would be great as some sort of reference for characters as you can see them in all different angles. Good for seeing all markins and stuff.

I've tried 3d modelling in Blender but have never finished a full model. But I have lots of characters of mine I want to try to model ;w;

Really looking forward to see more of your 3d models!
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Yeah I agree, I added these to his toyhouse to have them all neat and people can see his markings real clearly! :'D

AH man blender throws me off hahah, it's been years since I've used it!

But thank you, that means a lot! I'll post more soon for sure!
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Nice! :D

Yeah, Blender sure is difficult wo work with XD
But your 3d art really inspires me! It makes me wanna give it a try once more!

Looking forward to it :3
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AW thanks, I'm happy it could inspire you! If you do any 3D work, I'd LOVE to see! :"D You totally should give it another go!
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You're so good at everyhing you do! ovo
Haha, sure I will show you!
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