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Hi guys,hope all is well with you. I will be adding some updates to  Lucid for Win 7
and wanted to get some feedback on the following questions.

1: What would you like to see changed in  Lucid?

2: What is something you would to see added to  Lucid?

Eager to hear your replies! :eager:

-Sam Baker
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Lass es wie es ist! Es ist genial! Mein absolutes lieblingsthema!
After making a fool of my self i decided to make a 24 hour review of your theme:sherlock:
:bulletred:Clear and clean cut
:bulletred:More then 1 design
:bulletred:Great contrast


You could add a new
:bulletgreen:loading bar
:bulletgreen:a better contrast for the start menu mouse over for a quick select program name
:bulletgreen:more then 2 designs (i think your good at that)
fantastic theme:D
Please add bit Map for the start menu icon not just a explorer.exe
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I'd like to see your theme with rounded corners (just like the default), the search bar of windows explorer should be transparent just like the address bar and I'd like also your theme with the taskbar transparency of this theme
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lucid is superbly excellent.
my only gripe is the aero jumplists. i'm not really a fan (too much text on aero tends to look kinda sloppy). might i suggest something like you did on the start menu (for the left column--the semi-transparent white base).
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Thanks a lot bro! You mean something like this? >[link]
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Lucid is a very nice theme, but I find that the border colors make it look a little too sharp.

Other than that, great theme! ;)
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Thanks, which border colors do you mean exactly?

Thanks a lot for taking the time to give feedback Stagma!
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No problem ;) And I mean thendow & Start menu borders.
Hey nopd11 i have been using lucid as my main theme and just trying others. The main problems i have found are the folder/file selected is really hard to see even when selecting many files/folders. apart from that there is all ways the min/ max that could be better and a square theme

what i have liked: simple black graphite theme, huge fan of you loading bar/progress bar!, how much is in the hard drive capacity bar and a nice start menu(please don't do a black start menu) i cant think of any thing at the moment tho if something...
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Hey bro, thanks for your reply. Is it possible to provide a screen-shot of what you are talking about? That would really help me a lot! Thank you for taking the time to give feedback! This really helps me!!

sorry i was sleeping [link] here :)
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Thanks for the screen shot, but just in problem. That's not my theme. LOL. Thanks any how!
O.O I see... so sorry:(
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