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WoW: Horde Vista Theme -Red-

The first version of WoW: Horde theme for Vista.

There will be another version with a black motif coming soon!

I don't really play myself but I got a good buddy who is hooked on wowcrack and he asked for a horde theme for his birthday.

Basic theme mode preview: [link]

Big thanks to Austin: [link] for helping out png issues.

This theme includes:

-New taskbar
-New shell style
-New basic theme and buttons
-Transparency working with maximized windows (check preview)
-New hover action color
-New start menu
-Wallpaper (not mine)
-Icons (also not mine)
-Style selector
-And a few other surprises

I plan to add more updates to make it more complete and red overall. Any Ideas or suggestions welcome.

Hope you all like it!

Updates: Fixed aero stream and is now SP0, SP1, and SP2 compatible.

All images and logos pertaining to Warcraft, World of Warcraft or Blizzard are the property of Blizzard Entertainment. You may not use any of the above images for profit.
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can you still download this?!?! if soo link me please!
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I can't download this, my stupid AVG blocks it as a virus, I disable it and it still blocks it. Is there any other link available? Thanx :)
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How does one install and get this working?
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LOL, I use PS CS5 and Firefox too :D
For the Horde!
Although, the wallpaper pic of Ragefire Chasm is out of date, what with it being destroyed in Cataclysm...
Maybe more icons for the more popular programs? Photoshop, notepad, Skype/MSN/AIM, iTunes...
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Any chance this could be ported over to Windows 7? I'd love it! :D
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awesome theme, thank you :D
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Thanks a lot, my pleasure!
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is there a alliance theme?
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Coming soon!
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cool thanks for the reply
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i like this as they havent changed the vista ui too much as i like it quite a bit it just requires subtle icons not ones that make it look alien and unfreindly
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Haha, icons are optional.
Thanks, glad you like it!
Woah sweet.
I just now stopped playing but this tempts me.
How do you install it though? I downloaded it
but I can't figure out how to apply
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Thanks pal, sure, you can use tuneup utilities and use tuneup styler or download style selector:[link] If you use style selector then extract StyleSelector108.rar to a folder, open that folder and paste this visual style folder in the folder called "styles" then open styleselector.exe and apply!
Hope this helps, if not I can offer more tips.
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Glad I could help.
Thin taskbar plus square start button or just the horde symbol on glass maybe? would make this epic that and porting it to windows 7.
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Ha ha, thanks bro glad you like it!
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WoWtastic!! lol love it
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Thank you, I included the icons in the download.
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lol man! :D
onw thing, where i can get the icons???? *_*
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