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WIP 3: Progress


Any comments and suggestions welcome. :)
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How can I set Search Bar and Address Bar to be transparent as your picture shown?
Love your theme, it is my favorite
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not bad, m8 not bad !
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I like the grey of your visual style, there's too much blue and teal in many of them. The only thing I'd ask you to change is to make the taskbar less shiny. It's just me, but I prefer it to be nearly invisible.
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wow very nice!
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Oh, looks interesting but make some colorful shellstyle, also make colorful (nice blue one for example) hover and select effect on icons.

I seriously don't know why people when making awesome nice aero theme made everything white... and grey... when something like that need a little contrast of other colors too... it would look much better.
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ah also, I like the close minimize and the other 3rd button ^^ but i would love more if the theme be more round (i mean those 3 buttons can stay that way, but the border or window would nice if it would be rounder :3 considered making 2 versions? (Round and Non-Round) )
hello, i want to sku u how can i find that kaspersky pc icon on that desktop.. it looks realy great......

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Nice...very cool, man!

P.s.: Try to add some smooth on search bar of start menu...
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I think the close button should be rectangle rather than square.
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Agree with you
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I think the windows buttons are too small and should not be separated.
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I like it! Great start menu and awesome caption buttons. There are two things I think you could improve on, though:

1) I'd take the user account icon out of the start menu.
2) Not having anything behind the search and address bars makes test hard to read--perhaps if you added something behind them?
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i like the buttons, try to do something diferent with the backgruond thing of the window, dont make clear themes cause they are usually a failure, you cant see sh*t in menus, etc.
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well pretty good clean one. but the show-desktop button seems to not match with the theme...although you may seem to have inspiration from soft7 but i think I know what you did with the button that it might stretch while you hover over it with the mouse.

I still digg those caption buttons.
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