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WIP 2: Big and Small

Some more ideas...

Any comments and suggestions welcome. :)


Transparent search bar added.

Possible new start button added.

Wall::iconecho615: [link]
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I like it! And I like it much more that WIP3! Can you share it, please?
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are start menu and jumplists transparent?
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Very nice glass style!!!

Can U give me the ExplorerFrame.dll?
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i like your orb ,where can i get it?
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Thanks! I'll release it soon with my next VS. Stay tuned!
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I agree that the search box should be transparent too. I definitely prefer the smaller aero window frame. I think the scroll bars should be smaller/thinner. The system tray arrow would look better if it wasn't white, same with the explorer address bar. I've always liked the squared look, so that's cool. I like where it's going.

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This is what I love about deviantart, you get people with perspectives very different from yours and with a slew of good ideas you didn't even consider! Thanks a lot for the advice!
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Well it's people like you that make dA great, i appreciate you sharing your creations with us all. Thanks for listening and making cool VS's! I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out.. :D
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Thanks a lot! You're very welcome, hope it turns out good. I added some updates.
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Search bar should be transparent too...
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taskbar thumbnails,jumplists,start menu,forward and reverse buttons must be transparent.text glow would be good to!
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Hmm, ok, thanks!!
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it is getting better and better :clap:
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Thanks alot! More to come! ;)
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Thanks, and for the fave too!
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add shadows to window frame!
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Thanks for the comment. They are there, the wallpaper is just darker so you can't see them super well. ;P
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ok.lookin forward to it!
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Cool, thanks for support, any other ideas or things you'd like to see included?
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